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  1. "We shall see "Indeed Nick. Hope they do fix things as I had to roll back to my previous build. Among other things the update introduced terrible screen tearing to P3D & clicking on the SPAD desktop icon invoked attempted installation of MS Office 2010 (which is already installed). Very weird. The rollback seems to have worked fine & fixed these issues so you may want to try doing that David if the update doesn't do the trick. Of course will have to update Win10 at some stage, like death & taxes the update will claim you someday!
  2. Hi Don, I use PFPX & think it is a brilliant & comprehensive flight planner however it will only save a plan into your appropriate FSX/P3D folder for current or future use. You still have to open & activate the required plan in the sim when you wish to do the flight. Same as you probably did with the Duke, however you would have planned the whole flight using the sim's planner in that instance. When using PFPX you have to ensure when you set it up you have designated the correct folder for it to save the flight plan to. That's so that when you open the planner in the sim the one done with PFPX shows up as a saved plan. As pointed out you still need to open & activate it. If you are only seeing "Flight follow, Open a IFR flight plan, etc, then that means you do not currently have a flight plan open with ATC. The type of message you should see once en route from ATC with a plan active is usually to "cancel the flight plan" or to request higher or lower cruise levels.
  3. Hi Don, From memory you must first select the airport you wish to land at then tune the tower frequency. You then request what you want to do, full stop or touch & go etc.
  4. Thanks for the heads up Mallard. Am flying in to there in August from Edinburgh for the first time so that will hopefully help with getting around it & finding the rental car company.
  5. Sure did do a lot by hand! I spent months drawing the coastline, beaches & coastal rivers of the mainland & Tasmania plus water class. The only section I didn't do was across the bight. Fortunately this has not been needed in other areas we have released. The process takes far too long & my clicking finger couldn't take any more.
  6. Interesting Thread guys. This time last year I was in hospital following removal of my right Kidney with a Softball sized tumour engulfing it. Kidney & tumour weighed 600 grams I was told. Had no idea it was there. Fortunately I had a bleed when urinating one night & this alerted me to something being up. Most who get what I had (Renal Cell Carcinoma) aren't so lucky & don't find out till it's too late & it has spread to other organs. I was fortunate (to date) that despite the size & my specialist believing it to be a level 4 tumour it turned out to be level 2 & hadn't spread. Due to go for my next lot of scans & blood tests in a couple of weeks, fingers crossed nothing has changed. Always get nervous though Can't say I'm missing my Kidney however am taking better care of the remaining one now & keeping the fluid intake up. Funny thing I only had the one bleed & if I ignored it the consequences may have been quite dire. So guys if you have something like blood in the urine always get it checked out. It may only be a bladder infection as I hoped mine was or it could be something more sinister as mine turned out to be. It's a bit nerve wracking when at the Scan Clinic they tell you that they have tried to contact your doctor however he was on his rostered day off but make certain you see him urgently the next day! Surprisingly I did get some sleep that night. Op went well & I was out of hospital after four days. Not out of the woods yet but if clear this time I don't need to test for twelve months. Apart from that I still have all my bits.
  7. If you are using FSX & have thermals set to Natural then you will see a few eagles where the thermals are. Hard to pick but they are usually lurking areound there somewhere. I've not yet seen any in P3D so I'm not sure if they are there or not however expect they are as the same setting exists in that sim also.
  8. Hi Paul, Sorry for not replying sooner, I purchased it direct from PFC themselves. Back then I wasn't aware of anybody distributing in Australia. Freight at the time was very expensive also however at the time my daughter traveled to Canada to attend a friend's wedding so I had the unit shipped there & she brought it home as luggage.
  9. I also have a PFC SAAB desk yoke. Have had it for five or six years now. Still smooth as silk, would never go back to a Saitek, had three of them & all were sticky & two of them squeaked in roll mode.Had a couple of CH prior to that. Have not tried the Eclipse so it might be better. PFC is expensive, especially for us buying from Oz but will last you a life time. Very solid. Makes a huge difference when flaring.
  10. Just a word of warning, I installed this on Friday night & it appeared to work fine. Fired up the sim yesterday morning to discover Ezdok would not load at all. Went to start it manually & found that every time I attempted to run the program Ezdok.exe file would be deleted from the hard drive. Turned out my AV, Avast after years of being happy with this file running suddenly decided it was a problem & was deleting without warning or notice. Consequently Avast is no longer allowed anywhere my Ezdok folder
  11. Iv'e used my Hot Glue Gun on mine. Seems to work OK however recently had to re do it as it came apart again after about 12 months use. I'm pretty careful with it & have it attached to an old lightweight head set microphone(no ear muffs) & I hang it from a hook in a nearby windowsill. Even so it still got broken.
  12. Also flaps 25 is usually used for landing, creates quite a bit of drag. Normally use about flaps 5 however for short field try 10 or 15 maybe. Useful tool to give you this info is TOPCAT. Not freeware but if you are serious about flying the big jets it's very handy. Will tell you how much room you will need for take off & landing depending on field elevation, temperature, wind direction/strength & aircraft weight. Also recommended flap setting.
  13. I have had a number of yokes over the years, two earlier game port CH units, followed by three Saitek pro series. The first one was replaced due to switch issues which Saitek recognized & replaced all the early release units, second one was sent back for repair of a misalignment of the shaft which caused the yoke to be slightly rotated at rest & not neutral, however someone decided they wanted it more than me & it disappeared en route to the Australian distributor. The third one sits at the back of my desk with the throttle console plugged through it. All three Saiteks squeaked when using the ailerons & despite lubricating them they were all grabby in the elevator movement also. Making smooth flaring for touch down very difficult. As in real life I always flew with one hand on the yoke & the other on the throttle, particularly during take off & landing. If I used both hands on the yoke it didn't grab as much. Haven't tried the Saitek Cessna version, maybe it's better. In any case I bit the bullet about five years ago & bought a PFC Saab desktop yoke which has been brilliant & if it went belly up I'd fork out for another it is that good in my opinion. All axis are super smooth & the switches feel very solid. Also the spring tensions particularly for the elevator are sufficient that I can set my attitude & really have to trim to release the force used to hold it in position. Surprisingly quite realistic for a spring unit. Still have my two Saitek throttles & Combat rudders which continue to serve me well. Did have the earlier pro series rudders however found them unrealistic as it was more like skiing using those than pushing an aircraft rudder. The Saitek Cessna ones look like they would be quite suitable too. With a more realistic movement. Anyway, just my two bobs worth but if you can afford it I would recommend the PFC units every time.
  14. Hi Rodger, Fly the 047 radial from Port Moresby & you'll see Kagi come in to view about 28nm. The strips are located in & around the adjacent valleys. Efogi is hidden on your right as you approach Kagi. I use this method even in poor weather & it helps me locate the strips even though at times I can't land. To get to Kokoda just climb over the ridge behind Kagi (slightly to the right where it lowers a bit) till you reach the grassy patch (old dried lake bed) turn left & you are in the Kokoda Gap. Follow the gap down to Kokoda. Hope this helps.
  15. I've overclocked every computer I've had apart from my very first one which ran at 35Mhz & could be turbo boosted using a button on the front of the case to a whopping 40Mhz!! (those were the days ) & I'm yet to cook a CPU. However I would always search to see what others had done using a similar setup to use as a base starting point then fine tune from there. As others have suggested there are a number of overclocking sites you can access to pick up heaps of useful info. The beauty of these modern day CPU's is that they are designed to throttle once a certain temperature is reached hence reducing the chance of causing damage. If you try to put way too high a voltage through them then yes there is a very good chance you will cause damage, so as others have suggested being conservative & working your way up is the way to go. For peace of mind Intel now offer an insurance policy for $25 against killing your CPU during overclocking which you can access here: https://click.intel.com/tuningplan/ From them offering this I presume they are pretty confident about their product standing up to a reasonable amount of punishment. I'm running my 4770K @ 4.5G with a Vcore setting of 1.28v & my idle temps are low 30's, FSX runs in the high 50's low 60's with occasional spike around 70. This is during summer in a small room that gets quite warm. CPU throttle temp is around 90 deg I believe. I'm using a Thermaltake Water2.0 water cooler however my son has used the Noctua on his rig for many years with good results running his i7 920 @ 4.0Ghz.
  16. Hey Rob, Flown my PMDG B737 NGX in & out of there a number of times. No worries!
  17. G'day Bluey, Understand your feelings on this. I did the original coastline, rivers. lakes & beaches for the Australian series by hand & at the time was pushing to get things finished. The idea was to lay a concrete/asphalt base down for others to place appropriate objects over the top to finish the area properly. Unfortunately as time has gone on this has been overlooked & has never been finished. Will discuss it with the team & see if we can't get this sorted.
  18. Well I've had both Saitek & CH Throttles & I found with the CH unit after some time the reverse thrust detent wore out & to fix it for a while required opening it up & tightening a couple of screws. This was only a temporary fix unfortunately as the problem soon returned. Iv'e had three Saitek Throttles for a number of years now & only one of those recently started to lose a bit of it's smoothness & began spiking slightly. I guess you have to be lucky, as none of these products is bullet proof but to me the Saitek felt & looked much more like the real thing than the CH. I'm currently having fun & games with my Saitek Switch Panel, which after years of use the computer no longer recognizes. I have a multi boot system with WinXP 32bit, Win7 32Bit & a very recent addition of a Win7 64bit system which I intended to use for FSX. None of these builds recognized the Switch panel however is fine with all my other USB hardware. I sent the Switch Panel away to be fixed however it turns out there is nothing wrong with it. Just doesn't run in my computer any more. Weird!! Still trying to resolve the issue.
  19. No worries, I use the F11, F12 commands to save my default & clocked bios but didn't notice I could save to HDD. Will have a look & send it to you.
  20. No problem John however you will need to enlighten me on Ezy-Share though.
  21. G'day John, Don't think this forum is being used anymore & only devs & team members can still see it. I agree with you re this article. It's the one I used to overclock my CPU to 4.2Gz.
  22. It may vary country to country but here in Aust all GA aircraft & up used to have a beacon. Sport aviation regs I don't think so but not sure of what's current. The TB20 I used to fly, VH-TRP had beacon, strobes & Nav lights. Nice aircraft in which I did over 100 hours including night VFR rating(class 4 Instrument rating in those days). Loved flying it!
  23. G'day Graham, Havn't flown for a while but always flew with strobes day & night but didn't use nav lights till night. Rotating beacon always on before start & off after shut down. In fact this switch was often left on in the aircraft so it activated as soon as the master was switched on.
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