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  1. Good news - my PC updated to Windows 10 version 2004 recently and I updated my NVIDIA drivers - no more artifacts at EGLC in three flights. Nigel
  2. thx, looking forward to flying from Brisbane to Sydney Nigel Vancouver
  3. Also try de-registering SODE then re-registering it. Nigel Vancouver
  4. Thx Sascha, Carlos, Nick and John for your input; Nick I have bookmarked John's posting so I can find it next time. TrueEarth sceneries have many positive attributes but the various colour anomalies unfortunately seem to be an inherent condition of their properties. But it is still fun flying them. Nigel
  5. Hi Sascha and Nick Thx for your input. I tried a file verification for Oregon and deleting the shaders folder, but these made no difference. I checked my saturation level and for the True Earth profile (in SimStarter) it was at 1.67. I cut it back to 0.86 as in my default profile and that made a huge difference but did not completely cut the blue shading, although it was much diluted. Any views as to what the saturation setting should be for TrueEarth? And where can I find John Venema's settings for TrueEarth, I have searched everywhere without success (I think I had them in my True Earth profile but would like to confirm.. thx Nigel
  6. Nick to the rescue again. I have the knowledge and experience to do a search for ENAL - I didn't. I have an excuse at my age for forgetting I have Norway_Airports installed. Now the problem is solved - thx Nick Nigel
  7. I should add I uninstalled and re-installed both Vigra and ObjectFlow and verified each set of files, did not cure the problem Nigel
  8. I downloaded this new scenery today and installed it in the same directory as all my other Orbx sceneries, ie the Orbx root directory (except for TrueEarth’s which I have on another drive in their own directory). When I start-up at this airport, the buildings are the default ones, no new terminal buildings are showing (see attached screen shot). I have read the other topics regarding missing buildings; I checked that I have only one copy of object flow installed - in the following directory string “Users\owner\Orbx Library\p3dv4\Orbx ObjectFlow”. This p3dv4 folder also contains Global TerraFlora v2; NZQNQueenstownAirport; TrueEarth Great Britain Libraries; along with ORBXObjectFlow (3.0.6). My other Orbx Norway airports (Sogdnal and Sandane) have all showed correctly, and still do, and people are all moving around. I have the Norway regional scenery installed. Alesund shows in the scenery library. So why does Alesund not show – can anyone help? First time this has happened to me! Nigel Vancouver
  9. Happy birthday John; I haven't felt 18 since I was 18 but I am now85 and feel 25 on the inside( the outside is quite a different matter) Nigel Vancouver
  10. Hi Mac I have an I5-8600 o/c to 4.8GHz, GTX1070, and 16GB RAM and it is handling NCAL TE just fine, it is very impressive, particularly San Francisco. Nigel Vancouver
  11. I find I have to de-register SODE then immediately re-register it to get it working after an update Nigel Vancouver
  12. Thx Nick, I will work it out for my setup Nigel
  13. I see my introduction to this post was omitted; the full post should be as follows: I will probably move to P3D5 when I am confident most of my payware will work, with or without an update, and currently evolving glitches in P3D5 are resolved.. Things are looking good so far but I have a major question of Orbx. In the topic “Product Compatibility with Prepar3d v5”, Ed Correia describes how to port over Orbx sceneries to the P3D5 library. However I seem to have an anomaly in my filing system which probably needs correcting. My “Orbx Libraries” in “Users”, only contains the following three folders: NZQNQueenstownAirport Orbx ObjectFlow TrueEarth Great Britain Libraries All my Orbx scenery files are contained in the Orbx folder in the P3D4 root folder, ie: FTX_AU FTX_EU FTX_GLOBAL FTX_NA etc SODE_data etc Have I missed something in my transition from FTX Central to Orbx Central? And what should I do when installing P3D5? Regards Nigel
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