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  1. It just occurred to me that like X-Plane, all the scenes I have seen so far show summer. Does anyone recall mention of 4 seasons?
  2. One good thing too is if X-Plane & Prepar3d want to survive they will have to make drastic improvements to at least keep up. Microsoft have resources that few other companies have access to so I think they will gain market share quickly.
  3. Sell her with a nice collection of good tourist photos & just don't mention the bugs
  4. In the interests of reality it should reflect what is the state of the lake most of the time A photo of it in the scenery will solve the problem
  5. I have numerous friends and contact saying they would like to visit down under but always make the excuse that they won't go because of all the nasty poisonous critters I keep reminding them a few simple precautions make the "danger" largely go away So get packed and go see the greatest continent on earth ... and forget the critters, bugs, creepy crawlies or whatever else you call them!
  6. I spent many hours all those years ago when each of the 4 portions of Australia V1 came out Now I am living overseas its good to see my home town of Melbourne in such detail
  7. As I stated in the now closed thread just the fact that this new sim from MS has been revealed, will push LM & Laminar to improve their sims Healthy competition leads to health progress In any case our flight simming future looks good indeed
  8. If nothing more the competition alone will cause all other sim companies to sit up and take notice Lets see what new technology will be inspired in existing sims by the introduction of some beautiful tech in this new MS flight sim Here is an analysis of the the MS trailer which makes some interesting observations The scenery may be being created from MS sponsored 24/7 new network of satellites that keeps the entire planets surface in view without missing a thing Over the coming months MS will undoubtedly release details to keep us drooling for more
  9. Considering the location I would have winter and summer if all 4 seasons are not technically possible (HDD & DL data volume) or priced through the roof. The mountains themselves must have snow in the winter or P3D will look as limited as X-Plane which I have avoided for this very reason. With a 2020 release date the P3D version then has 6-18 month later release than X-Plane. This alone suggests maybe, just maybe seasons will be included. The HD textures would be a must for me and I would not even bother with the 4 season low res version idea that was tossed around some months ago on these forums. The addon option for extra seasons is the fairest idea. If you want it, you pay extra for it. Another idea is to offer the extra seasons at cost some time in the future when it is deemed financially viable for OrbX
  10. An instant buy once it is adapted for P3D Although this really tempts me to try XP just for this alone
  11. This is great news even if it is next year You will need to convince Lockheed Martin to upgrade their sim so it appears as good on the ground as X-Plane This seems to be one area that LM are falling behind so I hope LM reads this
  12. This is great news, I will have to start installing these huge products on one of those old fashioned hard drives instead of SSDs I plan to get most of the TE regions so where are those 20Tb HDs?
  13. I saw Xenviro mentioned in this thread but not specifically in relation to X-plane Are there any companies planning to have snow overlaid over ground textures in Prepar3d This would then negate the need for seasons in most cases It appears seasons will be necessary in Alaskan TE products
  14. In addition to my earlier suggestions I propose 1. Allowance of one download per product per year as a matter of course 2. Make a simple request necessary for more frequent downloads so people are aware of having to justify their actions 3. When first downloading a product, it should ask where it will be backed up on their HD so most customers will simple do so 4. When trying to reinstall the very first question should be is where is your existing HS backup and state that an update will be made after reinstall of your backup 5. Updates are the norm rather than exception as opposed to reinstall of product when it is updated by OrbX 6. Make it necessary to make requests for anything out of the ordinary 7. Use a lot of the ideas in this thread to keep download costs to a minimum 8. Keep up the excellent product development and the best in class customer service Thanks once again for even giving us the opportunity to make such suggestions and share our ideas
  15. For a minimum for the LOD15 would be adding snow to mountain peaks for winter I think the increase in data amount would be minimal Another option would be to work with LM and Xplane to develop new options for displaying seasons or at least some approximation via shading OrbX appears to have significant influence with both companies. As Xplane would have most to gain they should be keen on this idea It would seem the same tech could then be implemented in P3D Finally as data transfer was the main motivation for the 2 different LOD options I suggest the following Make TE a pay by download product. Allow 2 downloads of a product in first year or one download per year and a fair cost per download after that
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