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  1. I recently purchased a new computer that came with Windows 10 pre-installed. I have heard comments that FSX Boxed edition will not work in Windows 10 and I've read that it will work just fine. My question is this, If I purchase FSX Steam Edition, will my current copies of FTX work in the Steam Edition, or will I have to purchase new versions? I've heard that the Steam Edition is the only option for FSX to work properly in Windows 10.
  2. Thanks gentlemen for the tips. I have adjusted the buildings so that they didnt appear as doubles. Dave I will give your file a try, thanks for the tips.
  3. I recently added FTX Gold Central Rocky Mountains and I have to admit that overall I am very pleased; with the exception of one area. The parking areas and buildings at KBOI (Boise, Idaho) are not even close to correct. The main terminal building looks like two of the same buildings super-imposed on top of each other, with one being off-set so this does not allow for the parking areas to be utilized. Another area is the UPS (cargo) parking area. The UPS terminal at KBOI is at the west end of the field just off the end of RWY 10R. There are military AI planes (A-10's & AH-64's) parked all over the place. Gowen Field, the military side of KBOI is on the south side of the airfield and there are hardly any military aircraft parking there. Most are parking in the General Aviation side to the north. Does anyone know of a fix for this or has anyone seen this issue at other airports as well?
  4. Problem resolved!!!! I deleted all other portions of the software and redownloaded them using GetRight and unzipped with 7-zip and it worked fine. Now onto installing!!
  5. Initially I tried using the default Windows 8 and downloaded straight from the retailer...no luck. I then saw the post about using a 3rd party download manager. Internet Download Manager wont run on my computer for some reason; I keep getting a message about it not being a trusted content. I then tried GetRight and it didnt seem to work either. I tried unzipping the package with 7-Zip and that didnt work either. I keep getting a message on 7-zip stating that the file is broken for all 3 parts of the downloaded material. I have tried downloading this thing probably 6 times. I will try again and hope for the best. I'm not sure if the problem is related to me not completely deleting the previous files that i downloaded.
  6. I got to the installer screen and it gives me an error. NSIS Error caused by incomplete download or damaged media.
  7. I just purchased FTX Central Rockies and attempted to install it on my computer. When I went to extract the files (using both the Windows 8 default and 7-Zip) it told me that the files were broken and to contact the publisher.
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