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  1. Settting course overhead Nelson Over the Nelson Lakes. Winter snow country Aoraki, the Cloud Piercer, NZ's highest mountain, just peeping through. Turning Final at Dunedin. Spot on Final with a little help from a friend. Made it. On the ground at Taeiri, as we oldies still are wont to call NZDN
  2. macca22au

    Scotland from FL240

    Love these shots, can’t get enough of Scotland. I am of McDonald heritage, and thoughx5 generations in NZ and Aus, I still advise my grandsons not to walk in front of a Campbell.
  3. macca22au

    A Salutary Lesson

    Traveller thank you for your wise words. Lifejogger, we are grateful for your prayers.
  4. macca22au

    A Salutary Lesson

    Thank you Rodger for your kind words, and Matthew I am sorry about your family trauma, really sorry, and I hope your daughter keeps on improving. However, I also realise that any of us in similar circumstances should put out a call for help on these pages. Simmers are truly international. Matthew I stayed at the Southgate across the street, and ate at Bebemos every night.
  5. To all of us ancients who still like to travel: my wife and I are each 79yrs of age. Over recent years as my heart has got worse, we have confined ourselves to travel in Australia and NZ where public health schemes are reciprocal and Travel Insurance is thereby affordable. (The USA is a total no-no). My wife is fit and active, so the understanding is that if anything happened it would be to me. We left from Sydney on a cruise around NZ and back to Sydney. Six days into the cruise after near perfect weather we found ourselves in Wellington, where my wife took seriously ill. Suddenly I was the carer! Being a cruise line we were quickly dumped ashore, tho to be fair the on-board medical help was good, and an ambulance took her to the local hospital and the Port Agent fixed up accommodation close to the hospital for me. But walking up and down slopes I found very hard, but fortunately we have many relatives in NZ. My wife’s niece flew up from Christchurch and probably saved my life, and fetched and carried for both of us. Six days later we arrived in Brisbane flying directly from NZWN, we were met by our doctor daughter who immediately had her admitted to a local hospital. I am staying with daughter and son-in-law but we’re still 60 miles from home. Some costs have not stopped...as well as the killing worry. Moral: don’t assume that it is the unhealthy partner who will take sick. My wife’s condition is not life threatening but I can’t risk it happening again. I am simply unable to give her the help she needed. Long distance travel is out. Standby for endless screenshots.
  6. macca22au

    the updated Stockholm Arlanda + SODE + AI

    I have been away from my computer for two weeks, yes, horrible I know. I have SODE but it has never worked for me, but now I will follow the instructions and try again. But I was easily pleased by the old Control+J...sigh.
  7. macca22au

    An Aussie at Redding

    Qantas 747 and 787 are common at LAX, but a 737 at Redding beggars belief. I don’t mind the Southwest livery to make things fit.
  8. macca22au

    My old home town.

    Funnily enough, I remember the words too....
  9. macca22au

    Just four.

    Iain, you have nailed the shading and light. That's what makes you the expert I guess.
  10. Is there a compatible airport to go with this? Or is the default sufficient?
  11. macca22au

    Jubilee Flight. Flower Power.

    Glad you made it. Huge set indeed.
  12. macca22au

    A cold, damp, Kiwi over the North Sea.

    All great shots, but I do like the first one the most. The lighthouse stands out in the light with great atmosphere.
  13. macca22au

    Now is the winter of our discontent ...

    Lovely shot, and yes Orbx gives almost too much snow for January. So much so that the publisher of UK2000 airport scenery offers some relief at least around Glascow. I know JV rarely goes back, but maybe he could restrict snow in January to higher levels......yes I know that it has been snowing much earlier this winter.
  14. macca22au

    More from Oceano

    Great shots Martyn, and they are going to be big girls when they grow up!