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  1. Lets hope in never happens. I only had a few hours at the mountain which wasn't enough time but I did get there!
  2. Cheers Jack, yes, these were taken a while ago.
  3. It must be very scary living so close to something like this.
  4. Thanks John, indeed a wonderful sight.
  5. Kudas to you for these spliffing good images!
  6. Thanks Jack, much easier to land than a tail dragger too.
  7. Same here Adam, I enjoy a good storm.
  8. Thanks John, the rain would be great but not so the lightning.
  9. Thanks John and much better to fly in this type of weather from a desk!
  10. A splendid view and the usual beautiful sky.
  11. Great scenery and I like the plane too. I nearly got it in the recent sale but went for the Aviat instead.
  12. Not the Exxon Valdez back again.....hic!
  13. Beautiful images from your test flight, the 330 looks great.
  14. Lots of flutterbys in images these days. A good way to forget the northern winter and a great trio of views.
  15. Thank you Scott, I have only ever driven past on the freeway but as you said there were a few clues.
  16. Post as many as you like Ulrich, these are magnificent. SO many goings on here all under a beautiful sky. That is a neat little plane too. I was recently reading about the LET and it's high accident rate which was due to the dangerous areas it operates in which you have underlined here.
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