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  1. Thanks Sherman, Orbx's wonderful work makes it easier for me to get some nice images.
  2. I just missed you Jack as I flew in from Rohnerville on the last flight I did. A wonderful set and great to hear that you are in the cockpit again.
  3. Great views of the rolling Hampshire countryside Darryl.
  4. I like the PIA colours. No they don't fly to India, something I had never realised.
  5. A glorious set of images Bernd. Excellent scenery and plane.
  6. A wonderful set over some beautiful scenery Patrick.
  7. A splendid image Adam.
  8. A belated Happy Birthday John, many thanks for what you do for us.
  9. That's Disneyworld in Canberra Jack. Aka Parliament House.
  10. Betty! Many thanks, I wish I had just a fraction of Michael Crawford's amazing talent.
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