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  1. Thanks for the tipp. That is what I did firsthand. Unfortunately it did not work for me.
  2. As the title sais. I had the HD-Version installed and wanted to switch to the SD-Version. I uninstalled the HD-Version intended to install the SC-Version through FTX Central. SD shows up as purchased, but only let me install the HD Version. Cant find any tick-boxes or something to install SD Version. Thanks for any tipps in advance... Marcel
  3. I can confirm: FTX runs fine with symbolic links. Moved ORBX-folders out of Custom Scenerys to my HDD and replaced it with symbolic links. Scenery loads and plays as intended and FTX keeps track. Perfect. Thanks for the tipps and best regards Marcel
  4. Symbolic Links is what I use for some of Scenerys as well as normal Windows shortcuts. Im sure it will workwith TRGB. My concern is thatFTX Central will refuse to work with this kind of Links. I really would want to keep the benefits of FTX: Updates, custom-setting etc. Will they still work? If so, it would be the perfect solution for me.
  5. I have just installed True Earth Great Britain and pointed the installer on a second drive where all my photoscenerys are located (a fast 8 TB Streaming Disk). As with Norman, I dont want to clutter up my X-Plane SSD with large junks of scenery. Its really not necessary. However, the install went straight into the Custom Scenery folder. Exactly not was I intended to do. Now, can I move the Folders to my prevered location, replacing them with shurtcuts? Does FTX Central still see them as a valid install? Thank you for coming to X-Plane. Really missed youre products. Hope there is al
  6. I bought this one today trough paypal as usual, but its locked for me. So no download. Never ever had an issue like this. Is it the shop or is temporarly removed? Thanks for the great work anyway Marcel
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