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  1. FTX EU Cote d'Azur - Nice and surround

    It is stunning, first class, and a great achievement. I look forward to adding it to my LC EU just whenever it is available.
  2. Coolangatta Airport YBCG

    OmniAtlas: I am happy to be wrong on the B777 and also congratulations on a great shot. Fantastic picture. Great catch of the so-far useless desalination plant. JV great response and great news.
  3. Coolangatta Airport YBCG

    JV: thanks for straightening that out. I live on the Coast and will try and get some airside shots for you. At least you have one advantage, there are no jetways, but an ILS is being installed which will be in use in the time it takes you to build the airport. I recalled what you said about Aus v2, and that will be great.
  4. Coolangatta Airport YBCG

    In an answer to a question once, JV said that a re-make of Australia would be done. The existing Australia is the original four regions 'sewn' together...and in places the boundary between the old regions is not only obvious, but very unreal. However I would guess it is down the priority list. But it would be fantastic to have Cooly, and sure, the other remaining majors done. Orbx are good marketers, but I think the widespread use of the PMDG and Aersoft airliners means that the larger airports rather than the secondary and smaller have now become the most popular. So YBCG, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth would be fantastic. I have found v4 is sensitive to some old airports and can put the whole installation at risk. After a huge re installation I am cautious about what I introduce that isn't written for v4.
  5. Coolangatta Airport YBCG

    Amen to that.....the Gold Coast is Australia's sixth biggest city: a huge tourist destination like the Florida Coast but far better surf: a challenging RNP or VOR;DME approach, and a fun design for the dev to reproduce. Not only is it served by all local airlines, A303s and 787 from overseas lines use the airport seasonally and regularly. The runway is too short for the B777 and QOTS - nearby YBBN handles those.
  6. Downloading and re-Downloads

    Thanks for that Nick. It looks fairly complex, but if I had checked it would have saved me two days.
  7. Moderators: I am in the throes of downloading a second time Orbx components for P3D v4. The cause of my problem had nothing to do with your product, but I was wondering whether if I backed up the Orbx folder, I might somehow be able to avoid the long process another time...I live in a location not yet discovered by the broadband planners in Australia. If I backup the folder, is there some way I can re-connect the scenery to the sim, without going through the full catastrophe.
  8. Stunning

    In case the demands for more get increasingly strident, I thought that I would congratulate you on an excellent depiction of the massive South American continent. My real world travels only took me to Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo and Buenos Aires. Now after three hours traversing the southern areas in v4, I realise just how little I know about this massive landmass. I must say however that my real world travels gave me a ride in a SAA A340 from Sydney to Buenos Aires...that I enjoyed as it was NOT economy class. But again, congratulations and thank you for a great piece of work.
  9. Build a Fire Under Them

    JV and your Vigilant(e) Mods: Vector is very very slow, and that contractor should have a fire, rocket, bomb or whatever pleases you set off beneath him. Also it is hard, in Australia, to survive without YMML and YBBN. Make the objects flow as quickly as possible. If you can, eternal thanks, if you can't I will still remain loyal.
  10. Quite unofficially could anyone advise if there is any other Orbx scenery, airports of course, that will work in P3Dv4, Mods I know that no responsibility lies with Orbx whatsoever, but we geeks like an occasional risk.
  11. The Big Wait v4

    JV: you did us proud to get the first tranche of your scenery into v4. However there has been a big gap since...Is Vector any the closer, as I would love to get shorelines back into shape. Is it correct that you need a first update from LM before airports can be published? If so that confines you to someone else's timeline.
  12. Leaving Brisbane

    On Jetstar, the Qantas cheap fare airline. Jetstar flies Airbus, Qantas the Boeing 787, curiously the A330 the A380, for a very long time the B747 and soon to come the 787,
  13. Cow of a flight

    Great pics, but doesn't it give you the sh1ts when Object Flow, usually on payware airports happily drives vehicles through your taxiing aircraft. Makes my heart stop when it is a tanker, in the RW we would all be incinerated. Here at least it is just bullsh1t.
  14. Leaving Milan Linate

    ASIG RW, fr 4 monitor
  15. Australian LC

    Sorry mate, I really put my foot in it. I am not a softie, these jobs are essential, the tasks heroic, and essential in our modern form of warfare that is without 'fronts'. I referred to the film, which I found compelling, but as I have said I found the beginning very challenging. Because of that, I felt driven to make my comment, but I shall never refer to it again..but to avoid my being at fault in this, you did choose to identify yourself in this way. Nuff said.