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  1. Here are some comparison shots that demonstrate the value associated with Orbx TE. Here is a transition between Orbx TE Oregon and some freeware ortho from neighbour state Idaho. I think the quality speaks for itself...but it is nice how they line up. Top three, orbx on left, freeware on right, bottom is the other way around but I'm thinking its pretty obvious.
  2. Nope sorry, can't get enough of the west coast of NA. But I too would buy into a TE Caribbean. And to compliment all the Orbx stuff are vast quantities of other world ortho with overlays and 1000s of freeware airports available already. I have the entire USA in ortho with overlays and its darn good, including Alaska, there is an amazing New Zealand offering with 100s of freeware well done airports to add, there is all of europe, there is a set of HD Spain...man or man its impossible to keep up. I have had to buy two 8 terabyte HDs for my ortho installs. Nope I say Orbx, just keep her coming, I'll be at the trough and pigging out on anything new.
  3. Yes and like they did for FSX, P3D they will be bringing out CA north and CA south before heading to eastern US, personally I love this TE stuff, and for many states there is already very good ortho with overlays available so one can have a seamless flying experience in ortho. Yipee.
  4. Ah, for the good old days.. 2011 when the Canadian $ was worth the same as the US $...I miss them!
  5. For those who own P3DV4.5+ whatever, and do not have XP11+, buy it, you don't know what your missing and you will soon find features and quality of flying like you've never had before. And have all the fun of double tweaking, pulling your hair out twice because of this, that or the other thing. For those who only own one sim, buy two and spend twice as much on addons from Orbx, its a great fun way to spend money. Sceneries for both sims are cheaper than a Chinese food delivery, cheaper than a round of golf for one, cheaper than going to the actually movies, about the same cost as a good bottle of wine here in Canada (land of the heavily taxed), cheaper than sim planes, 1/4 the cost of an lube, oil and filter change, and a darn sight cheaper than a tank of gas, stay home, buy a scenery and fly! cheers
  6. Perhaps by asking the question, it might tell you that the changes are somewhat subtle especially when flying. I notice the most change in the high rises textures but can't tell in your shots if they are changed. Bryan
  7. Myself as well Larry, I heard the news last night and turned to my wife of 45 years and said "oh good lord, and I think of the 100s of flights I took from north island to wilderness destinations in that area and enjoying every moment but in the back of my mind was always, could this be the trip that I don't make it home" we flew in some very scary conditions so hard to not have a small element of "fear". My sympathies to those families who have lost loved ones. Bryan
  8. Totally agree on all points. Nice shots an can you please advise me on what weather/cloud package you are using? Bryan
  9. While I realize that some photos are not all about Orbx, personally, I like the TO>FROM suites of photos which in the end or start include clear and obvious Orbx scenery. Just saying, some policy rule bending provides enjoyable participation while still show casing Orbxland. Otherwise we have your ongoing wonderful contributions, but at some point its about flying. Bryan
  10. Its a sunny summer day in the PNW, I used to live in that town.
  11. OK gets me thinking its time for more exploring AU2.
  12. Love it! Great job...I did this but on the ground for Concrete WA several years back, lots of fun.
  13. You are missing something, I took the Mt Rainier flight the other day, it was gorgeous.
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