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  1. VH-KDK

    Overshoot, underpowered.

    It is XP Jack. I have seen this one in some of my old aircraft books but it is now great to be able to see it in the air.
  2. VH-KDK

    Smoke on .... GO!

    Excellent images of your go fast plane!
  3. VH-KDK

    East of Eastleigh

    Over Bishopstoke with Eastleigh railway works and part of Southampton Airport top left.
  4. VH-KDK

    Glacier Park Intl. - B717

    Wonderful views and I like the Eastern colours.
  5. VH-KDK

    Imgur test.

    A splendid pair of old planes well captured. You appear to have mastered Imgur very well.
  6. VH-KDK

    Bingo fuel.

    His number is definitely up if he doesn't make the airport.
  7. A splendid set of views John, a handy airport close to the city. What really gets me though is the colour scheme on your Piper, two wonderful old liveries from the 60s. The plane belongs to the British Airways Flying Club and is based at Wycombe Air Park.
  8. VH-KDK

    Discover Venezuela South America

    Spectacular scenery from a very troubled country!
  9. VH-KDK

    Alaska Range

    Cant be Alaska, it's not precipitating something.
  10. VH-KDK

    Being diplomatic

    Sure is and here is a link. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/38767-airspeed-ambassador/ Also for those on P3D, scroll down the link and you will find some there too. http://www.robertjamesrichardson.co.uk/page4.html
  11. VH-KDK

    Overshoot, underpowered.

    Thank you John, at least you saw the 744, unlike the Armagnac pilot, whoever he was!
  12. VH-KDK

    Being diplomatic

    Thanks for that John, glad you liked it.
  13. VH-KDK

    Old WWII Runway at KMBS Saginaw

    Needs some Round Up™ I think! A wonderful image.
  14. The beautiful Boeing 744 overshooting at East Midlands. In the way is the SNCASE SE.2010 Armagnac, the largest civil airliner at the time but underpowered and unprofitable.