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  1. Polair 62 doing its thing around Perth...
  2. A recently completed paint depicting the RAC Rescue helicopters latest addition, Rescue 653, VH-VAA. This chopper recently debuted the rescue helicopters new colour scheme over Perth skies as it acts as Rescue 651's replacement while it undergoes maintenance.
  3. New repaint for the ND EC135...heading out for the mornings patrol plus a shot from yesterday evening...
  4. Hi @Stillwater, this is P3D V4.2...using the CERA Bell 412 with some personal modifications to the model. Cheers for the comments gents.
  5. Couldn't help but stop (hover) and admire the shadow...
  6. On the way back to the Gold Coast from Boonah...
  7. Hi Jack, I modelled it myself! Am in the process of upgrading the hospital helipad and the downtown pad too. I don't think I can release them publicly as I've grabbed some of the textures off the web as well as remodelled a helipad from the Sketchup Warehouse...perhaps PM me if you want it, I'm sure that'll be ok. I"ve also just finished the EC135 repaint which I'll post to AussieX...
  8. Great shots @Jack Sawyer. Is the MV407 for P3D V4 released or do you have early access? I couldn't find it on their site.
  9. Looks fantastic! Any chance the Carrara Lifesaver Helicopter base could be included too? Great work!
  10. From memory the installer allows you to choose a location but it's been a while since I installed it so can't remember.
  11. Cheers Jack, Yep P3D 4.1. The helicopter is Nemeth's BK117...works well in the sim.
  12. It’s the new Whangarei in New Zealand, great piece of scenery...
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