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  1. Thanks all for the kind comments! Hi Sammy, Locate the "dlgsplash.bmp" in "Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Uires" folder and make a backup of it. Make sure the splash screen you like to use has the same file name "dlgsplash.bmp" as original one, paste/ overwrite the original one and you should see the new splash screen when starting FSX. To uninstall, simply replace it with the oringal file you back up.
  2. Very nice and goodbye puff balls!
  3. Hello All, I've always find this forum helpful and people are nice here. I feel like I should have share something to the community too, so here are some splash screens I made for my FSX, feel free to grap them if you like And many thanks to Orbx for the wonderful monthly screenshot contest, I think this is the commitment we rarely seen from other developer and what we truly enjoy! Download
  4. #60 by Dappers, Many great shots but it was pretty much decided when I see it, nice work!!
  5. Have not yet get chance to take new screenshot recently so forgive me for posting this old shot from a while back, really can't skip this month from all the awesome shots I like to vote.
  6. nice set! did you drop something in there?
  7. Very nice! I guess you are number 4
  8. I was a bit shock by the 2nd shot but every nice indeed!
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