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  1. The next logical question is - after the massive update for London with Update 3, what does Orbx London bring to the landscape?
  2. Now that MSFS is out maybe True Earth is not such a demanded product anymore
  3. Always plan for the future. I went overkil 4 years ago with my graphics card and it still works well. Obviously not as good as the latest and best but still very good. Invest in a card that is maybe one step under the best and you will be right for a few years of exciting sim flights
  4. Finally something to replace my aging Flight Keeper which is still running altough it hasnt been updated in years Thanks Orbx for taking action to solve a real whole in the addin market
  5. Microsoft have released the figures and pity LM don't release their sales to get a comparison. In the article from the original post it mentions 26 million flights. The only slight downside is MS is logging everywhere you fly and what you do in the sim. Once Bill Gates new 24/7 video surveilance satelites go into operation then our reality is fully logged too. I do hope that this new system will provide the latest data for the sim so instead of being 3-6 years old, the base photo scenery is months or days old
  6. It might be helpful if you could be more specific as to what picture is what
  7. I still think MSFS has better tree colours than P3D or even HD trees from Orbx
  8. This discussion is similar to almost every new sim version when released I remember the crazy complaints when FSX was released and not all were justified or sensible By the end of the year many more bugs will be ironed out, several good 3rd party planes available and perhaps some new innovative addons too In any case P3D & Xplane will rise to the challenge and Orbx will without doubt do so too
  9. I am sure Blackshark are open to ideas on how they can improve their software Contact them
  10. Was just reading an interview about MSFS with FSdreamteam here is a quote of the discussion -- The lighting environment is so good, that is hard to believe it doesn’t use Ray Tracing. Even a blank object with no textures looks decent there, and this is very rewarding, and it makes you wanting do more. Also, MSFS has a huge customization potential, and Asobo has been very clever in finding a good balance between extensibility and the ability of users and developers to screw up with the sim, or create conflicting add-ons. looking at the file structure and poking into undocume
  11. From my experience Orbx have been giving excellent value for money its whole life. I think Nick sums it up well. I believe one of their team is already wanting to add more to the product in any case, so wait for version 2 which would have arrived without this issue
  12. As Orbx have done for London they may do a landmark package to fill in these missing items. At least the base simulator is so much better than either P3D or Xplane. Orbx took time to work their magic with both these older sims so just give them time and they or someone else will fill at least some of the gaps
  13. AI is exactly that. It will learn to make new distinctions so when it 'knows' how to handle dock cranes as Nick demonstrated, then every similar structure in the world will be improved. Same for places like Dubrovnik which someone in another thread posted. The AI learns super fast & then when some parameters for Dubrovnik are fed in then every similar location around the globe will be improved. The creation of MSFS is going to benefit MS & the AI SW company in that the AIs learning algorithms will be improved making an exponential improvement on everything that the AI 'touches'
  14. MSFS has some incredible scenery so we have yet one more choice of sim to fly. Over time some of these 'anomolies' will get ironed out but lets enjoy what we have now and look forward to constant improvement over the years to come. Choice is the Key
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