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  1. Congratulations and great applause for the making of Ålesund area and Vigra airport (ENAL). In Prepar3D V5 everything looks very nice and real-life. If there was only one thing that could make it even more realistic, it would be to create the slope of the real runway in the scenery. The runway is relatively steep and deviates from the ICAO standard. Here is some more info and material regarding this: ENAL AD 2.23 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 1 DIFFERENCES FROM ICAO ANNEX 14 SARPS 1.1 Longitudinal slope of 1,4% on portions of RWY, REF AD 2 ENAL 2 - 1 and para 3.1.13.
  2. Hi I have installed Bilbao in Prepar3Dv5 and notice a few things that I want to check out as intentional or not. The runway markings on the touch down zone appear to be double and the PAPI seems to be offset by the position on the ground image. This mainly applies to runways 30 and 10. No other issues have been noted so far. I have installed the scenery via Orbx Central in to my library folder and I have verified files. Kind regards Kjell A.
  3. Last day at Narvik. See the images in this URL: https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/tomstrom/sets/72157678832763953/ Sent fra min LON-L29 via Tapatalk
  4. It's coming to an end this year: https://avinor.no/globalassets/_microsite/ais-portal/aip-sup/en_sup_a_2017_004_en.pdf However the ORBX/Tore-version of ENNK will be open forever!
  5. Nice! Here's a video from an approach to ENMS from the south. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd7VUFG9IWE
  6. Back in business now! (I think). Thanks for the assistance - The OpenLC entries had moved on top (I wonder why).... By the way, thanks for SP1 also!
  7. Well, then it's something very wrong somewhere. I probably should check my scenery library insertion points again, in case something has moved around.
  8. Hi ! I have this odd texture issue in mountains in Norway. It's obvious that this texture don't belong there. This have been an issue since I installed everything in P3D V2.5. Any suggestions is deeply appreciated. Screen shots near Narvik, ENNK below:
  9. Great! Looking forward to do this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgdvCktJpeY
  10. Just to confirm - What is needed is whiter mountains during winter. More snow Here is a comparison from Narvik ENNK:
  11. Hi all I don't think that this is an actual fault in the scenery, unless I have a faulty installation, but there is a need of improvement in the texture that covers the highest mountains in the scenery during winter. These are the areas above the tree line, where no large vegetation grows. These areas becomes completely white during winter. Of course there will be darker areas where the wind has teared away the snow, but still the majority is completely snowcovered. Here's an example: If you click at this link, you'll see an actual fjord in northern Norway: http://www.panoramio.com/photo
  12. I can't seem to find any beaches in the scenery. We have a few of them here in Norway Bleik (near ENAN) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v63/flyingkab/bleik_zps27078fa9.jpg~original Vs. http://nn.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bleik#mediaviewer/File:Bleik_village_and_Bleik_island,_seen_from_Mount_Royken.jpg http://norgeskart.no/#12/537805/7685846/-land/+flybilder Others: http://norgeskart.no/#13/477203/7615857/-land/+flybilder http://norgeskart.no/#12/425938/7555368/-land/+flybilder http://norgeskart.no/#12/483605/7477079/-land/+flybilder http://norgeskart.no/#12/501477/7539580/-land/+flybilder(Near
  13. If the developers would be interested, why don't we make some suggestions for more landmarks in the just released Norway region? This could be industrial areas, buildings, nature areas and missing airfields. I live in Norway and have some POI that I would like to see in the scenery. I will add links to satellite imagery, and regular photos, so that the developers can choose their favorites to add Airfield: Skogn - No ICAO http://norgeskart.no/#15/313545/7068610/-land/+flybilder http://skognflyplassogluftsportsklubb.blogspot.no/p/informasjon-om-flyplassen.html http://www.skognflyplass.no/sko
  14. Hi. For reference to the real approach lights, take a look here: https://www.ippc.no/norway_aip/current/aip/ad/enso/EN_AD_2_ENSO_2-1_en.pdf and here https://www.ippc.no/norway_aip/current/aip/ad/enso/EN_AD_2_ENSO_en.pdf in "ENSO AD 2.14 Approach and runway lighting" you can see that approach lights to both runways are only 180 meters from the threshold. There is one crossbar at 150 M. Center line lights are at intervals of 30M. The innermost lights from threshold, flush with the runway surface (mounted in the asphalt). From that you can work out that there are 6 rows/lights totally. Al
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