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  1. #28 A wonderful shot with my absolute favorite airplane.
  2. Great shots from my neighbour Country !! And here a matching song .
  3. Congratulations guys !! I'm glad about the result, those both were my favorites.
  4. Hello Ernst, At the first time i got this message too, but i made second attempt and then it had worked for me. Ulrich
  5. I could solve my autogen problem with verify my open landclass files and after that i have run "Sync Simulator" in Orbx Central which has written back the Orbx entries. @Ernst, perhaps you try also to run "Sync Simulator" in Orbx Central. You will find the function under Orbx Central \ Help \ Sync Simulator . This will sort your scenery.cfg entries. An easy step and at least it doesn't harm. Regards Ulrich
  6. Hello Nick, I haven't installed any new sceneries in the last time. I have a lot of other sceneries installed from other developers, free and payware, but had no problems with the autogen until now. The issues occurs, shortly after the Orbx Central has installed some scenery updates. Unfortunately I no longer know which new addons have been updated in the last two weeks, but I will try to find them and verify the files with the central, like i've done with the vector files. I will also deactivate AS Lukla, to check if there is a prob. Ulrich
  7. Correction !! I was rejoiced too early, after a few more tests I found that the autogen is still missing in some places. e.g. Monterey Portland sigh
  8. Hello Ernst, I have had the same problem after updating some sceneries in P3Dv4.5 HF3. I could solve the issues with reinstalling the vector landclass. I uninstalled vector first, then made a new installation. After 8gb download i get an installation error that 36 files are failed to scan, then i have clickt "Verify Files" and that solved the issues. Now the autogen works again as it should. Regards Ulrich
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