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  1. Thanks Adam, not this time!
  2. I knew there was some danger but I couldn't put my fish finger on it!
  3. The last of my flight from Luton to Newquay and the hardest part for me, the (attempted) landing! 9. Over the Wheal Martyn china clay quarry with the town of St Austell on the bay. 10. At Tregaswith and the A3059 road just before touching town. 11. There, a nice smooth touchdown without any hint of a tail strike. 12. The lady with the big cones is ready to welcome the passengers to Newquay and later maybe some surfing or seafood.
  4. You mean when I was Captain Birds Eye. A moment frozen in time!
  5. I wont carp on but I knew there was something fishy involved here.
  6. Oooops. Like me in my boat one day when I forgot to put the drain plugs in! Great images but don't worry about the Hollywood mob as plastic floats!
  7. A mighty fine pair of images of this great plane and livery.
  8. WOnderful images of your excellent paintwork.
  9. I just had a look at the series on Wikipedia and it is refreshing to see, that despite the best efforts of the BBC, all of the 143 episodes survive. Also amazed by the guest appearances with so many familiar names listed.
  10. Great to hear of your memories, the older liveries are far more appealing to me that todays but that is just my tastes! I only flew with TAA the once and after that it was Ansett with Kendall for the regional flights.
  11. Thanks, glad you liked it.
  12. Glad to hear ot and I prefer the oldies too.
  13. Great days indeed Gerold, this is a link to a wonderful informative site which I do enjoy perusing from time to time.
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