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  1. Hi, I have a curious problem. I cannot fly, not even load a plane on my fresh installed P3D V5.024 when I want to start from Europe. I only installed V5 compaible addons (nearly all Orbx regions, and some airports. Yesterday I could fly KIAD to ESSA with a QW787 without any problem. This morning, I would revert the fly (ESSA KIAD). I can just load my AC, see that I use about 3.2 Go of VRAM, then CTD. Have I done something wrong? Is there a problem with P3D, with Orbx? I would find a solution, but after 3 days, I give up and ak for help. Thank's Yves
  2. I dsinstalleted objectflow and essa, then reinstalled. Now everyting works Thank's yves
  3. Hi, I have another problem at ESSA : no ground texture. Any soution? Thank's Yves
  4. Hi, Thank's for the ansswer. It was the firewall. I corrected the problem. Have a good evening, and keepsafe Yves
  5. Operating system: Windows 10 1909 up to date Simulator: P3D V4.5 Screenshot: Issue: connection interupted, retrying central.log
  6. thnak's. Every thing works. I uninstalled sce escenery and reinstall it. Yves
  7. OIN fact, works at the gate where you are. It's the only one without 3 jetways. The problem is thhta static jetways did not disappear with update. I'll desinstall and reinstall it. I think there ie just a problem with the update. Yves
  8. It's the same as yours! When I go to LFPG, or EBBR or EKCH or LGAV I have 2 jetways working!
  9. Here it is : [exits] number_of_exits = 4 exit.0 = 0.4, 33.864, -9.607, 12.298, 0 //Door 2L exit.1 = 0.4, 49.639, 10.121, -3.736, 1 //Fwd Cargo exit.2 = 0.4, -46.387, 10.121, -3.736, 1 //Aft Cargo exit.3 = 0.4, -61.272, 5.341, 2.906, 1 //Bulk Cargo Yves
  10. I have also a problem. At Heavy gates I can only move 1 jetway for my PMDG 777. In all other airports, I can use 2 jetways, as long as SODE is installed, except EDDF. An y idea? Yves
  11. OK Thank's for answer. I'll wait Yves
  12. Hi, The OSDE jetways were annoiuced for end 2018. We are nearly end january. Any date for this update? Thank's Yves
  13. Hi, Just got the update. Still no moving jetways. For that price, I think it would be a minimum, either CTRL+J or better SODE jetways. As far as I remember, it was already promissed after v 1.0... Any solution??? Best regards Yves
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