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  1. PS. NZNI below Ooops, thought they just had to be aviation related Note to self - must try harder
  2. and then came the dawn!
  3. and then came the dawn!
  4. YPAD is certainly present 11?? What sim are you using?
  5. Rob is slowly making his own Oz airports available on Avsim OZx v3.0 to v3.5 plus libraries are available here in the Community Scenery section of the forum
  6. Noel, sounds like lamb to the slaughter. Yes you need to uninstall Holger as v2 comes with its own new more accurate mesh
  7. Oh Nick I'll save you the trouble! Use FTX Central Uninstall AU v1 & Holgermesh first VOZx airports? I assume you mean OZx see Flukeys post in Community Scenery Work in progress to update Orbx payware fields All the above IS covered in numerous other posts
  8. John....see 3 posts above yours.............. You've obviously not been keeping up with what's still to come from ORBX. Do a search on Perth, YPPH and Jarrad Marshal. If that doesn't put a smile on your face, nothing will. From what I have seen so far, Perth will be by far the most accurate, expansive and detailed airport and cityscape yet produced by Orbx. The glass is half full never half empty, have another scrumpy & take another look LOL
  9. I installed AUv2 before I saw the above post re Holgermesh In AUv2 there is FTXAA_HOLGERMESH dated 13 4 2019, am I correct in thinking/assuming that it has overwritten the original?
  10. Oh it,s definitely getting nearer the time to crack open that bottle of champagne
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