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  1. I am more than a little uncertain about my reaction to this. I'm a loner who likes to fly individual flights and take time setting them up, and briefing myself. I am not all that interested in 'game' playing, and turning simming into an 'experience'. Yet there are some intriguing aspects to broadening the nature of the experience. I shall probably wait for the old hands here to give me there feelings after they have tested it.
  2. Thx so much guys. Aharon, the nearest waypoint is GAYLA, which is 30.4nm from Brisbane on a bearing of 323Mag. As this is the populated North Coast holiday area there are plenty of airports (YHBA, Maroochydore etc) and navaids.
  3. Picturesque volcanic remnants in SE Queeensland known obviously as the Glasshouses. I enjoy flying the Carenado ATR but only with the F1GTN750 installed, a substantial added expense. Also no W&B or Fuel loading.....and I still haven't worked out how to get a proper descent profile in the GTN. It is clearly there, but I haven't found how to set it up. The Carenado does have an FMC, but only departure to arrival, nor is VNAV operative so it's the 3xrule. But for completeness the harder to fly but complete and precise Majestic Dash-8 is streets ahead.
  4. The chimneys are critical as lead is smelted on site, while copper and zinc (and silver) are sent east to Townsville, so I will try Flukey's add-on but remove the mine itself. The smaller stack was replaced by the larger to give a greater dispersal of dangerous lead by-products. Also there is a pithead or winding wheel that is also distinctive. Mt Isa is connected to Townsville by a 1000km railroad of the old narrow 3'6" gauge. How remote can you get? Development was first started in 1924 and continues to this day, and Jack at one stage it was the most productive mines in the world until some South American mines topped it. It is IFR indeed....I Follow Roads and Railroads.
  5. The i7-9xx performed superbly in that heavy graphic load. Well done.
  6. The Mt Isa mine does exist in v2, and the representing of the benching and mullock heaps is great. I am very low so forgive the focus issue. BUT what is missing is the two iconic smokestacks, that not only complete the scene, but are POI for pilots, used in cross-country training and the like. Please drop them back in when the next update occurs.
  7. Great shots, Adam. Love the C310 on the sim, but loved it more in RW flying, did a hundred hours or so. Fast, manoeuvrable although a little touchy at times.
  8. So true: I remember watching Rules on small fields in Adelaide, and after a strict NZ rugby upbringing where the officials were treated as sacred, I was astonished by members of the public rushing up to the sideline, yelling insults at the umpires, and then returning to their place. It was quite exciting, if off-putting. The least of the epithets involved the ump getting a white stick.... ps Mickel I do follow the Patriots in a casual sort of way still, but no West Coast teams anymore.
  9. Nickel, thanks for that correction, but you ruined my conspiracy theory. However we surely have had over-lapping experiences. We lived in LA for a time, anda few years later in Victoria BC. I was a UCLA Bruins tragic, and got hooked on the game properly, and still watch the pro football finals. Boy was the TexasA & M marching band fantastic. But I am also with you that a 5 day cricket test fought to a draw is the noblest of them all. I lived in Adelaide for years and followed Norwood......
  10. First, I have to say that Melbourne Central is of Cityscape standard, a brilliant piece of work or is it a MARVEL? My first two shots are taken turning over Melbourne central. The first features Melbourne Port and Fishermans Wharf, the container terminal. Beyond them Brighton Beach and the beaches of Port Philip. The next is more of a closeup. Australians and Melburnians are sports mad and in this shot under the right wing is of Dockland Stadium, the home of Australian Rules Football, allegedly invented to keep cricketers fit in the off season. Now it is more like American Football without protection. Also above the right wing and to the right is another stadium with big lights. This is the famous "G" the Melbourne Cricket Ground the home of test cricket and international matches. It is an English game, and baseball is a poor substitute. The third is a closeup of Dockland Stadium. I cannot relate the advertising to anything football or Orbx. Why Marvel, come on Melbourne team 'fess up. It's there for a reason, so cough up. But what a high standard of work that I can zoom in to this scale. You have treated Melbourne city extremely skilfully. Moving into NW Victoria with more open farmlands the LC becomes a little more evident. And then into the dry and saline lakes of northern South Australia. Lovely from a height, hard hard country in which to operate. Moving into Woomera, archly known as an experimental weapons testing area, but it is where perfidious Albion tested atomic weapons after the second world war. Much of the area is still sanitised. One for the road. And lastly, Broome in NW Australia, on a coast that claimed more than a few 18th and 19th century Dutch explorers. Broome is one of the northernmost resort towns on the west coast of Australia, the Kimberley Region as it is known. It is well served by airlines, and should be on all your bucket lists.
  11. Brilliant in every way. But JV is ensuring my continuing poverty in old age.
  12. And it is Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island. Nice shots.
  13. Oh dear, just plain fatiguing to consider all the permutations.
  14. Like Jack and others I am cautious and sceptical. I am not sure this old dog wants to learn new tricks. What about MS, P3D and the entertainment debate. Are there lawsuits in the offing between the two giants or will we now be forced to move to MS while LM builds for the commercial and military market. I simply do not want to invest again in a mass of aircraft, scenery and airport add-ons, as well as utilities and hardware peripherals. And at my age 2020 is a long way off.....
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