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    My System: INTEL I5 8600 o/c 4.8GHz; ASUS Z370; GTX1070 8GB; 16Gb RAM 3000mhZ; 500GB ssd; 1TB ssd; 2x 1TB HDD (backup); 700w psu; W10 64bit

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  1. Me too with my 1070, image much sharper and GPU temperature at 48c, still well within acceptable limits. Nigel Vancouver
  2. I installed the "other" update without any problems - thx Larry Nigel ps if you are in the Vancouver area contact me and if we have a fltsim club meeting we would love to meet you
  3. Yes Nick, I must admit I am getting a bit twitchy in my old age! Nigel
  4. Hi Jack I just did a search for Eur and found it in an adjacent folder. Actually, the CardGames.dll was a bigger problem because I could no longer play FreeCell or Solitaire! I searched on Google for the missing file, downloaded and installed it in each game folder and they are working fine now. Didn't think things like this were supposed to happen with updates! Nigel
  5. My computer just updated Windows 10 to update 1903, and I lost CardGames.dll but more importantly my Eur folder of all my European freeware sceneries, had been moved into another folder. P3D would not start correctly with SimStarter until I found out what was wrong, all my Europe addons could not be found! I moved the Eur folder back into its correct location and all is well now (I think, unless I find something else missing, Orbx sceneries seem unaffected). Anyone else had this experience? Nigel Vancouver
  6. What a great program you have produced, other than a few bugs on start-up which were quickly resolved, it works like a charm and has a lot of new welcome features Nigel Vancouver
  7. In FSX, I had been using a lot of WOAI traffic and was disappointed when P3D4 appeared, that many of the aircraft were no longer compatible, and it was too much “trackle” to try and convert things to work. So I moved to the payware MyTraffic which is pretty good but the aircraft graphics did not match WOAI planes. But I did not realize that Alpha India had made such strides in developing AI traffic. Now the Alpha India aircraft are right up there and I have installed many of the airlines I am interested in. A very easy and straightforward installation with a special click program for P3D4, although somewhat time consuming. But it’s FREE!! And they use the 2018-19 active flight programs for the different airlines, so my airports are swarming with AI traffic. I have just had a niece from Zurich staying with us, and there was their Edelweiss aircraft sitting at the gate at CYVR, on the correct date! I have not detected any conflict with the ORBx AI traffic programs. Nigel Vancouver
  8. me to from Vancouver, thx John for your huge contribution to this hobby Nigel
  9. When I graduated from St AndrewsUniversity in 1955 I bought a 1940 Morris Series E tourer for £50; it did 50 miles to the pint of oil and full of rust holes. Articled on a hydro project in the north of Scotland for a year and completely rebuilt the car and sold it for £170 (but spent £110 on parts). I have had convertibles ever since and now in the tenth year of a 2009 Beetle convertible - light silver with red interior and roof – a real “chick magnet” but when they pester me I tell them they are 50 years too late! Nigel Vancouver
  10. I am terribly biased, of course, but why has no one mentioned Vancouver in British Columbia - excellent airport scenery by FSDreamTeam, the incredible Vancouver+ by the late Jon Patch, and all surrounded by the ORBx magnificent Pacific NorthWest scenery - I just love flying here, so much activity! Nigel Vancouver
  11. Nigel here - sorry but I cannot help you, don't really know what to do - somehow get this post to Nick Cooper (post above), he will be able to give you good guidance - maybe try the General Discussion forum - good luck.
  12. Thx for everyone's comments, I decided to go whole hog. I upgraded to the i5-8600 from an i7- 920, from 6GB RAM to 16GB, and a new mbo. My dealer has o'clocked it to 5 MHz from 4 MHz - what a difference. I can now land at CYVR in the Dash 8 at over 20 fps and no blurries, lots of AI traffic, haven't tried with Active Sky yet. Before it was like a slide show and lots of blurries. All my other programs were unaffected and Windows 10 remained intact after the installation. Nigel
  13. Thx Nick for your, as usual, thoughtful and constructive opinions. My existing RAM can be expanded easily to 18 GB but the crux of my thinking is in your last para. I am approaching 84 and “most cost effective” starts becoming a bit “idealistic?”, pleasure is more practical! I haven’t made up my mind yet, but upgrading the mbo and RAM to 16GB, keeping my existing CPU and cooler, is another viable option, assuming that the CPU could be replaced easily if it fails. I am going to let the sub-conscious brain cells work for a while. Nigel
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