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  1. Thanks Traveller: I have been working with computers since using the UCLA computor in the 70s, but IT experts have always seemed to do the hard work for me. So your references were of enormous help. I probably didn't quite comprehend the relationship between cores and threads in the Advanced AffMask calculation but the simple version has still made a huge difference. My only concern now is that everything is really good, except for an occasional random flashing across the scene. I notice in fact in an outside view that the screen actually goes momentarily blue and then immediately returns to full picture. Does anyone have any idea what might be promoting this ... ie does the graphic card or graphic settings need some change?
  2. To echo Iain, a grand set. I found the Garmin insert very helpful. It also shows the huge steps made by TE compared to the repetitive tiling found in AUv2 and other LC products. Pity about P3Dv4!!!
  3. Misha and Rasha: this looks to be a superb piece of work. I have even downloaded an Air Serbia A320 livery ready to go. Serbia has had a long and complex history with much pain, so it's great to have this city and it's airport created so lovingly. And (dig, dig) it is good to have something for P3D4 again. A Day One purchase again at last.
  4. Like Easyjet, the Jetstar livery was designed by a kid painting with Orange Juice. Jetstar is a no-frills service with all the same lack of anything as Easy and Ryan, but possibly with more grace...on the other hand maybe I understand the accent and that makes a difference.
  5. I hope that the title is self-explanatory. How can I force the i7 to use all cores for P3Dv4?
  6. Again, spectacular definition and clarity. Is it straight off the V key, or do you do some post-capture processing? Like through a special Photoshop or similar, or just a built-in editor that came with your OS. I'm asking, because I would like to present shots with such quality.
  7. Really nice graphics and fine pictures. The new GPU seems to be successful.
  8. 'X' rated in Norway? But then it is a heatwave I guess, But on a stabilised auto pilot approach I find the Q400 still sags below the glideslope and it needs an application of power to get back on. In practice I disconnect the AP at 500ft (if visible of course).
  9. SODE is uninstalled and the giant Xs are also gone.
  10. Yes, I think it is SODE. It's going out, I've never had any success with it.
  11. Long final at Bergen, ENBR. Beautiful, but in bad weather full of stuffed clouds. Short final, need to add some power to hop over these houses...absolutely in line. And then this to ruin my day...I've read and forgotten the explanation for this. I would be grateful if someone could kindly help me out.
  12. A great set, and pleasing to see someone else not scared of the Q400!
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