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  1. Hi! Thanks for that. The link returns "No files found" for me
  2. Wonderful post Iain. I am one of many of us here who greatly admire and enjoy your work. Congrats on 10 years and here's to the next 10! Don
  3. I don't disagree with any of the above. We all want unlimited frame rates, superb scenery and deeply simulated aircraft. The problem is that I, for one, simply cant afford to buy addon scenery, complex aircraft etc and in addition, afford the time to learn the nuances of them all across multiple platforms. So for now, I am enjoying Orbx scenery and "study level" aircraft from PMDG, TFDI and even the somewhat misguided FSL. Just me showing my flawed flexibility and intellect - but I'm having fun That said, I may have just bought Orbx KCGX Mieg's Field for XP11 - just don't tell anyone
  4. +1. My home airport. Virgin, Jetstar and QuantasLink all provide services to Sydney and Melbourne - 717, 737 and A320 are all regulars. There is also an active GA presence, along with helicopters. The surrounds are beautiful.
  5. Great set, Stewart. I agree those settings look fantastic
  6. Wow Frank. Every time I see your home cockpit I'm blown away, both by the enormous effort you've put into it and by the quality of what you've accomplished. I live on the Sunny Coast just up the road from you. I'd love to pop in and see your setup at some stage
  7. Looking absolutely fantastic Maurizio. Day 1 purchase for me too!
  8. Great set - well done indeed. I must try some military aircraft - they've been a blind spot for me
  9. Simply stunning, Maurizio. I mainly fly Australia, but I have to go fly there when it's released
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