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  1. Well your "locate the nearest bridge and fly under it" key is working fine. A wonderful set of images.
  2. Both man made and natural American icons in this fine view.
  3. A wonderful view up the Hudson
  4. Excellent JanKees, which one are you going to do next? Anyway downloading it now after the Nextjet SAAB. Many thanks for these!
  5. Just one in a ginormous list of untrustworthy "professions" out there Jack!
  6. Outstanding set Martin and that last one is pure brilliance!
  7. Once you got a clue the rest fell into place, funny how the eyes play tricks isn't it.
  8. It is an expensive biz jet John for the stealthy wealthy!
  9. Many thanks Rodger.
  10. beautiful details in your images.
  11. Wonderful creative images.
  12. Beautiful scenery and weather in your views.
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