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  1. I of course was wondering about XP, while I have P3D I gravitated to XP three years ago and haven't looked back. I certainly do not want this to be a sim bashing but rather wondering again, will we see XP products from Orbx.
  2. I subscribe to many of Orbx forums, especially new releases and updates. I watch most stuff related to P3Dv4.5+, MSFS and XP11.5+ I was a bit concerned that MSFS would take over the limited resources for company's like Orbx who are declared partners and have "great passion" for the new sim. I am unable to move to the new sim at this time due to some technical issues and cost issues and am heavily involved with Xp11.5+. I'm wondering if Orbx will be sending some love and passion to XP again or has it fallen off the table?
  3. Wondering, inquiring...are there any plans to make the P3D version of ortho for Norway available for XP11? Bryan
  4. Thanks for this response, sorry it took me so long to respond. For some reason I did not seem to get a notification or I missed it. Anyway, I will look into doing as you say and then check into sim links. Thanks Bryan
  5. I haven't used any of my sims in a long while. I launched Central and found there were plenty of updates. I have two XP11s installed one is my principle setup the other is a backup. The Central finds one copy of my TE Washington installed but its my backup version of the sim which is not completely out of date and likely will be deleted. The Central does NOT find my TE WA like OR, CA - north and south - as they are installed directly into the custom scenery folder, I suspect due to the shortcut approach. I use a separate drive to store terabytes of
  6. "TrueEarth US Washington includes a host of many of the features and content from the X-Plane version. From the 900+ custom-modeled landmarks, through to the millions of accurately-placed buildings and trees, this scenery faithfully recreates one of the true homes of global aviation." Wondering, is there any difference between the much earlier XP11+ version and this release for P3D4+? The way that this is written "seems" to suggest there might be but I'm thinking not. Bryan
  7. Very nice shot...I saw these sometime back but now I'm going to give them a try.
  8. Is this the one? https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/41686-cf116af5e/
  9. Same here, this scenery brings my sim to its knees, too many trees and 3D stuff overload.
  10. Yes very familiar with these. In my case and like a lot of folks, its a partial colour blindness, weird to describe, these glasses may help I have never researched it. Partial colour blindness then is more about shades of colours, and only in certain light frequencies, and where colours to one might be obviously different but to my or others they look the same. Fortunately highway roadsigns, traffic lights things like those for me are no issue. But some maps, or colour coded indexed things can be a bear.
  11. Yes this is exactly it...solid, shape deep colours are ok, its those that are shades of this or that. Last year my wife and I were browsing the satellite tv guide in our RV, she was telling me to check the "blue" ones for movies, I said I don't see any blue one's, she said yes right next to the purple one's....too funny I couldn't tell the difference between them, to me they all seemed sort of purple. Its a colour over ride thing that happens.
  12. I haven't used P3DV4.5 in some time. I loaded up Orbx Central and updated it, then started doing updates of which there were many. Some worked some did not. Now I have 18 AU airports where I get the same error as noted above. All other updates for NA worked for instance. I don't exactly know what you are saying but I did exactly as you listed. I went to Settings>Libraries>Create a New Library...and I made the new folder, saved it. HERE - C:\Users\Public\Documents\Orbx Library And then went back to my list of airports that show an update...click
  13. Well that explains everything....too bad. Thanks Nick. And Merry Christmas!
  14. Operating system: Win7 Professional Simulator: XP11.4+ Screenshot: Of properties of Orbx Central Issue: I see there is a V2 of GB South. My version is 1.1.1. I see not means to get this update. And, when I search for the log file, I don't find it, screenshot shows the files on my computer.
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