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  1. SACO to SCIE last night

    Wonderful series of caps Patrick. Looks like you had company up there!
  2. Just a Trio.

    Nice trio.
  3. Biplanes over Norway

    Excellent collection of old planes Paul. I enjoyed looking at them all but those deHavilland ones are the best for me!
  4. Dawn around Grenoble

    More glorious images from the Alps. Very hard not to like this area with such beautiful scenery to see.
  5. Ariving in Milan

    Wonderful images Stewart. Beautiful views over the mountains.
  6. strasbourg to nice part 3

    Top class set to finish you most enjoyable flight Stewart. Thank you for taking us down to the Med.
  7. strasbourg to nice part 2

    Splendid images Stewart. I like the early morning sunshine on the mountains.
  8. Strasbourg to Nice part 1

    Beautiful views Stewart. Great set of the 748 in the sunrise.
  9. France at Dawn

    Wonderful colourful set Stewart, the sky is beautiful. I especially like the last view with the sun on the mountains.
  10. Well the Constellation does have a yellowy hue with the reflections on it from the sunrise. Magnificent image, great clouds and colourful sky.
  11. As far east as you can go.

    Thanks Adam, yes hurry up and get down under before the searing heat kicks in.
  12. Enjoying the fall colors

    Beautiful series of caps Adam.
  13. Dawn Nice

    Fantastic skies in this set Stewart. Some wondrous topography to go with it.
  14. A summer day .... one for Jack

    Excellent rural image. I had a feeling there would be yellow somewhere in view.
  15. Cali Camo

    Wonderful set and a great plane too.