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  1. Just installed V2 last night, only now taking inaugural flights. I would love to see some comparison shots actually, what it did look like vs what it does now....especially not cities but the other terrain textures. Bryan
  2. Looks like you were having a "nice day", then cripes, jump!
  3. Here is what I do. I make a separate folder under Addon Scenery called Return to Misty or whatever you like... Then under that I add each scenery individually, this way I can deactivate or activate the ones I like or want. I have found that some are not to my liking or conflict with other stuff. Bryan
  4. I used to maintain full backups, then the move from flightsim store, then the P3DV3 installers, then the P3Dv4 installers, then the central zip files...massive storage requirements. So I just stopped doing it an at first the download speeds from Orbx were not very encouraging. However, now I can really take advantage of my high speeds so decided that I would once again, maintain backup files. And say goodbye to the old installers since I lost my P3DV3 and FSX I just nuked them, don't need them...a real cleansing. Not only that; I will make a full backup of the sim, everything to another drive. The fact that I had done this with XP11 meant I could just click and launch the sim, it recognized it was slightly in need of updates, and it went about its business and updated (I so love this feature of XP, slick painless), and then after it did the update, I copied this updated version over to my main internal drive overnight while I slept, and this morning I was up in the air, I have a few things to add that were not included in the older 11.26 version that need updating yet.
  5. Ha, ha...good one!
  6. So a few days ago, my HD containing, master installs of FSX, P3DV3, P3DV4 and XP11 - failed. I had complete copies of my old FSX and luckily XP11 on another backup HD. But I am having to completely reinstall P3DV4....needless to say after reinstalling the BASE program P3DV4.5 I moved on to my 100s of products from Orbx which are mostly the foundation for my sim...except I do mix in Ultimate Terrain products. I have purchased an 8 terabyte internal drive for this purpose, room to allow more ortho (trueearth stuff). So I fired up Central 3.3.6 and away I went, clicking on each product down the page, putting them into the queue....and away it went, chugging away over two days and everything is installed and at this point it appears that everything is working properly. So this of course leaves all the other scenery payware and freeware to work through. The only thing I have done differently is to do the install feature that makes a backup at the same time into another external HD, just in case this issue happens again or I need to uninstall and reinstall something. And I am going to completely backup my P3DV4.5 onto another massive 6 terabyte drive. I just want to say how much I appreciated the ability to install all these Orbx products without hassle. Most of the others are product by product installs so I will just do them over time. Now onto Planes, Trains and Automobiles...just kidding! Well planes anyway. Bryan
  7. Great shots...but are you asking what are these strange shapes or just highlighting their unique look from the air?
  8. Talk about baiting us, to buy, absolutely wonderful.
  9. This is some amazing work, and given that its my backyard I will be first in the queue to purchase. I love ortho photo with OSM data and autogen and custom POI its the best.
  10. I can usually tell at the get go if its just nonsense and shut it off and move on.
  11. Excellent. Funny I have both P3DV4.5 and XP11.3+ and I feel the same way. I just picked up my P3D after being away from it for a while, had a couple flights, but damn trying to link in Saitek yoke, rudder, switch panel...terrible and then of course micro stutters and then a unexplained CTD....gees, you would think the thing would be "fixed" by now.
  12. I'm thinking that I should get this plane, perfect for coastal scene's like this one. Nice.
  13. From what I'm seeing this will be the best addon since PNW Region release. Its much better by the looks of it than my ortho. Should provide tons of great flying especially GA. And I look forward to Orbx conversion of all the WA airports to fit this scenery. Bryan
  14. Yes its payware...best I can do, I gave up on lua scripts I was having so many conflicts and my lua would shut down. Deleted all the one's I tried and went payware.
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