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  1. Jack; as usual a superb set of fascinating shots with a great narrative. Be careful what you wish for...never a cold climate for me again.
  2. I agree with Yamba in this. We will have to judge whether the bandwidth restricted version we will get in much of Australia, through the be-cursed NBA or arthritic ADSL2 will be sufficient to match 4.5. Or whether we are in an area where we can go the 5G way, but pricey (and where it is available). I wonder where the perfect reception spots in the world will be...Germany? New York? LA? There won't be too many in Aus.
  3. Sorry about the geography folks, nothing like ONDs moody lights, and Jack's humorous sequences I know. But I just love following progress by reference to other maps and the like. In the first shot the bridge in the centreleft comes over from Annapolis if that helps orientation.
  4. Passing to the east of DC on the way to KBOS. I love those Vector coastlines and lakes in this wet country. I am glad I am not there when the midges and mosquitoes are in season.
  5. YAMBA1, and here's me just up the track from you. When we lived in Armidale we knew Yamba well. I understand your comments. If the new sim is not just credible out of the box, and does not require a huge number of add-ons to make it work well, then I too will probably just muddle through with 4.5 or whatever update comes next...and I hope LM hangs in there. I can't ignore the very large expenditure I have made on Prepar3D, and let's face it, the backlog of extras I still haven't approached to buy. My yoke is pretty ordinary but works basically OK, but I am keeping an eye on the Honeycomb composite quadrant...but that seems some way away. But I still would hope to be here to follow what will surely be a busy time in the community...from every direction.
  6. Jack: I guess Martyn explained that if you come from Downunder we have to make the most of our airfares, hence their odyssey still to come. You softies think long-haul means crossing the North Atlantic! I have just looked up, finally you have the right to sigh, 25GA. I didn't realise just how close to KATL you are, and also close to a place called Campbell Town, a name that would make my McDonald grandfather turn in his grave! We of Scots descent hate hard and long. Of course I have known many Campbells and they were nice people, but I assume that is because of the civilising affect of colonial living!
  7. Hey Jack: it's me, macca22au, Ian McPhail. Who's this Don fellow, tell him to stand aside.
  8. Great to meet you both in the pixels of real people, rather than just as script on these pages. And Jack your profile icon on the forum does not do you justice, in fact you look like a real person! And I have just completed a KATL- KMEM flight as part of my testing Delta routes. I started close to you both in this dreamworld a little over an hour ago.
  9. Well OND my problem is that nearly everytime I use the mouse, my fingers create a double click when I don't need it. That frustration got me going. For TeeCee and Lawrence, please, I didn't mean to start an interstate war, I was just thinking of sufferers like me and Jack, and all the goodies coming in the future which we may or may not make. I know it is all a bunch of pixels and not real in any way, but when you are home-bound simming is an important part of living. I may not adopt the new sim anyway, but I want to read the comments, find out what Orbx has been up to with it, and more. It would be nice to be there.
  10. Jack and others, especially those carrying serious illnesses, it's all a toss-up isn't it. Can we make the release of this new sim before we are either past it physically, or non-compos mentis. Ah well, sorry to be gloomy. I can look on the bright side and look forward to lots more money to spend, but for an improved flying experience what the heck.
  11. I was awed in Real Life when I visited there in the 70s, and this set has brought the whole poignant scene back to me. Thank you.
  12. And I thought it was just a really competent crosswind landing. The only critter that would do that to us in Aus is a kangaroo, though in the far north it just might be a handbag with teeth.
  13. Whiskey Jet Simulations is creating an A220, and its screenshots show its modelling far better than Virtualcol, but I have a feeling the FMS may be Carenado primitive.
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