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  1. Fantastic shots Roger! Love the first one especially and the Costco shot.
  2. Wow! Looks like the real thing! Beautiful shot Adam.
  3. I couldn’t agree more! I just upgraded my GPU and am so glad I went with the big tower when I initially built this system. The video card swap out and past memory upgrades have been a breeze!
  4. Fantastic shots John! Tempted to switch to X-Plane but still love my P3D!
  5. Great shots of a familiar place....or places I should say!
  6. ...from a recent flight around KTEX.
  7. Thanks for the additional info guys - much appreciated! -DB
  8. Thanks for the information AnkH - That's what I needed to know. Looks like I'll be grabbing the 2080ti sooner than later! -DB
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