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  1. With MSFS very much back in the game, like many others here, I've started to be very picky about what ORBX I continue to buy. I've stopped buying scenery for XP11 because the haunting aridity of the XP VFR experience is not, in the end, compensated for by the glories of the increasingly resource-hungry TE stuff. I've gone back to the fun of FSX to while away my simming time till next year, and I had been hoping OLC Africa would come out. A last hurrah, so to speak, after more than a decade of flying the ORBX world.
  2. Any word on XP Global? The road map that heads this thread indicates a 2019 release. Is that still on? The appearance of MSFS2020 means my XP 11 installation now has a "best before" date that is determining how much more I invest in addon's for it. But I would buy XP Global if it helps me pass the time till the new platform arrives.
  3. This is a welcome piece of news. I guess when I started a thread in early July in the XP forum asking about optimization of TE Washington, I was voicing a justifiable "what the hey?" in respect to TE Washington performance issues that others were clearly experiencing and which really needed to be meaningfully addressed. It is really important for those in the software industry to understand that many of us don't have expense accounts that would allow us to write off the every-two-year major hardware upgrades that would require us to keep fully enjoying continually upgraded software. Perhaps that's why so many of us did look to FSW, and are now looking to MSFS2020 to provide an all-in vanilla sim that will provide years of entertainment, right out of the box. If a third-party add-on developer's ambitions to be "cutting edge" undermine a sim's capacity to entertain its users, no one wins ( I suspect that's what finally broke FSX for many of us). If a sim platform can do it all, and do it well, why would we keep buying scenery for, say, X-plane if the development of that scenery outpaces the hardware we bought two years ago in order to enjoy X-plane? That MSFS might require an upgrade is true enough, but for what do you think I could better rationalize a new hardware purchase--to run bits of scenery for an old sim, or run a new sim whose vanilla scenery is jaw-dropping?
  4. Was just reviewing the roadmap for X-plane. If I was a bettin' man, would this be a fair guess about order of releases for X-plane in 2019? 1) the last few UK airports converted from FSX, 2) the drip drip of individual airports in PNW, 3) TE PNW, 4) Global Base for X-plane. Wild card: TE Ireland. Wouldn't it be neat if there were some sort of contest where first best guess gets an ORBX treat. Tim
  5. Iain, I see you also use what's one of my favorite high wing runabouts, the Tri Pacer, to get low and slow in ORBX's GB. Can't wait till I'm logging hours over GB North too.
  6. No fair! Elstree is showing up for purchase in FTX, but there's no purchase button on its product page. I guess it will be a Saturday morning thing.
  7. I can't take it. After splurging in December, I promised myself no more ORBX till February, but I couldn't resist Stapleford, and now this! Gonna have to give up beer instead.
  8. I was struck by the fact that Global Base is coming to X-plane. Last year's road map, which has been removed from the forum, said it was probably not feasible. I DID take that with a huge grain of salt. I wonder whether ORBX will be working with Laminar to clean up that grotesquely backward scenery situation; in 2019, editing text files to arrange scenery layers is absurd, and one of the places where X-plane's DYI roots are embarrassingly obvious. Both ORBX and Laminar stand to profit from cleaning up that whole mess.
  9. Really looking forward to this one. Had this in FSX, and it was one of my favorites. Between XP11 and ORBX, it's great to be having a richly entertaining and generally hassle-free sim experience again.
  10. Far from a nefarious conspiracy, I think that was ORBX unintentionally shooting themselves in the foot. They would move fewer units of Southhampton if customers assumed they needed the whole England TrueEarth business. All the froogle exchange meant to me was, oh goody, I can pick up that airport sooner rather than later. By many accounts, I'm gonna have to take a whole evening or half a weekend day when I buy England South for the download/install--an amount of freetime I don't have till mid-November. As it is, as an owner of Southhampton for FSX, I get it for $14 and the download/install is the work of minutes. Yippee!
  11. This was the last Orbx product I bought for FSW before me and that platform filed for divorce a few years ago, so I'm stoked to see it be first out of the gate after the release of TrueEarth for South England. Because of work, I've had no time to fly, much less download and install TE, and have been saving it for a little birthday present for myself in a few weeks time. Now I can get the region and this airport together. The discount will be the icing on the cake.
  12. A point I made in the XP-Global Base thread: for many of us who have moved on from FSX, XP11 with Orbx is the successor platform.
  13. As far as the whole compatibility with Ortho goes, I am looking forward to Orbx precisely because, within what seems to be about a year or so, based on the Orbx "roadmap," substantial regions of XP will be covered by Orbx and Ortho won't be a concern for me. As a latecomer to XP, finally drawn to the platform as a result of the visual improvements brought by XP11, I find the whole Ortho business is a big drag--many regions are imperfect and the autogen derived from current libraries is pretty rudimentary. (As a break from XP's world scenery, I still dip into late-lamented FSW from time to time--FSW, of course, has Orbx Global Base "baked in", and so still sports the best default scenery of any of the platforms) I am eagerly looking forward to becoming XP's scenery solution.
  14. I just checked: KMBS for XP is available on Turbulent's site. I wish they'd do Big Bear for XP.
  15. I'm loving this new sim, and having pretty much given up on FSX with the release of Flight School, it was very easy today to (gulp) remove FSX from my system. Under all the makeup third party publishers have smeared on it over the years, FSX is an old, unstable, and resource hungry pig that takes far too much of my time to keep running well. FSW is pretty fine right out of the box. I don't DTG are out of their depth either; they have been savvy enough to get topnotch partners into the base sim, and to figure out out both how to show deference to this community and not be limited by its penchant for hyper-criticism.
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