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  1. I would say the roundabout is more misaligned than "random".
  2. If that's the case, EGPH is the only airport that this happens at for me. And I have A LOT of sceneries. On another note, last night I flew into EGPH, runway 06 and the ILS wasn't working? It did the day before when I landed on 24.
  3. I'm sure you could have worded that differently. No need to be childish. On that note, I can confirm that I did another flight to EGPH and still no dynamic lighting. If I start the flight at EGPH, I have dynamic lighting, but if I land there, then no...
  4. Me too. I will redownload the libraries and see if that fixes it....
  5. Sorry to bring this up again. But I am using FTXC and I get this problem happening with Stockholm. Do I still need to download the beta dll in the linked thread? Aaron -oOo-
  6. Ok. Well in the latest update they have made the bus treat oil-treated runways as asphalt. I guess the aircraft may have been sliding along the runway before this update. Will do a flight there today to see hwo braking is affected... Aaron -oOo-
  7. Hi, Can I just ask what material the runway at Orbx Bilbao has been defined as? I always seem to have EXTREME difficulty slowing down on the runway in the FSLABS A320-X with the brakes set to MED!!! (Let alone LOW). I practically have to use full reverse and stand on the brakes to get it not to overrun. Thanks Aaron -oOo-
  8. You need to post this question in Lockheed Martin P3D forum on their website....
  9. My SSDs were set to trim from the get go. So that's not it...
  10. Same thing happens to me since I installed my new SSD
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