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  1. Misty Moorings have also covered a lot of Northern Alaska. For bush flying you can't go past those guys.
  2. i'm in as well. I think the price is extremely reasonable considering the man hours consumed. I've always had faith in you and your vision John; even when you started VistaAus (is that the right title? Pre AussieX) all those years ago. I will continue support of the team. Cheers Hank
  3. A truly amazing thread. All you guys are coming out with very personal and private details. This is truly a sign of trust in your fellow simmers. What a great community. Me? Born in Holland in '46 ,emigrated with my parents in 1954 to Perth West Australia. Joined the Royal Australian Navy on the night the Voyager was sunk by the aircraft carrier Melbourne. Started my career as an aircraft firefighter, but severe smoke inhalation, turned to asthma and so finished that career path. Started my own band in 1970 and have been a professional musician ever since, having moved to Sydney and toured all over the country and South Pacific and worked for Princes Cruises on their Alaskan trips in 1999 and 2000. Now I have semi-retired to Devonport in Tasmania. Still recording at home and doing some gigs. Have curtailed my Flight simming a bit because recording is still a passion as well.
  4. Hi Holger, Things are now even more strange. I did what another member did, and that was copy the ADE_FTX_NCA_KFOT_elevation_adjustment.bgl that was in the ORBX Scripts marked as OFF and copied it into the Scenery\world\scenery. Went to the airport with the FTX Central set to NA. Bingo it worked, Then did the same again with KACV; but it still had elevation problems at that airport; ie chasms next to the runways and taxiways. So maybe what I did is not a solution, though I thought it was. Cheers Hank
  5. Hi Holger, You must sit up 24hrs helping us "pilots"? OK; things are still weird. I did have it set to NA originally. I clicked on FTX Global, applied and went back to NA. Still no change. Then I thought I'll just go to Global and applied and went for a flight from KFOT. Great! The elevation problem was fixed. So being in the NA area, I turned off the sim. Went to FTX Central and re-applied NA. Went to KFOT and the elevation problem was back. So I think there is a problem with Northern California. I have no idea how it can be fixed; but I'm sure you guys will come up with something? Cheers Hank
  6. Thanks for gettig back so promptly Holger, I did the search, did not find any other culprits; how ever I did notice that the C:/FSX.ORBX\scripts\custom.na_elevation_adjustment.bgl was set to OFF A lot of other airports in the same CNA area were also set to OFF. Should they be set to ON ? Cheers Hank
  7. Hi guys, I have uploaded these shots form KACV and KFOT airfields. Something is wrong. Cheers Hank
  8. OK Guys, What the heck are you all talking about? I-phone for all these gadgets? I thought phones are for ringing people on, not placing aircraft instruments on? I have no idea how this works; but it sounds interesting. I have my moving map on a secondary screen. That is about it. Enlighten me please. Cheers Hank
  9. Sorry for the delay. I have un-installed UTX and sure enough the result is a lot better. There are still some houses floating in the air near the embankments, and an occasional piece of highway that doesn't look right. Maybe all the bits and pieces from UTX did not un-install correctly. I'm thinking of re-installing Ireland again; that might work. I'm very busy being Santa at the moment, and so I'm travelling with the reindeers more than the flight sim. Still only six more days to go, and I can spend more time doing some more ORBX flying. Merry Christmas everyone. Cheers Hank (aka SANTA)
  10. Thanks for your replies gentlemen. Yes I am using UTX Europe because I read in another post that it was fully compatable with ORBX scenery. It would enhance the coastlines and railway tracks and a heap of other stuff. I should have saved my money and not bothered with UTX. Trouble is I still have UTX USA and CANADA still wrapped up and not installed. Any one want to buy them? I'll un-install UTX Europe and give Cork another fly over and let you know how things look like. Cheers Hank
  11. So here are some more shots of Cork in Ireland. I think that this is just not up to the same standard as other areas have been in the ORBX range. Is the constant veracity of the simming world asking too much of the team? I will continue to support ORBX, because I think that this area will be rectified over time, but let us not push JV too hard and find that the standard will drop in future releases. Cheers Hank
  12. Hi Team, I think there are quite a few problems that need solving around Cork in Ireland. Thanks for teaching me to post images. OK Something went wrong... there were supposed to be ten shots... I'll try again....
  13. I'm not to sure about posting screen shots either; but I noticed a lot of bridges in Cork were all over the place in the harbour. Also houses were sticking out of embankments. Roads ending abruptly for no reason. This was all in the Cork area. It seems as though there wasn't the usual details one expected from ORBX regions. Maybe some patches will fix it, but it looks like a lot of work is going to be needed on this one. Cheers Hank
  14. I would also like to put my "two bobs" worth in for Brad and RTMM. The huge number of strips these guys have created is just amazing. For free (but you can donate to help with site costs etc). I ran out of fuel in the middle of nowhere just out from Moose Lake Lodge; in my float plane I glided down to a river, and there, I don't know why; but there was a couple of canoes and three guys warming themselves around a fire. Now who goes to these extremes with their software to make it so immersive? RTMM is just amazing. 90% of my flying time is spent in the Tongass region; and after three years I still haven't seen it all. Weather engines? I'm still happy with REX. Cheers Hank
  15. Thanks John, Once again; ORBX comes through with "problem solving" technology. I'm also in the waiting camp for P3D version 2. Then I'll take the full plunge after I read some of the reports from all the "cashed up" members who will, I'm sure give it a thorough test first. You're still THE MAN as far as flight sim is concerned. Cheers Hank
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