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  1. John, that is fantastic news - it's certainly going to please an awful lot of people! Just hope it's not too far down the line: I am not getting any younger! Thanks to others who replied too... I am not about to swap out my TEGB image files for Ortho4XP either, but screenshots using Ortho4XP (zl17) compared with ORBX do show a distinctly less blurry terrain.
  2. OK, fine. Not sure why ORBX choose (apparently) to ignore this question (especially as I have bought all of TEGB so far, so am a 'paying customer'). 8 days is surely long enough to wait for a response? It's not a specific 'support request', so I am guessing this is the right forum....Even if the points have been answered elsewhere, a link to relevant comments would have been useful. A number of people asking about this on XP11 forums at the moment (and voicing their disappointment with blurry textures), so not as if it's only me who is (was?) interested.... Oh well, so be it.
  3. I bought all the TEGB scenery for X-Plane 11 some while back, but seem to recall that there was a discussion about ORBX releasing an uncompressed version, for the many users who have plenty of disc space! (I am not saying that ORBX ever agreed to this - just that it has been talked about). The scenery looks good from on high, but for VFR flying, as has been commented many times, it looks rather blurred. From what I remember that is mostly due to the compression that was used? I had the whole of the UK covered with Ortho4XP terrain before I decided that I'd give TEGB a go. By ditching the Ortho4XP scenery for TEGB I have made gains, and losses: gains in that colour matching of one area with its neighbours is no longer an issue with TEGB (and some nice autogen of course); also, no clouds (though I had managed to edit most of them out of Ortho4XP using Photoshop). Losses in that, as has been said, the terrain now looks far less sharp than it did. There's also an fps hit, I find. Is making an uncompressed version of TEGB available even a possibility? Wouldn't that help with the rather blurred effect of the terrain? I see some people in their frustration are even replacing the ORBX image files with their own Ortho4XP dds files, and getting much sharper terrain as a result ('before' and 'after' videos/screenshots). I don't want to go down that road for now and am still hoping ORBX might present some kind of solution to the rather unfocussed scenery we currently get. In other respects it all looks great - it seems such a shame not to have the same sharpness we get with Ortho4XP (I used zl17, and zl18/19 in some areas: TEGB at the moment looks a bit like Ortho zl15 has been used, especially when you are flying near the ground). Would it be impossible to have a set of uncompressed files available for download for those who have bought the packages? (Would that make an even greater impact on the frame rates though? Currently, I already lose 10-20% fps compared to Ortho4XP, and have pulled sliders down as far as I am willing to go). Is ORBX XP11 Ireland also going to be released in this compressed state, BTW? Thanks.
  4. Looks pretty nice. My only worry is that, with all the London city scenery active, although it will all look wonderful, the frame rates are going to suffer. My fps is kind of OK there with a freeware EGLC addon. Not wanting (at all!) to be a wet blanket, but I'd be scared that an ORBX airport next to all that city scenery would tip the balance towards a stuttering nightmare?
  5. Any further news on when N. & S. Ireland might be available? Just bought the 3 GB (as in 'Great Britain', not 'Gigabytes'!!) packs, so look forward to 'completing' things with the Ireland sceneries. Thanks.
  6. Hi Ian... Point taken, but I did not find any 'official' answer to the above point, for instance... No matter: ORBX came up with their 'trump card' today - a sale with very substantial discounts! So I bought (and am currently installing) all three packages. I am sure that overall I shall be very well pleased. (I did find, after more searching here, that Northern Ireland and Eire will be issued (which is great!). Still looking for any posts in the last few months which might indicate an approximate release date...). EDIT: OK, I found some comment on the zl compression too. Just a question of persistence when searching
  7. Is that the case? That would be very nice to have, but I only saw mention of the fact that GB North covers part of N. Ireland, coincidentally, as it were... Will probably end up buying all the packages in one go fairly soon (I just need to drink the right amount of wine one evening, to 'oil' the opening of the wallet!). Pity about all the Ortho4XP I have, but there are some poor areas, especially in Scotland - I am assuming that there are no real colour mismatches in the ORBX scenery at all (that's probably a 'given'!). My only other worry is that people are reporting that, although the products are advertised as zl17 equivalent, the resolutions have been 'toned down' and appear closer to zl16. I did notice some less than sharp images in YouTube videos, as a/c approach the ground. Any comment on that? Be good if a real 'HD' version were available too, if so, for those who would be OK with the extra disc space needed. Thanks!
  8. Still thinking about this - but to be honest, I have covered the whole of the Uk with Ortho4XP terrain already, zl17,18 & 19, and most of it looks great. I wonder if ORBX would ever sell the autogen/buildings part of their scenery as a separate package? There would surely be a market for that amongst the many people who have Ortho4XP already set up?
  9. OK, I'll bookmark this and come back every few weeks or so.
  10. Wow, the news just gets better and better. I'll probably wait until the whole lot is available and then make a 'mega purchase'! Maybe there'll be a bundle available. Thanks for the information (which I seem too incompetent to be able to find in my searches!!). Has John (who it appears, lives somewhere near to me) given any kind of time frame for the upcoming parts anywhere? I won't ask otherwise, 'cos I know developers hate to be 'hassled'!
  11. I guess this is True Earth GB, not True Earth UK...
  12. That's good news. Thank you. I'll keep an eye out for this and then check my 'resources' (£££)! Actually, my Ortho4XP scenery looks pretty good, but you have to put up with odd-looking colour mismatches. This ORBX scenery, when complete (will Northern Ireland ever be done too, BTW?) will be a very definite upgrade! I wonder if ORBX would be giving a discount to folks buying all the UK TE series? It's quite an outlay for the lot (though properly priced, I am sure: I am not saying otherwise). Or are there sales occasionally? Supposed to be buying a house - which leaves me with little extra £££ to spare! But this is very tempting of course.
  13. Born and raised in the UK, Surrey. At 26 years old, started travelling (working and living abroad): Paris, France, 5 years: Crete, Greece 12 years; India (all over the country) c.4 years; Bangkok, Thailand 2 years; Colombo, Sri Lanka 2 years; Jaffna, Sri Lanka 2 years. Now I have grandchildren (I am 61 now), I'm back in the UK, feeling a bit 'deflated' to be honest!
  14. I am wondering if ORBX plan to extend the True Earth UK for X-Plane 11 to the rest of the UK (or GB at least)? I use Ortho4XP at the moment for the whole country, but with various terrain colour mismatching issues (which I assume do not exisit in ORBX), might well go over to ORBX if the whole of the UK were covered. Having only part of the country is, for me, not really so attractive a proposition.. to keep crossing a line where the ORBX scenery 'runs out'... I didn't get much when I Googled True Earth North ORBX, so thought I would ask here. (I am sure Scotland would look absolutely wonderful)! Thanks, Martin
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