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  1. It was years before I was able to afford a computer that wasn't immediately brought to its knees by FSX. I fully expect the new version to do the same.
  2. Indeed, but my screenshot doesn't do the scenery justice. I can't wait for the rest of TE UK. TE UK South is amazing and is probably my favourite Orbx product todate (and I've got quite a few)
  3. It's OpenLC Europe on the left. I removed the England scenery.
  4. Yes it does, at least on my system. It might be less noticable down low. It's not something that bothers me at all. The new scenery is simply gorgeous and I will be buying the full wack as and when it comes out.
  5. Lovely shots. I've just bought and downloaded it!
  6. The Aerosoft Airbus 319/320, I like how it allows you to be as relaxed or complex as you want. When the gin and tonic has taken its toll, it is nice to allow the co-pilot to do all the work while I lay back and admire the clouds and scenery.
  7. I think you're mixing products up. Isn't FS Global Ulimate a mesh product? It isn't scenery as such but enhances the under laying ground heights. I think you're mixing it up with Ultimate Terrain.
  8. Done and thanks OZx for the good stuff you've provided over the years.
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