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  1. They look different, but not always better in my eyes. In the distance they look more alive and colorufull. Next question is the FPS impact for my GPU - a GTX960 4GB ?
  2. Well thats tactually the entire issue here... The manual states that any 3rd party Mesh isn´t required, but both Stefan and John now tells the opposite. While I now see the importance of acurate mesh for the Vector stuff, they didn´t tell in the release announcement, User guide or Product page that a 3rd party mesh addon is needed. Just like they have told that FTX Global Base is required, they should also have told that a 3rd party mesh is needed for FTX Global Vector to be drawn correctly in FSX. If the Airport mesh correction part only works for 3rd party Mesh addons, then there should have been an ption in the insattler to install without those corrections or a configtool should have been supplied to toggle the corrections on/off. On top of the mesh issue I also think it´s fair to say that the release seems a bit rushed. I´m fully ware that with a product that spans the entire world, bugs must be expected. I´m also confident that most of these bugs will be fixed. Histore of Orbx and also Pilot´s has shown that this is the case. But alot of the issues have been found at places that should have been caught in beta testing, like San Fransisco, London, Hamburg, Detroit, New York etc.. I´m not the one who complain about beeing used as beta tester, cause I know that the complexity of software toay is at a level where bugs will be present at release, despit how many hours of beta testing has been done. I would not keep stirring the pot here if someone from PILOT`s or Orbx would announce that they look into it and tries to find a solution, but up to now we only got words from Stefan (PILOT`s) that a 3rd party mesh IS required and a rather bitter reply from John Venema calling our complaints BS and whining. Instead of getting into a sober discussion about how to resolve the problems that many flightsimmers have (even seasoned flightsimmers), John opted to cut the channel by locking the thread. What I ask for is that we either can get a refund, due to the misinformation about the requirements for FTX Global Vectors, or a cheap offer for the required mesh addon. I alwasy likes Orbx products as You can see in my signature. FTX Global Base has really enhanced FSX and P3DV2 for me, so has all the regions and airfields. I was never in doubt with the quality of Orbx products, thats also why it hurts me alot to see how this release has been handled. I will keep from posting here for some days until things has cooled of and then re-check what Orbx/Pilot´s come up with. I do recon that I have been among the whiners and that keep whining doesn´t help the process, but I also find that alot of BS posts and whining could have been prevented by a rather more mature approach from Orbx' side. All we actually are asking for is a fair solution. FJ
  3. Howard You hit the nail straight and said what needs to be said better than I did in my post. +1 FJ
  4. Here we go... Sorry if some freeware Orbx airfields was included in my count, but I still regard myself as one of the good customers: FTX Global base: FSS0224787 FTX Global Vector: FSS0256755 PFJ: FSS0084347 PNW: FSS0098166 NRM: FSS0098470 CRM: FSS0121632 NZSI: FSS0142403 NZNI: FSS0175270 SAK: FSS0206604 7S3: FSS0098249 KORS: FSS0101893 1S2+3W5: FSS0104343 KCMW: FSS0108734 2WA1: FSS0122637 1WA6: FSS0126645 KBVS: FSS0131842 74S: FSS0133201 W52: FSS0138757 PAKT: FSS0142716 0S9: FSS0143420 S43: FSS0144039 2W3: FSS0156845 CZST: FSS0165851 KJAC: FSS0170214 Lancair IV-P: FSS0099022
  5. Just to answer the locked thread: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/70640-mesh-clarification/?p=649871 John Venema.. If You read Your own FTX Global Vectors User guide: Vector does not include any terrain mesh files. Mesh is used to provide the definition of mountains and undulating terrain so the smaller the distance between each mesh point (the resolution), the better defined these features look in the simulator. We recommend you check the compatibility forum in the link above or the FTX forums to research what the best terrain mesh product is for Vector. Orbx has also partnered with PILOT’s who have released a download version of their worldwide FSGlobal2010 Mesh product, called the “FTX Editionâ€. This is the mesh product Orbx beta testers used when testing Vector and although it is not required or mandatory, it’s a quick solution to provide a worldwide mesh which you can purchase and download from the flightsimstore.com – this is a ~24GB download though so be aware that’s a lot of data! You must honstly admit that it expledict tell that a 3rd party mesh addon is not required. Whether the serious flightsimmer should install such a 3rd party mesh addon is not up to anyone else as the simmer himself to decide and certainly not a mesure of wheter he is serious or not. For those who mostly fly airliners at 36.000 ft accurate mesh is not as important as for those flying nap of the earth over mountains or hilly scenery. For me some communication has been lost between PILOT´s developers and ORBX/FTX. I was at no point in doubt that FTX Global Base was required for FTX Global Vector, but no where on any Orbx or Flightsim Store was it mentioned that FS Global 2010 or any other 3rd party mesh was required. To lock a thread with a sour "Please give us all a break and stop with this nonsense, we're tiring of it." is not a fair way to treat paying loyal customers. I have PNW, NRM, CRM, PFJ, SAK, NZSI, NZNI as well as 24 Orbx Airfields/Airports. I am a happy owner of FTX Global Base too, but the release of Vectors and troubles we see now are not the cause of dumb or stupid customers who cannot read or understand what the whole thing is about. Problem is that the customers didn´t get the right information before buying. Making the manual for Vectors accesable before buying did not tell the truth either. For me it´s not the customers who simply need to fix Vectors by buying yet another expensive addon, but rather Orbx/Pilot´s who needs to come up with a workable solution. So either customers should get acces to a real cheap offer for FS Global 2010, or they should be given the option to get a refund. Order Number: FSS0256755 FJ
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