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  1. I don't think it is the distance from the runway as the hold short has a circular trigger. It is that you are on the wrong side and it does not trigger until you cross to the solid line side. Dave
  2. My guess is that not enough people have downloaded and told Norton that it is ok. You can tell it to put it back where if found it from the quarantine and it will be flaged as ok eventually. Dave
  3. The Viet Nam War Project has done a very good job of recreating Long Tieng and the surrounding Lima sites. Dave
  4. Norton marks things that have not been downloaded by a certain number of its customers as unsafe. If you wait a couple of weeks after a flight sim product has been released the warning is usually gone. Read the warning and you will find a button to tell it to continue anyway and get the product without problems. Dave
  5. They used runway start objects for parking instead of Gates or Parking spot object so the they show as if they are runways. Dave
  6. wulfbindewald, I fixed the issue by adding an .off to the end of ADE_FTX_SAK_PAJN.BGL in the Microsoft Flight Simulator X\ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_NA_PNW05_SCENERY\scenery directory. Not sure if this is a permenent fix as it may break again with the next update to SAK. Dave
  7. Has any progress been made on this issue? Dave
  8. do you have "Tongrass...Higher_Priority" as your insertion point? From the screen capture it does not look like it. Dave
  9. This is a problem with the way FSX handles mesh / airport integration. It is what causes the airports to be on plateaus or in ditches when you add a hi-res mesh to a default airport. The only way around this is for everyone to be using the same mesh and scenery regardless of the creator of the scenery, be it free or payware. If the mesh or flattens change you will see this effect.
  10. FX Genisis mesh should not be a problem as FSX uses the highest res mesh it finds and the Orbx is the highest, but if you have FSG's updated airport file it will interfere. Also the UTX PAKT airport must be disabled in the UTX configuration tool as outlined in the compatability forum. Dave
  11. I think you have to .off all of the CYBW in the "FTX_NA_NRM05_SCENERY/Scenery" folder. Please correct me if this is not correct. Dave
  12. Is there a patch for this or is the fix, not to fly in the winter? Dave
  13. I am curious, is their a technical reason to use runway starts instead of Parking spots/gates? When you say Parking spots don't work, what doesn't work about them? Dave
  14. UT uses XXX to replace the bgl when it removes an airport. The fact that you had both a .bgl and an .off sugests you may have manually modified the PAJN file at one point and confused the UT configure program which proptly put back what it considered a required file. I know this is possible because I mess them up on a regular basis in the Carib and find double files that have to be removed to get stuff flat again Dave
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