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  1. Did I ask for support Nick ? Or did I ask someone to load the scenery up at dusk and tell me what they see ? Graham
  2. So even though purchased through Orbx direct you have no further connection other than to process the order and take my money. That's really disappointing Nick. They should be made to react to posts on this forum. That's where the item was purchased from. Graham
  3. I don't have xplane. I have p3dv5 ? Graham
  4. Hi, Could someone load up Bristol at dusk and pan around externally. It looks wet all the time. During daytime it looks shiny surfaced. I know version 4 airports loaded into v5 can look like this but surely not new ones. Please let me know Graham
  5. Cancel this. I have found the reason. I had to stipulate now the subfolder /p3dv5 as now there are two folders All good Graham
  6. Hi, I have kept my file library structure but created a p3dv5 folder. Example F:Orbx/p3dv5 Ive copied the subfolders from my previously made F:Orbx/p3dv4 to the new v5 folder. CENTRAL recognises this and so I did the validate files. When I start p3dv5 they are not recognized as it doesn't ask me if I want to enable the addon. Am I doing something wrong. Graham
  7. Yes I can see that now guys. As a casual visitor to the site you would think they would showcase their latest gem. Looks not the case. Rather misleading. Sorry Graham
  8. If vector is not compatible with v5 why did LM include the use of it in some of there screenshots ? Scenery is provided by FTX Global, Vector and OpenLC EU, with additional textures from REX 4 and weather from Active Sky Next. On this page https://www.prepar3d.com/experience/ Graham
  9. Ok. Just wondered as you didn't really need to own HD trees for this program so I thought it would make it redundant. Graham
  10. Should we uninstall HDtrees when installing terraflora or do they work together Graham
  11. Ok. It ok to lose the other folders then Nick too, side etc. Thanks Graham
  12. In readiness for the sim upgrade to v5 I am migrating my libraries out of the p3dv4 folder. I find Global Base will not migrate and even though this is the only thing left, I still have several folders still in the v4 Orbx folder . . sode to name just one. What should I do Graham Operating system: W10 Simulator: p3dv4 moving to v5 Screenshot: Issue:
  13. I'm sure many people have this problem but they just haven't noticed yet ☹️
  14. Doug I said "I think" because I wasn't sat at my computer. Please be assured I am in the fast track program running the latest version released by you guys. ( 5.1.6 as I write this ) Graham
  15. Hi, Is anyone actually reading my posts. I know its labelled as answered but it hasn't really been solved. Well its no surprise that after todays LOWW update it has inserted itself twice this time. I know I may have said previously that its not a real problem but now it is as I would like to solve it with some remedial suggestions. I've unstalled it twice now to see if theres a problem there. Thanks Graham
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