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  1. Thanks guys. I’ve now noticed that I have airport issues besides just the ones around Felts. I haven’t flown to SE Washington before as I’m making a clockwise trip around the state. I didn’t notice any airport elevation issues and only purchased KSFF when I was in Spokane, which is when I noticed the other two airports that I mentioned previously. I wonder if it’s a Vector / TrueEarth issue instead of a Felts issue? btw - Felts elevation is fine and I have the insertion points in the correct order
  2. I installed KSFF Felts yesterday. Afterwards it messed up airport elevations for KGEG and KDEW where the airport runways are higher than the surrounding terrain. I have Vector, Base, Open LC NA, and TrueEarth Washington installed. I check the Vector tool to disable airports, but neither of these airports were in either list? thanks in advance.
  3. Ripcord - I don't know how current it is. They seem to do updates fairly frequently with new additions or updates, but I don't know specifically about NAS Whidbey. btw - your Navy ship project looks great!
  4. MAIW (Military AI works) has some great stuff for Whidbey. flew over on P3D this weekend and the F-18, P-3s and EP-3 were all there https://militaryaiworks.com/
  5. I understand the logic behind doing the TrueEarth scenery in Washington and Oregon...I’m assuming a lot of the backend work has already been done with POI, etc.and integrating x-plane makes this logistically easier. I’ve flown in those areas for years with the old orbx stuff...what I’m interested in doing is exploring other areas. Yes, Washington has some unique scenery with the coast, mountains, etc., but I’d love to see expansion in other areas. Flight sim is about exploring the unknown. I’d love to see some branching out to other areas instead of the usual west coast. This w
  6. I’ve been requesting Orbx to do a Caribbean region for years for several reasons, including this one. I used to have a great freeware airport for Beef Island in FSX. I also had some freeware for mesh. There were some FS9 freeware airports as well, but now with P3D, I’m only using Orbx stuff...at least when they used to make P3D stuff...seems like everything is x-plane now, at least from the consumer’s perspective.
  7. Thanks for the update Nick. I wasn't aware of that and will stay tuned. Have a great week. Jeff
  8. I have both of these products. Does Orbx put new airport autogen over the REX ones? Just trying to figure out how to best integrate them together, if that's possible. Thanks.
  9. For clarity, Cardiff is already in TE GB South, but it does not include an enhanced EGFF (Cardiff), so the release of TE GB Central has no impact on this. Perhaps I’m missing something? I just noticed that x-plane users have an option for a stand alone EGFF airport, but not P3D?
  10. Thanks for the prompt reply Nick. Quick follow-up, if I get EU Wales region, will EGFF work with TE GB South? I hate to get an entire region if I'm already using TE GB South, but this looks like a nice airport. Do you know if there's anything else I would get with EU Wales that would benefit TE GB South (assuming EGFF integrates)?
  11. Is there a way to buy EGFF without having to buy EU Wales? Since I am using TE Great Britian South, I don't need EU Wales, but I'd like EGFF Cardiff. Thanks!
  12. I understand that TE PNW is underway. I'm sure the plan is to continue to replicate TE PNW / West Coast / Alaska because of the dynamic landscape (mountains, rivers, desert, glaciers, etc.) which makes it interesting and different. I still think a big opportunity is missed by not having the Caribbean done. It seems like this would be a relatively easy one to do since there is less ground to cover, fewer POIs, roads, etc. In the past, I know that there were scattered Caribbean scenery makers for FSX and FS9, but with P3dv4+, it seems like this may be an opportunity now. The sm
  13. I developed a relationship with Neil through Orbx and through email over a span of many years. What a gentleman and a mentor. I actually recently got back into flight sim and sent him an email on October 26 because I haven't communicated with him in some time. I never got a response so knew that something was up. A couple of other tidbits about Neil. He has a fraternal twin brother (Dr. Hill). He was in the air force and was honorably discharged after a few years. He graduated from California Baptist University in 1975 which is where he met his wife Martha. His other passion
  14. Scott - Please provide some specs for me. Looking to get a new computer and migrate to P3D. Thanks! $2,000 budget
  15. I'm getting a new rig and am going to get back into simming and make a move to P3D . $2,000 US budget. Please provide help / recommendation on a system that's optimized to run P3D v4. I plan on running it on 3 monitors. Thanks!!!!!
  16. Wow, sounds like a great day! I'm sure the humidity is quite a bit less than it is in Alabama (it's 95 and humid today). In my tennis match two nights ago, I literally wrung out water from my shorts, socks, and shirt afterwards. I hope you have a nice dinner sometime this weekend with the family. Cheers brother!
  17. Just wanted to wish @Neil Hill a Happy Birthday today. Hope it's a great one in the Pacific NW. As you would say..."Cheers" Jeff
  18. Just wanted to wish Mr. Hill a Happy Birthday today. Hope it's a great one in the Pacific NW. As you would say..."Cheers" Jeff
  19. What are the yellow fields scattered all throughout western Germany in FTX Global? Nice flight into Bitburg (although Bitburg was dead)...nice approach and beautiful scenery. Just don't know what those yellow fields are????
  20. I bought dovetail slight school and can't run it without going to "low" settings on everything. I guess I have fsx "tricked out" and get decent results. Assuming that the new dovetail flight simulator is the sim of the future, I will be investing in a new machine in the fall. With the folks experiencing smooth flights with max settings, what type of specs do you suggest? thanks in advance!
  21. I've suggested pay ware Caribbean region before. I think it would be a bestseller and there would be some nice smaller pay ware airports to add. Frames would be friendly as there aren't a lot of metro areas.
  22. Hey Spud...thanks for responding. I know the differences between these two products...I was asking about the differences between Open LC NA and UTX...if it's similar, then I'll get Jarrad's airport. If it's different enough, I'll probably get open LC since I've got FTX Global.
  23. Yes, I was being "cryptic" in that I didn't want to name the other product..UTX. One thing I liked about UTX was having certain textures (i.e. university) textures because they defined it as a landclass and they had specialty textures. I'm trying to decide between Jarrad's new airport (Vail) and Open LC NA. Trying to discern if it's something completely different.
  24. I have another landclass product that I've had for years. I've also got FTX Global. Besides the obvious integration, what are some specific advantages? I'm specifically interested in some of the specialty textures created for this. Any help is appreciated in helping my buying decision. Thanks, Jeff
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