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  1. XP11 with ortho and overlays perhaps. The wide angle nature of the shots doesn't allow easy scrutiny of the texture and autogen quality.
  2. Boy that had me going for a minute there, I though, holly cow, what am I missing...first I'd heard about Orbx doing a Global for Xplane.
  3. It certainly is, the demo was the real reason I was convinced to move to XP11+. I'm all loaded up with scenery, planes and it keeps growing. By far better than P3Dv4 in many ways but still needing some work in others.
  4. A beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest.
  5. A wonderful fish eye view.
  6. Excellent suite of shots....although, and I did send feedback to Orbx on this item, I wish they would shrink the height of the grass, weeds flowers....I can't recall many airstrips where the stuff is three feet tall....lol. Bryan
  7. I swear some laws have been broken...but then again its Australia.
  8. And its a beautiful day for a flight.
  9. Pretty much perfection....and I'm speaking about the clouds.
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