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  1. Happy Birthday. Now that the “happy” bit is over get back to making AU v2 beautiful again. LOL To be honest the original version ain,t half bad!!!! Have a good one ☝️
  2. bruce e

    TE-UK P3D over Bristol

    Ok Ready for the next question? How do I view your signature?
  3. bruce e

    TE-UK P3D over Bristol

    Nice clear video, wondering what your pc specs are? I'm guessing pretty high end!
  4. So Feb 2020 is not tooo long to wait. LOL
  5. Thanks Holger, really looking forward to this new arrival as are many others
  6. Hi JV Saw your post in another topic "Enjoy South for what it is, because Central is quite some way off. We are refocusing our P3D region resources onto the SP1 patch for TE Netherlands and then finishing openLC Africa". Just wondering if you can shed any light on where AUS v2 fits into this time frame before or after Open LC Africa? Thanks
  7. bruce e

    EGPB Sumburgh Airport XP11.

    JV will these find there way into P3D v4? or Maybe I just missed them?
  8. EGML is my favourite small grass strip in the UK in P3D so you're in for a treat
  9. That being the case I,ll visit your site to make a donation i am in the process of adding w/s to all the freeware OZx airstrips
  10. Don't forget clutter + more clutter
  11. So there’s a project for someone in the future ?!
  12. bruce e

    Only one.

    think that should answer your question bruce. cheers Iain Nice pics and yes I did see those I was really referring to post Jan 28 (JV's post) and hoping for a final shots from you so we could get exploring No criticism intended
  13. bruce e

    Only one.

    Agree, but forgive me, when is he going to post pics of TEGB South for P3D, as suggested by JV?
  14. http://www.justflight.com/category/flight-sim-add-ons/military very realistic nice animation and quite stol
  15. Very nice pics but PLEASE can we have non PTA or any other tweeked pics in order to get a better idea of the finished product.