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  1. A wonderful selection of planes from your hangar.
  2. Wherever it is they are champion images as well as a beautiful plane. I only went to Doncaster once. I was traveling from Grimsby to Bradford by train and had to change there. All I can remember was the pouring rain and getting my only ever close up view of one of BRs famous Deltic diesel locos that made a stop at the station.
  3. Wonderful set and an interesting story to start off with.
  4. A glorious set. A beautiful plane it is good to see PanAm in the skies again.
  5. Yes, from what I can remember the CS 777 has a RAT on it. I was a passenger in an A22 Foxbat that did a dead stick landing at Temora many years ago. The pilot was a flight instructor and it was so interesting to have the experience. There was no emergency, he was just demonstrating what the plane could do.
  6. Sadly many of the inhabitants of Canberra are far removed from any sort of reality.
  7. Interesting information and something I never knew.
  8. This looks like it is going to be an interesting tour. A wonderful first part with some excellent views.
  9. Beautiful images and a great looking Mustang.
  10. An interesting experiment and some good piloting skills to get your plane safely back on the ground again.
  11. Excellent set of your flight Adam. Don't get on the wrong side of Susi though!
  12. Excellent images of Ayres Rock and The Olgas Berndt. I went in 1983 when there was none of the modern amenities. That gave it a real outback flavour but progress has caught up with the area. It was a great sight to get out of the tent in the morning and see the Rock staring you in the face.
  13. A wonderful trip along the Thames Bernd.
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