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  1. Great news, this was my home town. The house I was born in and brought up is about a block outside the frame edge of Picture /9! I had a magnificent view right up the Firth of Tay from my bedroom window, with the hills of Fife in the distance. I left there in 1957 to emigrate to Vancouver where I have an extensive library of sceneries in the local region. I look forward to Dundee`s release. Nigel Vancouver
  2. I am usually not one for bugging people, but....... ORBx have really done incredible things for the flight-simming hobby and when I think back to my start days in 1991, I could never have visualized what we have today. Thank you. When True Earth came out, I dismissed it as being too big for me and I was really very happy using most of the regional land class sceneries. But when I saw London city in TESouth I decided to try it, I found my system could handle it, the scenery was so compelling, I succumbed and purchased the rest of TEBritain. Now, land class scenery looks artificial so there is no going back! My question from Vancouver: are the TrueEarth sceneries for the PacificCoast still on the assembly line for P3D4, ie Washington, Oregon and Northern California? Nigel Vancouver
  3. Jeeze, I thought it was yesterday that I sent you birthday greetings across the Salish Sea but it has to be a year ago! Many Happy Returns, Holger Nigel Vancouver
  4. Thx everyone for all that input, very informative. I tried deleting the shader cache, updated my video driver (turned out to be only a minor update), re-installed EGLC for the n’th time and did a reset just west of CanaryWharf – still artefacts upon arrival at EGLC. From my own tests, it suggests the problem is with EGLC, I tried with FTX England and TrueEarth South and both result in artefacts at EGLC. Strange that leaving EGLC with no artifacts and turning back just before Heathrow, no artefatcs at EGLC when landing. Greg, it sounds like you are one of the designers? It is superb scenery and a delight to fly in (sometimes?) and out of, particularly the approach to 09 over the water with the buildings on both sides. Its coupling with TrueEarth is quite stunning. It would be nice if the cause of the artefacts could be identified and resolved. I have 8GB VRM. Thx again Nigel
  5. I have exactly the same problem at our FlightSim Club computer at the local seniors centre, which has the same ORBx scenery on it, and few other addon sceneries. Any ORBx Gurus out there who can offer an opinion? Nigel ps why does the test in the title of my posting not show up in "bold" ?
  6. I started this issue in another topic – “EGNX - building section in the sky!” but its subsequent evolution and a correction suggest it needs its own topic. I have EGLC and TrueEarth South v2 in P3Dv4, and I am having a problem with airborne structures at EGLC. Starting a flight at EGLC, everything looks fine. But when I fly into EGLC from elsewhere, there are lots of buildings and structure components in mid-air, as shown on the two attached screen shots. This is especially noticeable flying over the water approach onto RWY 09, on the south side. I had thought Global Buildings HD was the culprit but that has proved to be not the case. I have the same problems if I use FTX England instead of True Earth South. My test flight is from EGLL to EGLC in an Aerosoft Twin Otter. Using SimStarter, I have created a scenery config with only ORBx and geographically relevant P3D base sceneries, all other add-ons being turned off. My TrueEarth sceneries are on a separate drive of their own, but the rest of my ORBx addons are in the ORBx default root library. I have re-installed EGLC, Global Buildings HD and the Orbx Libraries, verified TrueEarthSouth, there are no stray copies of EGLC and I think only one copy of ObjectFlow2, and I ran the simulator synchroniser. When I take off from EGLC there are no airborne buildings, I fly towards Heathrow and when nearly there, turnaround and return to EGLC and everything is still normal, ie no airborne structures. But if I take-off from somewhere else, eg EGLL, when I reach EGLC I have the airborne building structure problem again. Nick, btw, the mast is still at the end of RWY09. For others, see attached photo. I am now at a total loss, anyone have any ideas? Nigel Vancouver
  7. I think I have found the culprit at EGLC -if I disable the ORBx HD Buildings, everything shows correctly. But I suspect the HD Buildings are layered incorrectly, they are down near the bottom amongst my different mesh scenery layers, should the HD Buildings not be up beside the ORBx library layerÉ. I would appreciate if somebody could clarify this for me. However there is maybe another anomaly, just before RWY 09 there is a white and red lattice mast which is close to the glide path, see attached picture - is this correctÉ (Sorry I cannot show question marks since É is what shows and I would need to reboot my machine to correct it and lose my text!) Of interest, I tried my test flight into EGLC using FTXEngland instead of TrueEarth - there is absolutely no comparison, I am sold on True Earth, and its performance in fact might have been slightly better! Nigel Vancouver
  8. I have EGLC and TrueEarth South v2 in P3Dv4, and I too think I am having the same problem with airborne structure components at EGLC. Starting a flight at EGLC, everything looks fine. But when I fly into EGLC from elsewhere, there are lots of structures? in mid-air, see attached screen shots. Libraries are up to date, I have re-installed EGLC, there are no add-on sceneries below the ORBx sceneries except for FreeMesh-X Europe and ORBx HD buildings, no stray copies of EGLC and I think only one copy of ObjectFlow2. Basically the Sim is running well and I am a bit lost as to what to try next. Nigel Vancouver
  9. In C:\Users\Owner\Orbx Library\p3dv4\Libraries there is a 12GB folder TrueEarth Great Britain Libraries, dated for my latest TE install in December 2019, which is entered in the scenery.cfg file. There is also a 56.7GB folder TrueEarth Great Britain South, dated August 2019 when I initially installed Great Britain South, which is not entered in the scenery.cfg file. Is this folder still necessary or can I delete it to free up disk space? Nigel Vancouver
  10. I have been so impressed with this product, it is quite cathartic (I think that is the right word). I have flown down memory lane quite a bit, and I could see, clearly from above, the house in Dundee where I was born and brought up. My boarding school in Edinburgh, FettesCollege was very well portrayed and looked established in its grounds. I flew around the north of Scotland and viewed the hydro-electric projects I worked on in the mid-1950’s before coming to Vancouver – they were all there. It is quite uncanny flying over this true-to-life photography and of particular note are all the trees, they are very bushy both from the air and on the ground. And of course the towns and villages have their boundaries delineated just as in real life. My performance has been good everywhere and is quite tolerable around London. Thank you ORBx developers for such a wonderful product; back when I started simming in 1992, we could never have visualized such a development. Nigel Vancouver
  11. I will "ditto" all that, thx ORBx and Merry Christmas Nigel Vancouver
  12. Me too with my 1070, image much sharper and GPU temperature at 48c, still well within acceptable limits. Nigel Vancouver
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