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  1. Dear Stew, Dear Adam, Thank you for your responses. The autogen vegetation slider is at dense. Increasing it does not help to solve the problem. I tried the suggestion of Adam moving my complexity slider from very dense to dense, going back in to the sim and then moving the slider back to very dense but it unfortunately also does not solve the problem. I've been wondering whether the lovely trees either side of the runway are default P3D trees or special Orbx related models (I also have Orbx trees which I uninstalled and reinstalled) in the hope that it
  2. Hello, I am using P3Dv4.4 and have missing trees at 11S. I also have OpenLC NA, Vector and PNW installed. Orbxlibs are up to date. I have tried several troubleshooting steps from the forum including the following but without any success : -Forcing the migration with FTX Central -Uninstall and reinstall of OpenLC NA, PNW, 11S -Dynamic vegetation on / off (with restart inbetween) -Reloading the scenery after loading (going into the menu, selecting 11S again and pressing ok) -Loading and flying into 11S from another airport Attached are two screens
  3. John, Thanks for your feedback. To test I started the sim, following a PC restart, in Senegal at ICAO code GOTB - I have no addon scenery there except the FSGlobal, FSVector and PILOTS ultimate mesh addon. The sim started with the aircraft on the runway and the mouse click spots were not working. Yesterday I did a flight from ENKB to ENAL with FTX NOR installed. Starting at ENKB the click spots were working, then disappeared, then came back after changing views - after takeoff they disappeared again and I could not access them for the rest of the flight (so no A/P, landing lights o
  4. Hi, I have v2.1 installed but am still having mouse click spot problems. Sometimes the mouse click spot works and then a few moments later it is gone etc. Tried moving the position within the virtual cockpit - this does not help. Sometimes changing to another view eg. spot view and then returning help but not always. Very frustrating - any ideas what could be causing this problem or how to resolve it Richard
  5. Andrew, Thank you for your Airports of Norway. Referring to my post on 18th December, do you know if it is possible and how I could implement a localiser for the Rwy 06 approach into ENSG as per AIP? Richard
  6. Dear all, I realise this is not an FTX NOR issue (as the problem already seems to be present in the default FSX) - there appears to be no localiser (in both the AFCAD as well as aesthetically) installed that allows the rwy06 localiser approach to be used. I was wondering if anyone knows how to add this (or if there is a possibility to include it in an update), as I have tried with Airport Design Editor but it does not appear to support the installation of an offset localiser (final approach heading of 55 degrees) as per Norwegian AIP? Thank you ORBX for a wonderful rendition of ENSG -
  7. Herewith a screenshot with ground shadows enabled: Herewith a screenshot with ground shadows disabled:
  8. Dear Misha, Thank you for your sceneries. I am having an issue at KTVL that I am hoping you can assist with. When ground shadows are enabled I get textures bleeding through the ground. I have the NCA patch in stalled and when looking for all AFCAD information relating to KTVL I find the following files ORBX_KTVL_APX in my ...\FTX_NA\FTX_AA_KTVL\Scenery folder ADEX_FTX_NCA_KTVL_Lake_Tahoe in my ...\FTX_NA\FTX_NA_NCA05_SCENERY\scenery folder and ORBX_KTVL_APX_ALT in my ...\FSX\Scenery\World\Scenery folder Do you have any idea what could be causing this or how to fix it? (I have a screenshot wi
  9. EGSC EGTK EGKB EGJJ EGTB EGLF EGMC EGSX EGSH EGNS EGTG EGLC EGPK EGPO EGHI Why EGSC? - former hometown, home of Marshalls, can cater for SR22 to B747, only ever managed to do some jogging around the field but never any touch 'n goes, so would love this opportunity in FS with some rendition of the town...
  10. John, Thank you for your support. I found the problem and realised I was very clumsy. I have FSX running on an SSD drive and allowed this to full up with the result that I only had around 400MB disk space left. The problem is now resolved and EGSG installs perfectly with folders and shortcuts having been created. Looking forward now to some circuits at Stapleford, Many thanks, Richard
  11. Thanks for the suggestions lads but still no luck. Is there a way to uninstall (I have tried the FAQ suggestions of deleting files, but alas there are no files to delete.....) - somehow my system knows about the installation as even after downloading a new installer I no longer need to enter my purchase details to start the unwrapper -> it automatically unwraps and launches the installer..... Richard
  12. Dear Support, After the installer has validated my details, it launches and completes almost immediately - I can't see that any files have been installed. I have validated with tweakfs.com that FSX is correctly found in my registry. What else can I try? Richard
  13. John, Thanks for the quick and elaborate answer - never heard of this system, so learnt something new, Cheers, Richard
  14. Thank you for providing an awesome product with the Cairns release. I have a question on the approach lightning to rwy 15 or 33. It seems I am too high despite being really low to the ground (see screenshot). Is this correct? Richard
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