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  1. Certainly takes the wind out of the sails. Though there has been positive developments in aircraft systems, user scenery and improvements in VR and performance, the core Aerofly sim for PC has not Implemented any of those oft discussed key areas of flight sim that users keep asking for so it’s no surprise the market share remains limited. It’s obvious, in my view, that IPACS has instead prioritized AFS 2019 mobile app and sees market share there (judging by forum activity). If Orbx is calling a hold on AFS2 development that is indeed a disappointing development. I for one am frustrated as I really want Aerofly for PC to compete enough to keep 3rd party developers engaged, for me a pivotal one was Orbx. I still hold out hope Orbx will not close the door just yet.
  2. In the original post the following was indicated: Which Orbx products will not be upgraded by Buildings HD? TrueEarth regions - The TrueEarth regions make heavy use of custom buildings, which are not upgraded by Buildings HD. However, some houses, roofs, and small structures may see improvements.
  3. Make the dream a reality and bring it on ORBX! Aerofly FS2 is so smooth that TE Netherlands has been a real treat; I certainly would buy other releases for AFS2. The TE experience in VR is something to behold. JV, I for one think Aerofly could possibly be an ideal platform to test out cloud-based scenery distribution (in realtime) - a taste of the future so to speak - I hope ORBX can muster the resources to support AFS2 with TE releases in the near term.
  4. Tanken2, I don’t think this is an Orbx related issue. There are some known issues with Aerofly ILS and localizers at a number of locations. Perhaps visiting the IPACS forum would yield an answer as I recall seeing discussion of the problem you describe on that site back when TE Netherlands launched. Hope that helps.
  5. Thanks to IPACS/ORBX for providing KMRY Service Pack 2 - that fixed the flickering industrial buildings issue! I still hope for a fix to the floating grass near the runways, added highway overpasses in the coverage area where missing, and maybe an optimization of the scenery. I get weird framerate jumps (airport only) that are actually not manifesting by showing lower than 60fps in my vsync enabled setup, they are actually jumping up over the 60fps lock....so weird.
  6. What a great looking airport! Congratulations on your release Misha. Please consider porting this to Aerofly FS2 as it would fit right in with the Southern California DLC available on that platform and make for a great hop from some of ORBX's other SOCAL offerings such as KMRY and KPSP. We could use more talented developers like yourself taking on AFS2.
  7. Hi Jarrad and the gang at Orbx it's been a while with no fixes or patch. I know eveyone is onto bigger and better things but if a moment can be spared to look at the issues reported at KMRY it would be greatly appreciated as it is a wonderful airport? The flickering textures are pretty bad, and I am also getting decreased performance, something seems to up and I really don't think it is on my end as a reinstall didn't fix anything.
  8. Love the airport, such high quality and nice little touches! I find the tarmac, signage, and markings in particular to be very convincing - bravo. One note for future patch perhaps - I am surprised the windfarm is not animated like TrueEarth Netherlands, performance related? Would be nice to see at least some of them in motion.
  9. Report: Alignment problem Gilze-Rijen (EHGR) Rwy 20 - plus you can see some of what I refer to in the following: Nick, respectfully after spending some time in the wonderful Netherlands TE, which is spectacular in so many ways, I must agree that the airports don't seem to quite measure up to the Orbx standard for 'Regions'. I was not expecting full-blown airports but was expecting something at least comparable to LC based regions. That is to say that the omission of basic Jetways at Schipol, taxiway markings at most airports and the non-existent placement of even some default components like runway lighted signs just doesn't quite match what I was used to from previous Orbx Regions such as PNW. I know AFS2 is a whole new sim to work in and development time just to do what was done must have taken time so I am not disappointed in the overall product, however, I would like to ask Orbx to go through and just do a little touch up of the airports on a subsequent service pack. In so doing I think the airports will better blend in with the quality of the TE region.
  10. I have the flickering textures as well now; I think since last major update by IPACS. I wonder if this is related to the change in worldwide XRef that IPACS made?
  11. Please port this to Aerofly FS2 - a WOW it would surely be with the graphics engine and performance of that platform!
  12. Great suggestions J van E - Orbx please consider something of the sort should it be doable and within the scope of the project.
  13. Found the statement above and I believe that, likewise, AsiaLC is still very much in the pipeline. There have been a ton of new threads out there covering the breadth of Orbx expansion so I understand the concern. I couldn’t find it but I do recall pieces of info in multiple posts indicating that completing the LC project is still on track.
  14. [UPDATE] So, after many flights of trying to pinpoint the issue, I can report that the Jitters are indeed isolated to the areas indicated in my post, but the troubleshooting setting on my machine that was the fix was toggling my Aerofly Terrain Image Quality down from "Ultra" to high. When lowered to "High" the problem areas were smooth. (I'm running a GTX1060 at 4K). I am posting this in the support area as I am convinced some quirk/conflict/texture in the KMRY scenery within the airfield puts my system over the limit? I point this out as I honestly can run "ultra" Terrain Image Quality anywhere in Aerofly. I have yet to encounter this jitter anywhere else, and that includes the rest of KMRY, LOWI, KCGX, and all of IPACS DLC's. Orbx airports for Aerofly is still a new art and I would think ports of existing airports do have their idiosyncrasies. Since we don't have a way to configure settings of the actual Orbx scenery in FTX Central, like we can in the FSX versions, then I cannot try adjusting things like resolution of grass, sound effects, AI traffic, etc. to find the culprit. So, my best educated guess at this point is that the Ultra setting is the only one that calls for the highest quality of 3D grass or runway textures and that is what is putting my system over the limit. Then again......it is only portions of the airfield, some views are just find, and we are not talking about frame rates dropping to the teens and single digits we are talking about a rock solid 60fps-Vsync On system suddenly jumping up and down between 60-70 for the duration of the jitters. What causes this?
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