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  1. I feel very much the same - my sim runs very nicely and I don't want to risk anything that might rock the boat! But I will keep an open mind and, perhaps if something appears that I want, then I might consider playing with Orbx Central! Bill
  2. This is a very relevant question for me also as I make frequent use of various scenery sets created using SimStarterNG. I would assume that if the Orbx sceneries are moved to a new 'library' outside of the sim then, at the very least, the SimStarterNG entries would have to be edited to reflect the new pathway to each scenery, otherwise I guess they wouldn't be found when the sim is started. I can't really therefore see why SimStarterNG couldn't be made to work with Orbx Central but I am waiting for someone braver than me to say that they have tried it and it does!! Bill
  3. Just to provide some feedback on my issue and possibly help anyone else who has found these landmarks are missing, I have now identified the source of the problem which, as I should have expected, was nothing to do with the Orbx Orlando City scenery itself. After doing a detailed search of FSX files for anything with Orlando in the name I discovered that the Orlando.bgl file in the scenery/NAME folder had been deactivated and turning this back on resolved the issue, with both Spaceship Earth and Cinderella's Castle now being visible again (presumably these objects are in that file rather than in the Orbx scenery). I think I may have deactivated this bgl file a few years ago in a futile attempt to stop default scenery showing through when I installed FSXcenery's Orlando Executive Airport KORL (a bad purchase for a number of reasons!). I eventually just uninstalled this airport replacing it with freeware but clearly forgot to reactivate the file in question. Now back to enjoying this superb Orbx scenery addon to its full potential! Bill
  4. Many thanks for your reply which I have just found! I checked my scenery library and FTX_AA_ORLANDO was way down amongst the other Orbx scenery entries (where it had originally been placed by FTX Central) so I moved it to just below the FTXAA_ORBXLIBS entry but still within the block of FTX scenery entries. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to have made any difference and those two structures are still not visible. Should move it completely out of the block of FTX entries up to the very top of my scenery library? My Orbx library insertion point is below my various other (non-Orbx) airport scenery entries which is where I understood it should be positioned. Bill
  5. Orlando looks amazing and functions very well for such a detailed and complex scenery area! However I have one (what might be considered trivial!) query - I am unable to see the 'golf ball' (Spaceship Earth) at the entrance to Epcot or Cinderella's Castle in Magic Kingdom. These did not seem to be present in the original version and still are not visible in the current version even with the scenery complexity and autogen density sliders turned up to max. As these are both fairly iconic structures I wondered whether I should I be seeing these, in which case perhaps I ought to try a reinstall, or have they not been modelled? Despite this however flying over Orlando is still thoroughly enjoyable and thank you for such a great piece of work! Bill
  6. Hi I also would recommend SimStarterNG and indeed I would almost regard it as essential if you running FSX particularly with 800+ scenery library entries! I actually have even more scenery entries than you in FSX and have been using SimStarterNG for some years mainly as a means of minimising VAS related OOM incidents by reducing the number of scenery areas active during any one flight. As Stew says, it really is a very good utility which not only allows you to set up and store different scenery configurations for easy access and faster loading of your simulator but also allows you to set up different FSX configurations for different scenarios. With regard to City Scene Orlando, by following the advice recommended in the manual, I have now reduced my FSX loading time when Orlando is active to less than 5 minutes and I have done a few sightseeing VFR flights of around an hour long around this great scenery area without any significant issues and without any OOMs occurring. Clearly, in FSX anyway, you need to be cautious with your sliders and not max them all out and also be careful not to use any very resource intensive aircraft if you are to avoid hitting the 4GB VAS limit, but if you take these precautions you can enjoy some very nice flights around the area. So I would suggest that if you using FSX you should give SimStarterNG some serious consideration! Obviously the VAS limitation doesn't apply to P3Dv4 users but, as Stew has indicated, SimStarter can also be a very useful in that platform. Bill
  7. I would like to clarify something regarding the wording near the top of the Orlando CityScene Control Panel. Unlike the control panels in other Orbx sceneries it says "Check boxes to disable features", which I would interpret as meaning ticking a box will disable that feature. However with all the other Orbx control panels ticking or checking a box enables a feature but unchecking deactivates it. As far as I can see checking a box in the Orlando CityScene Control Panel appears to activate it just like the other control panels so perhaps someone needs to rephrase the instruction at the top! This is a great scenery addon which I am thoroughly enjoying by the way - congratulations to the developers! Bill
  8. That's what I assumed but thank you for clarifying it. Will run a test and see if deactivating OpenLC when using regional scenery makes any difference to VAS usage but maybe it won't! Regards, Bill
  9. Hi, I have all the Orbx OpenLC and 'full fat' regional products, but I would like to know if it is necessary to have OpenLC active if I am flying in a full fat region - for example if I am flying in Southern California do I need to have Open LC USA active or can I switch it off in my scenery configurator? I am assuming OpenLC doesn't contribute anything extra if you are already flying in a full fat area, where the scenery will be more detailed that that provided by OpenLC anyway, but is that assumption correct? The reason I am asking about this is that I am trying set up scenery configuration sets which might reduce my baseline VAS usage when flying in some areas where I also have some VAS intensive addon airports both in the North America and Europe. I am not sure how much VAS I would save by deactivating OpenLC when flying in a full fat region but sometimes every little bit helps! I apologise if this question has already been dealt with somewhere else in the forums but I couldn't quite find an answer on a search. Many thanks, Bill
  10. Overall, OpenLC NA is an amazing improvement on the default scenery and Orbx must be congratulated. However I don't know if anyone else has noticed a possible bug involving the White Mountains region of New Hampshire, an area I know quite well. Here there appears to be some patches of incorrect landclass (suburban looking houses, road networks leading nowhere and a patchwork of fields) on some of the upper slopes of the Presidential Range of mountains which I know for a fact is not the case in reality! This was very noticeable on Mt Washington, where there were housing developments just below the summit, whereas in the RW there is just a barren tundra like Landscape at this level. The one or two low buildings and the masts at the summit are correctly represented however and overall the landscape of the White Mountains is a good representation of reality apart from these few isolated areas. Just thought I should bring this to your attention for possible inclusion in any future update. Bill
  11. I don't routinely monitor frame rates providing FSX is running smoothly and KFHR generally tends to run smoothly on my mid-range system. I do however initially monitor the VAS usage on new scenery addons and, even with all the parameters toned down and using just the default Baron, the VAS usage runs pretty high, starting at about 3.1GB and gradually rising to about 3.8GB with a circuit of the islands. I haven't yet tried some of the more demanding payware aircraft here, but I suspect they would lead to an early OOM. As others have said, however, this is beautifully produced scenery and I suspect the problems reflect FSX showing its age and limitations and perhaps they are not so prevalent in P3D. Anything that Orbx can do reduce the memory usage would however be very welcome, as this is the first Orbx scenery to cause me significant memory issues and, being retired, I am trying to avoid the expense of moving to P3D (or if I do, I will have to introduce it under the wife's radar!). Bill
  12. Hi Voyager, Thank you again. I was wondering why the Global section should have other products mixed in with it and I have suddenly realised what the problem is (and I felt like a fool as soon as I did!). I have been running FSX offline for the last few months as the computer it is on was infected by a trojan virus which I have been unable to eradicate and which allowed someone to access my confidential passwords. For this reason I have been downloading purchased Orbx addons on my laptop and doing a remote activation of these offline. That is probably why Open LC NA hasn't registered in the Global group and why the other products, which I installed offline are mixed in there! As a follow on from that does anyone know if there is a way of using FTXCentral offline? Or should I ask this on the FTXCentral forum? Bill
  13. Hi Ed, Thanks for the reply. You are correct - I don't see an entry for FTX Global OpenLC NA under FTX Global Layers on the Groups page. The onle entries there are: FTX Global Base Pack FTX Global openLC Europe As requested I have copied my Settings>Installed list from FTXC and have pasted it below: Installed Orbx Products GLOBAL FTX Global Base Pack FTX GLOBAL BASE PACK - Version 1.20 December 2013 FTX Global openLC Europe FTX openLC Europe Version 1.15 - January 2015 FTX_EU_ENJA FTX EU ENJA JAN MAYENSFIELD AIRPORT VERSION 1.00 APRIL 2015 FTX_EU_NOR FTX EU NOR Norway V1.00 December 2014 FTX_NA_CYSE FTX AA CYSE SQUAMISH AIRPORT V1.00 JUNE 2014 FTX_NA_OG39 FTX NA OG39_49OR VERSION 1.0 FTX_OLC_NA2 FTX openLC North America Alaska/Canada Version 1.00 - August 2015 FTX_PI_NSTU FTX PI NSTU PAGO PAGO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT VERSION 1.0 - June 2015 FTX_TREES_HD FTX TREES HD VERSION 1.00 APRIL 2015 FTX_US_05S FTX US 05S VERNONIA MUNICIPAL AIRPORT VERSION 1.10 - April 2014 FTX_US_11S FTX US 11S SEKIU AIRPORT VERSION 1.20 April 2014 FTX_US_2WA1 FTX US 2WA1 Diamond Point Airport VERSION 1.05 November 2014 FTX_US_65S FTX US 65S BONNERS FERRY AIRPORT VERSION 1.05 - May 2014 FTX_US_KCMW FTX US KCMW Cushman Meadows VERSION 1.15 - September 2014 FTX_US_S45 FTX US S45 Siletz Bay State VERSION 1.05 - September 2014 FTX_US_S93 FTX US S93 Cle Elum Municipal Airport Version 1.00 January 2015 FTX_US_W28 FTX US W28 Sequim Valley Airport Version 1.00 May 2015 FTX_US_W52 FTX US W52 Goheen Airport Version 1.10 May 2014 FTX_US_WA79 FTX US WA79 WALTER SUTTON'S VERSION 1.2 - June 2014 REGION Australia FTX AUSTRALIA SP4.003 - NOVEMBER 2013 Central Rockies FTX NA CRM Central Rocky Mountains V1.00 Patch 003 April 2014 England FTX EU ENG England 1.40 - August 2014 Ireland FTX EU IRL Ireland 1.10 - August 2014 New Zealand North Island FTX NZ NZNI New Zealand North Island V1.1 PATCH 001 September 2014 New Zealand South Island FTX NZ NZSI New Zealand South Island V1.3 PATCH 003 July 2014 Northern California FTX NA NCA Northern California V1.10 Patch 001 June 2014 Northern Ireland FTX EU NIR Northern Ireland 1.20 - August 2014 Northern Rockies FTX NA NRM Northern Rocky Mountains V1.00 PATCH 004 April 2014 Pacific Fjords FTX NA PFJ Pacific Fjords V1.1 Patch 004 April 2014 Pacific Northwest FTX NA PNW PACIFIC NORTHWEST V1.0 PATCH 008 February 2014 Scotland FTX EU SCO Scotland 1.20 - August 2014 Southern Alaska FTX NA SAK Southern Alaska and YT/BC V1.00 Patch 004 February 2015 Wales FTX EU WLS Wales 1.30 - August 2014 AIRPORT 0S9 FTX US 0S9 Jefferson County Intl Version 1.1 - January 2012 1S2 FTX US 1S2 Darrington Muni Airport Version 1.1 - April 2011 1WA6 FTX US 1WA6 Fall City Airport Version 1.1 - September 2011 2S1 FTX US 2S1 VASHON ISLAND VERSION 1.1 - June 2010 2W3 FTX NA 2W3 SWANSON AIRPORT VERSION 1.10 NOV 2012 3W5 FTX US 3W5 Concrete AIRPORT VERSION 1.00 74S FTX US 74S ANACORTES AIRPORT VERSION 1.00 - 13th October 2011 77S FTX NA 77S HOBBY and OR57 WALKER AIRPORT VERSION 1.0 7S3 FTX US 7S3 STARK'S TWIN OAKS AIRPORT VERSION 1.0 - March 2010 7WA3 FTX NA 7WA3 West Wind Airfield Version 1.00 AYEO FTX PI AYEO EMO MISSION VERSION 1.0 AYPY FTX PNG AYPY Port Moresby International Airport Version 1.10 November 2014 CEF4 FTX CA CEF4 AIRDRIE AIRPORT VERSION 1.10 AUG 2013 CEJ4 FTX CAN CEJ4 CLARESHOLM INDUSTRIAL VERSION 2.00 CYBD FTX CA CYBD BELLA COOLA AIRPORT VERSION 1.0 CZST FTX NA CZST STEWART AIRPORT VERSION 1.10 January 2014 EDBH FTX GLOBAL EDBH BARTH AIRPORT VERSION 1.00 - February 2014 EDCG FTX GLOBAL EDCG RUGEN AIRPORT BETA VERSION 4000 - May 2014 EDVR FTX GLOBAL EDVR RINTELN AIRPORT VERSION 1.00 - October 2014 EGFF FTX EU EGFF CARDIFF INTL V1.10 - MARCH 2013 EGHI FTX EU EGHI SOUTHAMPTON AIRPORT VERSION 1.0 - September 2013 EO49 FTX GLOBAL EO49 LAUFENSELDEN AIRPORT BETA VERSION 2000 - July 2014 KBVS FTX US KBVS SKAGIT REGIONAL AIRPORT - Version 1.1 - January 2012 KBZN FTX US KBZN Bozeman International Airport VERSION 1.0 September 2013 KJAC FTX US KJAC Jackson Hole AIRPORT VERSION 1.0 MAY 2012 KMRY FTX US KMRY Monterey Regional Airport Version 1.00 May 2014 KORS FTX US KORS Orcas Eastsound AIRPORT VERSION 1.1.5 - April 2011 KPSP FTX US Palm Springs Intl Airport Version 1.0 - November 2014 KRDD FTX US KRDD Redding Municpal and O85 Benton Airport Version 1.0 February 2014 KSEZ FTX US KSEZ Sedona Airport Version 1.0 - March 2014 KSFF FTX US KSFF Felts Field Spokane 1.00 - 27th November 2012 KTVL FTX US KTVL LAKE TAHOE AIRPORT VERSION 1.00 AUGUST 2014 KWYS FTX US KWYS WEST YELLOWSTONE AIRPORT VERSION 1.10 NOV 2012 NZMF FTX NZ Milford Sound Airport 1.00 NZQN FTX NZ NZQN QUEENSTOWN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT VERSION 1.0 - September 2013 PAEN FTX NA PAEN KENAI MUNICIPAL AIRPORT Version 1.10 January 2014 PAGS FTX US PAGS GUSTAVUS AIRPORT VERSION 1.00 March 2014 PAHO FTX US PAHO Homer Airport 1.00 February 2015 PAJN FTX US PAJN JUNEAU INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT VERSION 1.10 January 2014 PAKT FTX NA PAKT KETCHIKAN AIRPORT VERSION 1.1 PAYA FTX US PAYA YAKUTAT AIRPORT VERSION 1.00 APR 2014 S43 FTX US S43 Harvey Field Airport VERSION 1.1 May 2012 W16 FTX US W16 Monroe First Air Version 1.1 September 2012 WA56 FTX US WA56 ISRAEL'S FARM VERSION 1.0 YBAS FTXAU YBAS Alice Springs Airport Version 1.0 YBBN FTX AU YBBN BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT VERSION 1.21 - May 2011 YBCS FTX AU YBCS CAIRNS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT VERSION 1.1 June 2011 YBLN FTX AU YBLN BUSSELTON AIRPORT VERSION 1.5 (SP3) October2009 YBRM FTX AU YBRM BROOME INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - Version 1.0 - May 2013 YBTH FTX AU YBTH BATHURST REGIONAL AIRPORT VERSION 1.0 - November 2013 YBUD FTX AU YBUD Bundaberg Airport VERSION 1.00 - December 2010 YCDR FTX AU YCDR CALOUNDRA AIRPORT VERSION 1.4 - March 2011 YCNK FTX AU YNCK CESSNOCK AIRPORT VERSION 1.3 - April 2011 YCUN FTX AU YCUN CUNDERDIN AIRPORT VERSION 1.5 (SP3) October 2009 YHBA FTX AU YHBA HERVEY BAY AIRPORT VERSION 1.3 - May 2011 YLIL FTX AU YLIL LILYDALE AIRPORT VERSION 2.0 (SP3) January 2013 YMAV FTX AU YMAV AVALON AIRPORT VERSION 1.2 - (SP3 Certified November 2009) YMEN FTX AU YMEN ESSENDON AIRPORT VERSION 1.0 - September 2011 YMLT FTX AU YMLT VERSION 2.5 (SP3) October2009 YMMB FTX AU YMMB MOORABBIN V1.0 December 2011 YMML FTX AU YMML MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT VERSION 2.0 - NOVEMBER 2010 YMUI FTX AU YMUI Murray Island V1.0 YPEC FTX AU YPEC AEROPELICAN AIRPORT VERSION 1.3 - MARCH 2011 YPJT FTX AU YPJT Jandakot Airport Version 1.2 April 2014 YPLC FTX AU YPLC PORT LINCOLN AIRPORT VERSION 1.5 (SP3) October 2009 YPMQ FTX AU YPMQ PORT MACQUARIE AIRPORT V3.0 - JUNE 2011 YRED FTX AU YRED REDCLIFFE AIRPORT VERSION 3.0 (SP3) October 2009 YSCB FTX AU YSCB CANBERRA AIRPORT VERSION 1.1 - MARCH 2011 YSCH FTX AU YSCH COFFS HARBOUR AIRPORT VERSION 1.5 FEBRUARY 2011 YSTW FTX AU YSTW TAMWORTH AIRPORT VERSION 1.3 - MARCH 2011 YWOL FTX AU YWOL Wollongong Airport Version 1.00 May 2014 YWVA FTX AU YWVA WARNERVALE AIRPORT VERSION 1.2 - (SP3 Certified November 2009) OTHER AU Holgermesh FTX AU HOLGERMESH V1.0 (SP3) Australasian AI Traffic FTX AU AI TRAFFIC V4.00 May 2013 Europe Freeware Packs FTX GLOBAL FREEWARE AIRPORTS EUROPE PACKS 1 to 8 - March 2015 North America Freeware Packs FTX GLOBAL FREEWARE AIRPORTS NORTH AMERICA PACKS 1 to 22 - June 2015 North American AI Traffic FTX NA GA AI TRAFFIC V1.10 December 2012 Orbx Libraries FTX AA ORBX LIBRARIES VER 150815 15th AUGUST 2015 Yosemite National Park FTX US YOSEMITE VALLEY VERSION 1.00 - September 2014 UNKNOWN FSX GO FSX Go Version 1.016 January 2010 FTX_NA_CBB7 FTX CA CBB7 TIPELLA AIRPORT 1.00 JULY 2013 FTX_OLC_AA FTX openLC Base Region Version 1.10 - September 2013 FTX_OLC_NA1 FTX openLC North America Region 1 Version 1.00 - September 2013 As you can see, I have a lot of Orbx products installed and Open LC NA Canada/Alaska is there under the Global heading, but the mystery is why is it not showing on the groups page? Kind regards, Bill
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