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  1. Let me wade in (somewhat segway off topic)...I'm one of them....but from beautiful BC Canada, we can stop at Orca's on the way over to Anacortes. A one way trip is roughly $150 US for my 35 RV 5th Wheel if we stop off on way to Anacortes, plus dually truck, total length50' A one night stay at Orcas RV is $52 or $53 all found. Its all about lifestyle, if you already own a touring RV and truck (which I do/used extensively) or Motorocoach and you want to stay a week say, you bring all your own stuff, you eat out of your RV at roughly $20 per day and that can include eating steak...lol. You will never find accommodation, meals, fuel, ferry costs for as cheap as the RV. All the amenities of home, satellite TV, nice recliner chairs, multi media, large comfortable bed, and ensuite (lol). On longer trips, all found, I snowbird of live away during winter to San Diego, our costs are $135 a day average. And that's everything, including local golf memberships, entertainment, plenty of wine and beer, entrance fees, monthly accommodation rental for site (1200 per month/$40 per night), all fuel, power fees, and on and on...considerably cheaper than any hotel, AirBnB or other. But of course you need to think about the truck and RV cost..ours are 15 years old and look like they are 5 years old, in perfect shape...so again it gets down to lifestyle choices...but you don't have to be ying-yang rich, just have saved up and made the decision to do it....sorry for rambling on but I thought some might find this chat useful or interesting. And by the way I will get KORS soon! "All who roam (in and RV) are not lost" Cheers Bryan
  2. I have to say it. I wrote/posted to you folks quite awhile back that "bundles" should now enter into your portfolio of sales options. Very pleased to see that you have moved into this arena! Thanks again.
  3. Superb! I'm looking forward to getting these new airports but my budget is tapped out for a while.
  4. Nice shot for sure, love that campus, spent plenty of time in that Stadium and nearby track facilities, indoor and outdoor.
  5. Glad you can see I was only joking around. Several folks have posted shots of the mountain and there have been several spelling mistakes. Folks who live in the area are often heard saying....."is the mountain out today?" They actually don't specify which mountain because, well, its "the mountain" - like duh, what else would it be.
  6. I really really hate to be a word moron but this is my mountain; I had my honeymoon on this mountain, i have hiked completely around my mountain, many times, I go there every 5 years to celebrate my anniversary which by the way was 45 years recently...I've seen several posts with "my mountain". And folks keep spelling it wrong. Its called....Mount Rainier! Oh, nice shot by the way.
  7. It a pleasant change from some of the serious stuff we find here. I wouldn't want though to have just found the thread and had to read it right from the top...I've been following from the start.
  8. If you are talking about Instant Scenery...do what I do...keep a copy of FSX on you system. And use Instant scenery to make the scenery addon you want and the add it into the P3DV4 library of sceneries. Some models don't work but those can be converted to ones that will. Bryan
  9. So much to do and so little time...I'm working on my own memoir, whether my kids like it or not, I will pass on a story riddled account of my growing up. I will hopefully get more done this winter when the weather turns south, ie rain/snow whatever. I am piecing together more than his memoir speaks about which is great in itself but missing so much.
  10. While somewhat off topic, let me tell you...I have his complete WWII flight logs, everything is captured there from 1942-1960 (his last flight), his first recorded flight in a Tiger Moth training as part of BCTP British Commonwealth Training Plan to every sortie in WWII - B-24s, B-26, B-17, Oxfords, Harvards, North Star, Expeditor, C-47 Dakota and Norseman...incredible history; even a story of flying back across the English Channel with one of four engines left...almost bought it. He wrote a memoir and did several hours of audio recordings of his history along with keeping a daily dairy...unbelievable history and reading.
  11. My, now deceased, English born, WWII bomber pilot, war hero, RAF, RCAF pilot, senior officer in the RCAF..used "kit" all the time as we grew up, I haven't used it in a "ton" of time. For him it was all about basic necessities of getting by, IE toothbrush, razor, a few cloths...."have you got your kit ready Bryan"? "is your kit packed". Cheers Bryan
  12. Thank you for asking and answering this question...I am just about to install extended night lighting!
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