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  1. “I know Orbx do airport addon but I don't know which airports it does them for or how good they are“ UK20000 do some nice strips but not same standard as Orbx. Check out Orbx Direct and look at the screen shots
  2. Looking to South Africa there are a nice selection to be found here https://www.freewarescenery.com/fsx/southafrica.html All freeware!
  3. Further LC Africa not showing in Orbx Central
  4. Purchased but get this error message when trying to install
  5. Great pics of CT Any chance of Durban showing the harbour area and the Beaches?
  6. Wondering if Orbx will be providing a mesh download for OLC Africa when published as was done for OLC S America etc Thanks
  7. Been Looking forward to this for a long time. I echo the thoughts “What happened with "My final shots"? “
  8. Thanks, I’ll start at the back and move forward from there. LOL
  9. Braemar Castle. It’s shown as a POI in google earth but can’t find it. Don’t know which file to check for POI,s
  10. That should be FTX EU GBN not TE GBN
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