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  1. ..............as I’ve never installed anything else. YSRN is included in OZx v3.5, so presumably you have installed this. Flukey has asked that his sceneries are not included in the OZx Fixer therefore you would need to delete (OFF) the YSRN ADE & Objects files in P3Dv4/ORBX/FTX_AU/FTXAUv2_05_SCENERY files This is the manual fix for any scenery conflicting with Orbx fields, assuming you wish not to use the Orbx scenery
  2. Insertion point ok Pic of YSRN? Whose scenery is conflicting with it
  3. Which fields? If you are seeing duplicate w/s circles it probably means that the "FTX_AUS_xxxx_object .bgl "has not been turned "off" where there are conflicting OZx /Orbx AU scenery files, this may be because you are not pointing the Fixer to the correct location for your Orbx & Oz files. Check the example shown in post #78 in the AUSv2 OZx Fixer for YWRN, one of the OZx fields & also an Orbx enhanced fields that the Fixer corrects I assume from your Sc Lib pic that your FTX Insertion Point is set to Fly Tampa Libs?
  4. also probably overlapping objects, elevation issues, this is because Orbx have also modelled some of the fields and the updated mesh in AUv2. A solution is pinned in the Community Scenery Addons. Section entitled “OZx Fixer” which for the most part fixes scenery object and mesh issues
  5. Select the file eg airfield.bgl rt click select rename highlite the ".bgl" & change to OFF or just add OFF after the extension bgl
  6. It should be in your Sc Lib, as shown in the pic if not activate it. You will need the P3D converted Sc Libs to see all the textures, else you will have some black objects etc. I would load all the OZx version up to v3.05 in the correct order following the instructions carefully. You can check that your v3.0 scenery is ok by going to YTAM Note. you may not see all the windsock cones in P3Dv4 Dont forget to set your "Scenery Library Insertion Point" in FTX Central/Orbx Central (?) so that your ORBX scenery sits immediately below anyOZx or ather Addon scenery
  7. Yes that’s correct, so you should have an OZx folder as per the second pic above
  8. If installed using the self contained installer it should look like this in the P3D Scenery Library When you open the OZx folder it should contain a number of folders, see below Ignore "OZx_Lib" you'll need the P3D version below it You do not need Holgers mesh You will need to download the OZx P3d Converted sc lib files
  9. No, OZx freeware scenery is now available in "Community Scenery Addons" OZx Scenery v3.0 to v3.5 includes over 300 fields ranging from large terminals down to small bushstrips, all of excellent quality
  10. Yes is a confusing reply as you asked two separate questions. 1 Some of flukeys are included in 3.5 2 He also has some stand alone downloads which are now posted on Avsim, I am not sure if his fields included in 3.5 are also posed as separate downloads. Open Oz/ scenery and look for his files
  11. Just follow the instructions contained in each download (v3.0 followed by 3.1 etc) and you shouldn't go wrong. Dont forget you will need to use the P3D converted Oz Sc Lib from Craigs download site. If you get stuck help is always available here.
  12. If the Aussies understand it it must be easy!
  13. Thanks Jeff, I did think it was Robs however a search found nothing. It seems for some wierd reason I'd lost ALL my v3.5 entries Ran the 3.5 installer & all good now
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