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  1. There is a hotfix coming for v4.5, expected in the next 14 days or so, you could wait for that. https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&p=196776&sid=f8a07ffc1f95cc50fcb020ab56795d56#p196776 I think it very depends on what scenery you have eg FTX AUS loads in 2 mins with 40fps, totally flyable whereas TE scenery has reduced frames compared to 4.4 making it difficult for me over London & 25/30 ish in rural areas
  2. Gloucester to Hereford, over Pen y Fan & return via the Severn
  3. Many thanks for the informative update JV and the good news on TE GB C and N. Getting away from the hot air over London should improve performance for many but having invested in a new system i am more than happy with the performance. i think that sometimes we expect Ferrari performance from a clapped out Ford, if only!
  4. Damn, I thought this was genuine! Suppose I have to start seriously considering an upgrade to FSX
  5. True historical documentary thanks to some great research on behalf of the maker.........and yourself for finding it !!!!!
  6. Hi Rod, Any chance of posting your fixes in the Community Scenery section? or maybe just a pm? Cheers
  7. Oh you do need to be careful with words.....perhaps "available now" would have been a better choice
  8. Like AUS v2? I know it will be published when it’s published but any small glimmer of a hint as to how soon? Please! OK I’ll say it! Pretty please!!
  9. Have to agree 100% From Oz 3.0 through to 3.5 plus many many additional additional works of art (Flukey, Elias etc) kept alive thanks in the main to Craig for gathering together and posting links to these sceneries in the Community Sceneries section. Just maybe we can look forward to Oz v4.0 once AU v2 arrives Good times are just around the corner!
  10. Happy Birthday. Now that the “happy” bit is over get back to making AU v2 beautiful again. LOL To be honest the original version ain,t half bad!!!! Have a good one ☝️
  11. Ok Ready for the next question? How do I view your signature?
  12. Nice clear video, wondering what your pc specs are? I'm guessing pretty high end!
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