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  1. I reinstalled the products and it seems to be the solution. I wonder, though, why the products install in different maps, ESSA in FTX_Global and LOWI in FTX_EU where I also have ESGG? Thank you ever so much for the fast response! With regards
  2. I have a problem with saving changes in control panel concerning Arlanda and Innsbruck. After saving changes it returns back to the prior settings. I have Libraries v19.7.0 on Central v4.1.1. Any solution??
  3. It might be another quiet easy way to deal with the problem. I have noticed that the problem often occur in the surroundings of 3. party airports. If you see the night textures in that area where you have installed an airport divided into two maps as airport and LC, try to untick the LC-map. You will not lose much. It sure helped me in the Dublin area with Eiresims old airport.
  4. Two tips: Delete Shaders and look to my settings in this topic. You may have to manouvre everything to right setting manually.
  5. If this is the correct organiced placement of my FTX AddOns, why must I do it manually? Whenever Orbx Central updates, it is a completely mess. My Orbx is inside P3D v4.5 upd2 and I use Scenery Config editor. With regards Odaber
  6. Observed a resently problem with black/night areas in daytime. Some have suggested to delete and reopen Global LC Europe,- and so I did. Global LC Europe as program succeded to delete but will not reopen,- working and circling for about one hour. It will not install. I use the new FTX Central v4.0.10 and P3D v4.5. Anyone?? bero
  7. I remember a solution to this problem when I used v3.3. I now use v3.4. Now it has reappeared. When flying from Salzburg to Innsbruck there are some spots in the Alpes that are black or with water left of the lake. Obviesly still some compability problems. I tried to tick on FTX change mode on Innsbruck since I have both Innsbruck and South Germany, but it will not stay as saved. What to do?
  8. I know the problem. I reckon you got FTX Germany South and FTX LOWI Innsbruck. My solution was to open LOWI Control panel and use FTX Germany South mode instead of FTX Global mode. Check if this mode changes will work with the other areas you mention,- which I do not have. Good Luck!
  9. During the sales I bought Arlanda ESSA yesterday and did not notice it wasn't p3d v.4 updated. Therefore I could not download the airport to my v.4. When updated to v.4, I reckon it will be an update free of charge??
  10. Then I have another question. How is it possible to set another priority to my ORBXscenery in my setting without get get it ruined everytime I open my FTX Central 3. Now I must use a tool called Scenery Config v.1.1.7. to reconfig the way I want it.
  11. Now it seems to be ok except I cannot configure orbx Libraries, either to open Control panel, or userguide. What do I have to do? Please help!
  12. When I open FSS on my account I am redirected to Your site. Everything seems to me to be a mess concerning FTX nowadays. I am still unable to reload all I have bought to FTX Central 3. My suggestion is for you to implement directly all we old customers have bought via FSS to the new Central 3,- if you still want old customers???!!!
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