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  1. I believe, in Aus at least, they are now all computer generated (may be the odd exception)...this was done because apparently some of the original procedure designers got carried away a little and added some potentially rude waypoints or series of waypoints...that's just what I have been told by those in the know.
  2. No need to buy it, you can download at the link below: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DvLapTxrxefsQ_S3hPZlQxyDMVJwxNwU/view?usp=sharing Cheers
  3. It's a personal mod for the CERA 412...added them using Model Converter X...I've grabbed them from various sources (purchased the FLIR) but I don't have permission to release unfortunately.
  4. I see from your other post that you have MSFG Perth installed. This photoreal layer you are seeing is from their scenery. It wipes out all autogen bar some trees they added. You can turn it off by copying over a file they provided in one of their updates or editing one of the PR filenames to .BGL to .OFF. The scenery is ok, i got it as a stop gap until Orbx release their version. The MSFG is not terribly nice on FPS.
  5. Hi there, Having the same issue here. Tried a few things to no avail.
  6. I think you need to turn off advance mouse control (or something similar) on Other Control under settings... Cheers
  7. Bringing the band together with a message to Stay Safe this Easter! VH-EWA (based at Jandakot), VH-EPK (based in Bunbury) and VH-VAA (back-up for the others) together at the Jandakot ERHS Base. VH-EPK Arriving while setting up for the shot:
  8. Thanks for responding Graham, yes i have AUv2, I've spent plenty of time around YPEA and there are none parked up and I don't see any flying. I might try a reinstall of the AI Traffic. Cheers
  9. Hi All, I never see any Hawk 127 fighters operating from YPEA or YGIG, what setting should my traffic be at to see this? Cheers
  10. It's just how many of us refer to the MCG...typical aussie thing to shorten it...MCG is too long! The 'G is way quicker :p
  11. Bit early for the footy to start unfortunately...
  12. I think if you consider the quality of ORBXs add-ons compared to the screenshots of this competitors version, you could expect ORBX’s version to be far higher quality...if Gold Coast and Melbourne are anything to go by...I’d save your money...here’s all of us hoping it’s not that far away!
  13. Polair 62 doing its thing around Perth...
  14. You're a legend Jarrad, all sorted! Cheers
  15. Hey Jarrad, Yeah everything is up to date, I tried uninstalling/reinstalling JT this morning to no avail. I reinstalled Vector a week or two back to see if that would do the trick but no result. Interestingly when I turn off the JT scenery those trees disappear too. Conversely when I have JT on and turn off AU, Vector and anything else that might be nearby the trees remain.
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