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  1. Looks like Mount Major just to the East of Shepparton. A magnificent view Adam.
  2. Many thanks Rodger for your kind words.
  3. We were going to but the ladder wouldn't fit on the bus!
  4. Thanks Gerold, hope you had a good time down under. We had a great time in Denali, plenty of wildlife(no, bears, moose etc....) so the cameras got a good work out.
  5. Thanks Gumby, so far so good but now well into the second half of the trip.
  6. I trust you left the land of Oz in good shape Gerold and I hope you enjoyed your visit. Yes ,we fly out of Midland TX today to Houston for a visit to the Space Centre tomorrow before heading to the Land of Jack on Thursday. Then off to Vienna, Prague before a few days in Singapore and back to Brisbane on the 22nd.
  7. I haven't been there since 1972 Jack but it was a typical industrial town in those days. Hopefully it has improved since then.
  8. Cheers Don, only for this evening as I have a little spare time. Back on our travels again tomorrow, heading for Houston and hopefully the Space Centre.
  9. Adventurous stuff Jack. I am doing a flight with Delta on Thursday, I hope it is as exciting as this.
  10. No JACK, ORBX will always be Premier League unlike the (Birmingham) Blues!
  11. A glorious set Jack and it really takes something to make Birmingham look good!
  12. A wonderful set Jack but where are the rolls. I mean not even any on the 772, didn't BA go for GE on some of them!
  13. A big thank you for all the likes, votes and great congratulatory comments. Cheers to ORBX for running the comp every month and offering the prize, I have chosen TE Oregon SD but I will have to wait a while before I can install it and go flying there. Thanks to Iain for running the comp and to Ed for dishing out the spoils. A long tome between drinks for me and I usually don't even get a vote as the quality of the entries is so high. I am not really one for adjusting the settings as I have little idea of what to do but this only goes to prove the high quality of the scenery on offer to us these days. So to all those, like me, who submit their special shot each month but never win, just keep trying as your day will eventually come!
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