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  1. Hi, That's what I have done at the moment But if there is an option in the configuration, all the other users having the same combo of products would have a benefit. Rgds Reinhard
  2. Hi, I run P3D v5 HF2 and I have the Global Ultimate Mesh installed. I always had popping terrain around LOWI, which is very annoying. I tried to rename the file "Westsim_Innsbruck_DEM_5m.bgl" to "Westsim_Innsbruck_DEM_5m.OFF". And the result: No popping terrain around LOWI and I did not detect problems in the terrain. Obviously the two products fight against each other. The drawback: With every update of LOWI or by verifying the files, the disabled file comes back and must be disabled manually again. So it would be fine, if in future versions you could provide an option
  3. Hi, If you enable content error logging in P3D v5 HF2, the log file shows two errors for the Orbx AI traffic: [error.2] error=Invalid parking code "MONMON" in "Orbx AI Mooney M20J VH-AKF". Parking codes must be 4 characters or less. [error.3] error=Invalid parking code "MONMON" in "Orbx AI Mooney M20J VH-DTC". Parking codes must be 4 characters or less. Please provide a fix. Rgds Reinhard
  4. Hi, If you enable content error logging in P3D v5 HF2, the log file shows an error for LOWW: [error.566] error=Texture "VIENA_GP_SAT_9.DDS" failed to load (FE_REQUEST_STATUS==13) The files "Viena_GP_SAT_9.dds" and "Viena_GP_SAT_9_hw.dds" are indeed missing in the texture folder but are obviously referenced somewhere. Please provide a fix. Also a lot of "error=Taxiway path with 0 width" messages are reported in the log file when loading LOWW. Rgds Reinhard
  5. Hi, I have activated content error reporting in P3D 4.5 and it showed some entries related to sceneries and AI planes, you are providing. In most cases there are simple typos in the mentioned files. Please correct these errors with your next updates for the product, as the scenery or addon might not behave as planned, if these features er used. Thanks in advance for fixing. Rgds Reinhard [error.8] error=Key values exist outside of a section: File:C:\Users\Reinhard\Orbx Library\p3dv4\NZ North Island\Effects\fx_orbx_streetlight_2.fx Key:nn[Library Effec
  6. Hi, Just to be sure: Did you install by chance the LGKO scenery? This scenery breaks autogen in many parts of the world (e.g. BIRK etc.). The guys from Gaya programmed autogen in a way, which disables it in many parts of the world. Rgds Reinhard
  7. Oh, oh, You know something, what we are not knowing... Rgds Reinhard
  8. Bernie, Just an idea looking at your pictures: Are you using any shader mods? Please try to rerun the test with the default shaders. Rgds Reinhard
  9. Hi, I have posted the finding also in the SODE forum. Let's hope, they address this issue. Maybe you also can request them to check this. Your voice as an supplier using their software might have more weight than that of a simple user ;-) The issue is not that small: As SODE doesn't find the directory, your simobjects using SODE won't work at all. BR Reinhard
  10. Hi, Here is something for your developers. I have migrated my products to a library. This worked well. But now I have for two airports (CAE3 and CAG8) errors in the SODE log. I analyzed the problem and found the solution. SODE checks all add-on directories for simobject configuration files. It reads this information out of the add-on.xml file. These two sceneries have references to simobjects pointing to a path starting with "ORBX\...". This worked fine as long as the ORBX directory have been in the main simulator folder. When the add-on is installed in another place, you have to u
  11. Hi, Did you activate the advanced layering option? When I tried this, I had similar problems. Water was gone in areas, where it always have been. Turning it off again, brought it back for me. So I have disabled it at the moment. Rgds Reinhard
  12. Hi, Today I did the upgrade to P3D 4.5. And believe it or not: No freeze during takeoff in NZMF anymore. I did two flights in different aircrafts. And in both cases a smooth takeoff. Maybe some of you with the same freezes can confirm, that the problem is now gone. Rgds Reinhard
  13. Hi, If you are interested in details of LOWI, which is one of the most challenging airports due to weather situation (wind) and landscape (mountains, valley), have a look here: https://wiki.vacc-austria.org/index.php?title=LOWI_for_pilots Rgds Reinhard
  14. Hi, Just one finding about your add-on.xml file for ObjectFlow, which is the probable reason for this error according to SODE: Your add-on.xml is coded as "UCS-2 LE-BOM" while the others are coded as "UTF-8" typically. That's the reason for the error 17. Maybe you correct this with one of the next updates. Rgds Reinhard
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