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  1. These shots are one of the best I've seen in this forum. Hopefully you can create some more topics like these. Fantastic. Maybe some from Malmö, Stockholm, Gothenburg ... Regards Urmel
  2. Monday, 8:42 local Time with AIG AI: Have fun! Urmel (ADE + VDGS + GSX Creator for ESMS)
  3. There is no much traffic at ESMS. I recommend AIG AI Traffic (Freeware). AIG AI Manager Info for AI Traffic: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/573485-what-do-i-need-for-an-good-ai-traffic-system-v4v5/ Most active airlines at ESMS (pre Corona!): Amapola Flyg (always some parked Aircrafts at ESMS) BRA (most Flights at ESMS) Wizz Air some Flights from Norwegian Air, SAS, Ryanair, JetTime, UPS, DHL, and some others. Regards Urmel
  4. Why are people complaining that an developer provides an old product for free for an limited time? I also have it, but I'm happy to see that Orbx is doing this. I'm sure some people don't have it and are happy to get it now for free. Don't complain about anything you get for free, maybe Orbx is doing this also in the future and you are lucky and get an product you don't have in you library for nothing. Thanks Urmel
  5. Hello, some more info about your problem will be nice. Like the SODE Fault Code, SODE LOG, Screenshots, used Aircraft and so on. More Info about the Jetways here: Maybe the same Problem like yours (it's in ESGG, but these are the same jetways): An screenshot (Top View) like the last one here will be nice:
  6. Really nice, Is it possible to remove the static Embraer and the Dash? I'd like to keep the nice looking GA. Thanks
  7. Sorry Nick, I'm completely wrong. Your Forum is perfect. I am a cheeky customer who dared to make a suggestion because it is not easy for customers to find a solution quickly. Yes, a little bit sarcasm is included, sorry for that. Sometimes Company's should listen a litte bit more to customers if some things could be improved that customers can help more easy themselfes. Regards Have fun The other guy mentioned Flytampa: Flytampa: 27 Products - 28 Topics Orbx: around 150 - 200 Airports: 1 Topic I don't think that the Orbx way is in this case the correct way - there should be better solutions for an forum. Regards Have fun
  8. Hi Nick, maybe you should read my request! I asked if it is normal or not! That's an YES or NO question. Should be easy to answer, but it seems not to be possible. IT WAS NO COMPLAINT, IT WAS AN NORMAL QUESTION. Yes, it's normal (and I'm fine with it) No, there is an fault (then we need to find the fault) I don't understand what's your problem is with this question. I have ticked FSX Ground Poly (Aprons, Taxiways, Runways) I said Apron is ok (Groundpoly visible) I said Runway is ok (Groundpoly partly visible - Parts should be wrong) I said I have Phototexture for Taxiways. (Groundpoly NOT visible - only the Phototexture - that should be wrong) May question was: IS IT NORMAL? Yes or no? APRON Picture: Taxiway: Runway: Maybe I'll get now the correct answer? Is it normal - YES or NO? Thanks for understanding. An request like this should be answered in the first time, because it should be easy for you experts to find out if the users is seeing the correct textures.
  9. Hi guys, after many really nice years with Orbx it is becoming really difficult for me (and I'm sure for others too) to get support from you guys. You have so many airports and other great products where we users need sometimes support. Normally I go to the forum for that product and check if there is any solution. But this isn't really possible with Orbx. When I need support for an airport I need an really long time (search engine, clicking through the sides, ...) to find anything. Mostly an new topic needs to be created because the search was not successful. For all of your (maybe 150 - 200 airports) we have at the moment only one topic (at the moment Prepar3d v4 topic) to find something. For us useres it will be much better to have splittet topics (maybe not for every airport one, but maybe vor continents, Airport sice - GA - Regional - Hub, ....or something else). This will make it for me (and for others) much more easy to find posts for our problems (mostly they have been asked before). The some thing for your other Products, the different openLC, FTX, ... You should consider splitting your forum. It's much more easy for us useres. And you will have less work to, because we can find our solutions by reading and we don't need to ask always. Example: For my last question I never get really support: I had ticked FSX-Groundpoly for YBBN (Runways, Apron and Taxiways), but got only one for the Runways and the Apron. The taxiways still appear as an phototexture. Nobody could answer my question if this is normal or not. Normaly I look to the already created topics and find it out myself hopefully ... when not, I can ask. Thanks Urmel
  10. Thanks, I have fsx ground poly but still only photoreal textures. no idea why?
  11. You have also fsx groundpoly ticked in the manager? Thanks
  12. Anyone an screenshot to compare if the scenery is working correct in my sim? Thanks a lot
  13. Not sure, if you look to the screenshot you see only phototexture un the taxiways. Is this normal? Groundpoly is ticked and a groundpoly should be visible for the taxiways. Apron is working.
  14. Sorry, yes YBBN. So it is not completely working in P3Dv4?
  15. Hello, is this normal when Ground Poly is ticked in the Configuration Manager? Aiport YMML It says, Taxiways and Aprons have an Groundpoly. Aprons are ok, taxiways not. from the Manager: This uses a FSX Ground Poly to cover the entire runways, taxiways and aprons. Regards
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