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  1. Chasing Cyclone Owen over the Gulf of Carpenteria. Mornington Island is beneath with its one small settlement. The Mooney is a truly inappropriate aircraft which would have had the wings torn off, or pitot frozen over, or ended in a spiral dive. But fun in the sim. Turbulence, heavy rain and lightning. Not VFR or even sensible IFR. Haven't found the eye yet.
  2. macca22au

    Home town airstrip Coolgardie West Aussie

    And once there was only hand-pumps on the top of a drum to get your fuel. Most of the talk about the good old days has a large element of bulldust.
  3. macca22au

    The Pennines.

    Great shots, thanks. And don't listen to English walkers they are beings apart. The pub guide to the Pennines is only as good as the pub you are in.,
  4. macca22au

    Haworth, Yorkshire, UK (Bronte Sisters)

    Lifejogger, a trip to GB is always good. It is a small country but there is just so much to see. Plan carefully and don’t try and do too much. Sorry bout the sermon, from Aus we have planned trips to kill. It is as the old song says “a green and pleasant land”.
  5. macca22au

    Heavy metal

  6. macca22au

    Lisbon to Barcelona

    Departure from Lisbao, great scenery The Rain in Spain falls mainly in the mountains west of Madrid....
  7. macca22au

    A student of Jack's -- Kind of

    Great set, great imagination, and great Model T.
  8. macca22au

    Bilbao to Pula

    Departing Bilbao, heading toward the Bay of Biscayo Beautifully detailed scenery. Crossing the Coast Turning back over the BLV omni before heading east Pula is a well made airport, but set in fairly scrubby surroundings, hopefully the resorts to the west on the coast will show more natural charm. Guess that's what the bus' are there for.
  9. macca22au

    On to Palm Springs: Licensed Debauchery

    You're right, Licenced, is the correct spelling.
  10. Looking good, JV, don't pause for breath...
  11. macca22au

    What a mess...

    Beautiful in the late afternoon light Evening gathers Over Hawaii and on to the South Pacific Good night all, Melbourne in the morning
  12. macca22au

    Imprison The Present Time.

  13. macca22au

    Kalgoorlie super pit by OZX in P3DV4.4

    But I see that someone has got at your mine photos, Imgur appears nervous of repercussions. Though for goodness sake, anyone could take these shots out of an aircraft window...or has Australia gone American in this too?
  14. macca22au

    Out of Diego to Melbourne

    Nick could you kindly transfer this to Community Screenshots...sorry finger trouble.