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  1. Thanks for the confirmation Doug. Wasn't exactly sure if I'd pooched something in my install.
  2. I forgot to mention that this was just north east of KIAD. Not very far out. Can somebody compare it to their install and let me know if theirs looks similar or not? Norm.
  3. I have a curiosity question. I flew into KIAD yesterday and I was looking at the ground texture and it seems quite haphazard in placement. I'm curious if this is not normal or if this is how it's supposed to look? See the pic below. Any thoughts? I have Global and America LC in this area along with KIAD from Flightbeam. I've forced the migration again and reinstalled the America LC but it appears the same. Regards, Norm.
  4. Thank you both for the information. I got global and openlc for Canada and Europe. Did some testing and so far I'm happy. Did a flight from Winnipeg to Vancouver (payware) with PMDG 737 and didn't get any OOM (autogen on sparse). Then did 777 from KLAS and KSFO both payware and FTX SCA on hybrid with sparse autogen and managed without OOM so I'm happy with the outcome and the test flights. Looks great! Happy I took the plunge. Norm.
  5. I have held off buying FTX Global as I do both airline flying and GA. I'm concerned I'll start having OOM if I go with FTX Global. Does the textures from FTX Global use anymore VAS than the default FSX textures? I really want to get Global during the sale but I'm hesitant to go ahead with it. Norm.
  6. Beautiful shots! I fly out almost weekly for work out of this airport. It's sees a lot of dash8 from westjet and aircanada. Westjet has a few flights with 737 that come in and then lots of local GA traffic. Which F22 model is that? Norm.
  7. That's great! Thanks for visiting the neighborhood. With all the beautiful areas to fly around the sim world this is the first time I've ever seen my little neighborhood featured in any forums. I have a lot of FTX work but I haven't got global so I haven't installed the freeware packs. I didn't realize they had done the treatment on GP. Regards, Norm.
  8. Nice!! who would of though little old GP county would be highlighted on a forum post. This where I call home. Hope you did a touch and go at the Grande Prairie airport. Norm.
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