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  1. Yes Jack, it is the just released Carenado. Basically very good but with very incomplete FMS modelling. No VNAV and some other features, nor the ability to import a flightplan. You need to remember your 3x descent rule!!!
  2. Beautiful visuals but inadequate FMS modelling...only partially modelled. A little more work would have made this a world beater.
  3. And I too, hope the renovations are going OK. Living in the tropics and sub-tropics has a real downside.
  4. Just a fantastic plane, airframe ahead of avionics and modern materials. Saw one as a lad in NZ, what a sight, always to be remembered.
  5. I practiced hundreds of NDB approaches into that field. RW pilots today should thank the Heavens for GNSS aproaches.
  6. I still can't land that Majestic Dash-8 even on Orbx scenery and airports. (PS the Carenado ATR is not worth the money)
  7. Descendant of the DC9, Boeing agreed to make them after they absorbed MD. They were soon replaced by the B736/7 and the A328/19 but Qantas bought early, and then later bought a number from the Spanish line Volotea. Although having been around a long time, with excellent Qantas maintenance they will continue to serve the long thin routes so typical of this lightly populated country. Here we approach Townsville in Northern Queensland the main administrative centre, over 1000 nm north of Brisbane. Below the right wingtip is Castle HIll, iconic and home to doctors and lawyers, in the background Magnetic (Maggie to the locals) Island and ahead of the nose the joint use Air Force and civilian aerodrome.
  8. Great shots OND but I am a bit sceptical about the last one, though the Gaels tended to believe in the faeries.
  9. EMM I thought that you would have your Ferrari on the mountain pass. Great set.
  10. But still a great place to live as long as you don't commute to Brisbane for work. If you visit the Gold Coast I would love to see you. Just PM ahead.
  11. On final into YBUD, Bundaberg, a regular destination for Qantaslink, and like most now with a RNA/GNSS approach. On the ground in Bundaberg But at the last moment someone moved the centreline.
  12. One of these days I will show me landing the Dash 8, but I couldn't stand the howls of laughter... The fantastic waterway runs all the way down to the Gold Coast making some of the most magnificent boating experiences without getting waves in your wine glass.
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