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  1. Congrats - Fantastic shots!
  2. Just Three...

    Touring ORBX World with some fast movers! Enjoy....
  3. Holloman AB vicinity....

    Nice shots of the Phantom!
  4. Observations at the airport

    Fantastic shots Michael !!
  5. The Eagle arrived in Monterey

    Beautiful shots Julio!
  6. Sunset at KHQM

    My first capture from P3D(V3.4). Glad I finally made the switch!
  7. Lovely wx England trip

    Fantastic shots Dolf - Love that sun flare!
  8. Tornado TFR into Solenzara

    Great set of the Tornado! Reminds me of my days simming in Digital Integration's Tornado!
  9. Surfing in California ....

    Beautiful MZee!
  10. What's our Vector , Victor ? .

    Woa! Fantastic shots John! I need to grab 1.51 and go checkout the Gulf Coast myself! Pensacola Beach is calling my name!
  11. Some Mig 21

    Great shots of the Fishbed Ebo!
  12. Cockpit.

    Nice capture FILOU!
  13. San Diego International Airport - FULL PROJECT

    Can't wait! Very Thankful!
  14. Pushing the envelope.

    Amazing shots! Wow!
  15. 4K openLC EU around LSFA

    Outstanding shot Mr. V. !!