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  1. Windows 7 64bit, Radeon RX580, 480GB SSD 16GB RAM I have a problem with Orbx Central in that it opens as a black square, no data or information shown. I re-installed Windows 7, FSX and Acceleration with the same result. I have all my Orbx purchases on another hard disk, and have manually copied them over to my new FSX but it didn't work.. Clearly there are some registry entries I am unable to sort out. Any ideas anyone? Desperate for help!
  2. Thanks for your reply, Greg. Too complicated for this old chap to attach a screenshot that way, email attachment would be easier! Anyway the black squares disappear when I uncheck "Ground scenery shadows", and as the shadows on, for instance, the static aircraft are beautifully modelled, I am completely happy with things now. Of course, if you can cure the problem in the future, I would be even happier! I have all settings maxed, except that Scenery Complexity is "Dense" and Autogen density is "Normal". Filtering is "Anisotropic". BTW, the strange squares are flat on the ground and conform
  3. I have black fluctuating, or shimmering, squares around the taxiway and runway lights. Can anyone help? Thanks, Ade
  4. Hi: I am a newcomer, so please bear with me. I have a similar problem with the runway/taxiway lights, large black squares surrounding them. If you could fix that, or point me in the right direction I should be delighted. Stapleford airport is well nigh perfect, just as I remember it from visits a few years ago.
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