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  1. Some spectacular scenery in your images.
  2. Cheers Don, a wonderful location.
  3. Thanks Adam, the landing was a good one for me as you can see in the second image of the attached post. Wheels up landings - Community Screenshots - Orbx Community and Support Forums (orbxsystems.com)
  4. Many thanks Gergely, indeed a wonderful setting amongst the mountains.
  5. ALways a great feeling when a reinstall comes up good like this.
  6. Another excellent scenery for that part of the world. Many thanks.
  7. To think I complain about trivial things. Hope all ends up well for everyone Don and don't forget there is always someone here to listen.
  8. Amazing to think this plane soldiered on in the Eastern Front until early 1944. Wouldn't the open cockpit be fun in the Russian winter!
  9. Beautiful scenery here Berndt. How on earth did you get an FS 9 plane to work? So good to see the Condor taking to the virtual skies and I was only thinking the other day that there is no Fw 200 for todays sims.
  10. A beautiful image Graeme, sad to think that we won't see the flying Kangaroo on the tail of a 747 again.
  11. A splendid selection from some flights that appear to be very enjoyable.
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