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  1. Maybe Gerold it is to stop the cruise ships from docking and sending them back out to sea!
  2. Outstanding images Andy. What beautiful colours in the scenery.
  3. You are getting too predictable as for some reason this is the livery I was expecting when I saw the title, nah just lucky I guess! Happy you didn't disappoint me though.
  4. A wonderful set and showing some great POIs.
  5. An excellent set Gerold especially the night views. Very cold here today, just 25C which is a nice change from the mid 30s temps of the last few days.
  6. WOnderful images Olivier and I shall look out for more of your journey!
  7. Great scenery and a fine little jet!
  8. A glorious set from the beach Andy. Those high rise are very close to the water, someone will get wet feet when the sea levels rise!
  9. Marvellous close ups Andy, these buildings have passed the close scrutiny test with flying colours.
  10. These carriers pop up everywhere, I found one in landlocked Lake Okeechobee the other day. Go down for a closer look as the detail is amazing. It appears to be going along nicely in the shallows!
  11. Glad to see you are enjoying it Andy and another splendid set of views from your flight. It must be scary when a Hurricane is forecasted especially with only one road out of the area.
  12. Fantastic scenery Andy, so much to see at such low level. The blimps were a wonderful discovery too. I have too much invested in P3D to dump it besides the FTX scenery is very well done too. Great to have the best of both worlds. That is a good idea to record your flights too, something else I didn't know about!
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