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  1. Many thanks Jon, will wait to hear back.
  2. Hello Until recently I had X-Plane 11 installed on a separate SSD which recently went kaput, so is in the process of being replaced. I also had a variety of True Earth sceneries installed and working using Orbx Central to a separate Orbx library on different drive, which is still intact and I have not deleted. My intention will be to re-install X-Plane from scratch on the SSD replacement, but my question is will I need to re-install the True-Earth sceneries, or will these just be seen again by Central and X-Plane? Thanks in advance. Luke
  3. Hi Nick Many thanks. Upon trying to re-install I get a message telling me that I cannot install this directly into the simulator, only to an external library. Assume that this is correct and can't be done? Luke
  4. Hello I am currently running Orbx Central with P3Dv4.5 products all installed directly into the P3Dv4 folder and have had no problems running it this way. I did originally create an external library location on a separate hard drive, but have only ever used that for X-Plane True-Earth scenery. Whilst looking around and having a think about how I am going to potentially install Orbx into P3Dv5 I noticed that this external library location includes a folder ...\p3dv4\Orbx ObjectFlow. To the best of my knowledge I have never put any P3D-related items into the external library as it is on a slower spinning drive, unlike the SSD used for P3D. Is this something that would have happened automatically, and can it be moved back into the P3D Orbx folder? Thanks Luke
  5. Is there anyone with any insight here? OP, did you end up with a solution?
  6. Hi Greg Did this issue get resolved? Unfortunately I am seeing all of the same anomalies at EGLC regardless of how I set the 'Base Scenery' option in the configurator. In my case I have Global Base, Open LC Europe and EU England installed, and have never had any other EGLC products on my machine. Hope you can help! Luke
  7. Hi All My roads at night seem a bit lacking in definition. Unlike during the day, there is virtually no definition to their edges. Could anyone tell me whether this is how it should be? Using FTX Global, OpenLC Europe and Vector. Photos taken near LFMN but the effect is the same everywhere. Luke
  8. Hi guys Adam's suggestion to reinstall both LDDU and HD Trees solved the problem and all now seems back to normal. In my case, uninstalling both first then re-installing LDDU removed the problem, then added HD Trees back in and all is as it should be! Flying to LDDU in the real world early next week so great to be able to see it in the sim in all its glory first... Thanks to all Luke
  9. Hi Friedi Like Adam, I am not aware of any FS9 freeware scenery with my installation. Indeed, I am generally quite careful about what scenery I add. It is interesting that we both have the same appearance in this one specific location, so I wonder what is the common thread? Is there anyone else out there showing the same problem (or the specific lack of it) with P3D/HD Trees?! Luke
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. I am running P3D with HD Trees myself too. Had a quick look for other similar trees on other sceneries but haven't found any yet... I've been looking at this further and looks like the odd trees look normal when I set the season to winter - Adam, can you confirm that this is the case with yours? Luke
  11. Hi all I am getting some rather odd looking trees across the south-western side of the airport, within the boundary of the perimeter road and the runway. They have a sort of horizontal 'shelf' with their bottom halves looking sharply much darker. All other trees in the wider Dubrovnik scenery seem normal. Are these what anyone else can see with their installs and are they how things should look? Luke
  12. Yes, that's consistent with how it looked for me with P3D v2, fully loaded with trees. Would you say this a P3D v3 problem, or one specific to mine and h3pilot's set ups?
  13. Hi All Any thoughts about the missing greenery?? Might be my imagination but I don't think it should look like this...
  14. Good news! After re-installation the original elevation problem has gone..! Unfortunately, there seems to be a large area of missing autogen trees in the central part of the airport, adjacent to the runway (picture attached). I had noticed this before the elevation issue was fixed but assumed it was related and that they would be cured together. Are there any suggestions for this new problem?
  15. Okay, will give it a go later this evening...
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