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  1. if it is being made to run on Xbox I am sure we will be fine. but we digress. . AS per original post I would just be happy if they supported one like they do other 3rd party developer content such as aircraft and scenery, you should see the fudge i have to do currently in order to install My Traffic for P3d v4
  2. it is a nice simulation for sure and Lockheed and other 3rd party apps have done well keeping P3D in the 21st century, but still based on a 16+ year old game engine. . MSFS2020 is very exciting prospect.. a lot has changed in 16 years! As for A.I i use My Traffic and get on with it great but yes will be interesting to see what MSFS2020 does with traffic / ATC etc .. all the little things. Would be great to Orbx support a A.I traffic packages & a like as it does MilViz products though . .Orbx is a great platform for downloading patching and getting support.
  3. My apologies john it wasn't my intention to come across as being rude - and yes it is frustrating that EGGD is out, but only for Xplane. . it looks incredible. I can only hope ORBX EGGD is released one day, however .. by then I expect FS2020 will be out and at that point we're having an entirely new conversation :)
  4. did you read my post at all ? Ive had a look at Plus pilot - they only make content for X Plane, where as ,, , ,
  5. +1 for ORBX EGGD Bristol is an international airport, I am amazed this hasn't already been done or even considered. Yet you missed the busiest airport in the south of England and 9th busiest airport in the UK by total passenger traffic in 2018, from UK CAA statistics - Southampton, which you have done (and is excellent by the way) by comparison has 1/4 of the traffic! I would like to see Bristol as a priority once the smaller airports in the north have been covered. Frustrating that EGGD Bristol has been done by Plus
  6. Hi guys, I have noticed this once or twice at quite a few different airports, but the elevation of the lights seems to be higher than the actual runway ow can i fix this ? as it looks very odd this particular air port is ICAO LFPG - charles de gaulle I have ORBX Vector (i am wondering if its something to do with that - also running many other ORBX I dont run any other 3rd party add ons other than Actice sky and PMDG 737. Any thoughts to this odd problem
  7. 60Hz but AnkH you seemed to have solved my issues, as i am having no problems since uninstalling Riva turner thank you guys
  8. I cant wait for this, no matter how you look at it P3d / FSX engine is over a decade old - the only thing worrying me, is they are making it compatible for consoles and in my experince thats never a good thing for PC owners of the same title.
  9. this seems to have fixed it - I am having no trouble at all now. - I actually have no idea I can check later and edit this post. Thank you for you help
  10. ah actually i use RivaTuner to limit my FPS to 70, i will try with it disabled, thank you for the suggestion
  11. Hi guys, i have just upgraded my GFX card from a ATI 580 to a GeFore 1070ti ZOTAC (both 8G) - i did a clean install of drivers to, completely removing all ATI software etc and have the latest NVidia drivers. I had no problems at all with the 580, but right away with the 1070ti (using the ZOTAC O/C profile) i get this error , (side note - it isnt just the profile either, i tried manual o/c'ing and get the same error) DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED this is the ZOTAC tried trusted and tested settings: Just to say i have tried 3d
  12. Some lovely shots, and rare aircraft to see ! Thank you
  13. also watching out for a response to this as was about to purchase this product
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