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  1. Hi all, Quick question. Can someone confirm something for me please. I'm wanting to purchase Au V2 but am I correct in my assumption that my ORBX Au airports will not fit correctly, until there are some compatibility updates released? If this is the case I'll hold off until it's completely ready. Thankyou, pngflyer
  2. Hi guys, Personally, I'd love to see some more PNG scenery, particularly anything which I will build on what you've already made. For example, a Rabaul airport with its nearby volcano and proximity to New Ireland would be a great pairing with the existing Jacksons for larger aircraft, or perhaps Bouganville with the truly spectacular Buka Passage and surrounds. These larger airports could be "fillled in" with some smaller bush strips such as Lele in East New Britain, or Bili which has a spectacular take off, though I'm not sure if it's still open. What about Hoskins in West New Britain for a real life Moresby, Rabaul, Hoskins, Moresby flight? The terrain at Hoskins makes for a challenging flight in bad weather. What about a Kavieng for a real life short hop from Rabaul overnight and then return to Moresby? All of these places have some incredible scenery around them. Just my 2c... pngflyer
  3. Hi John, I'm wondering if a Newcastle Citiscape is still on the cards? This was mentioned in the Cessnock user guide a long time ago, as was a Newcaslte/RAAF Williamtown airport scenery. Whatever the case, I'm really pleased to hear that there are more Aussie airports inbound. Thankyou. pngflyer
  4. Hi devs, I have a question for you. I did ask once before but didn't get an answer, so sorry for the repeat. I copied the paragraph below from my ORBX YCNK user guide. "Orbx will in the future expand the coverage in the Central Coast area to encompass more photoreal scenery, with planned products such as RAAF Williamtown Airport, and CitiScape Newcastle." Just wondering if this is still on the cards, or not. Thankyou too for the sale that's on at the moment. pngflyer
  5. Hi guys, I have a question for you developers if I may. I noticed that in an earlier version of my YCNK scenery user guide pdf that you said you had plans for doing a Newcastle airport/RAAF Williamtown, and also for a Newcastle citiscape. Is this still on the cards? Sure would be fantastic if it was. An amazing stretch of coastline, varied and interesting terrain, a shipwreck, a huge variety of flying (mil and civvy), interesting vfr reporting points, options for very scenic and interesting vfr flights from the North (Brisbane, Coffs Harbour, Port Macqarie) and from the South (Sydney, Central Coast, Warnervale, Aeropelican). The quality of the imagery for the area on Google is amazing too... Just thought I'd ask, and thanks for your time. pngflyer
  6. Hi Richard, I only flightsim on laptops as I live in a remote area and rely completely on solar. I would recommend you check out a Perth company called Metabox. They have been doing really well in reviews and their laptops punch well above their weight. The last review I have was for the Metabox Prime PE650RE (GTX970M). It had the second highest fps on 3 different games, tested with 7 equivalent laptops. I also notice that the higher end Gigabyte laptops consistently do well in comparison with other laptops. The last review I have was for the Gigabyte P57Wv5 (also a GTX970M). Personally, I have a Venom 15S which I have been very happy with. It is by no means a high end machine, but I have no trouble at all running FSX with the ORBX recommended settings, and some REX weather. Hope this helps...
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