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  1. ALICE SPRINGS!!! - really hot now Thanks Urmel
  2. These Screenshots are without PBR. The TFDi has no PBR. Seems, to be nice without
  3. Testing again with Tomatoshade. No extra Dynamic Reflection profile enabled. Some Guy wrote in an Forum: NO PBR, NO BUY (a few days after Prepar3dv4.4 release) - but I think: it's looks also good with an good shader setting. and for an aircraft with PBR: Thanks Urmel
  4. I use Tomatoshade since a week, looks better than PTA in my opinion. Aerosoft PANC looks perfect with ORBX FTX Alaska (I think it's not called anymore FTX???). Thanks Urmel
  5. It's not published at the moment, still some work to do.
  6. the last of the Kiruna Airport package - looks also fantastic. I'll love these Details and this Grass! Thanks Urmel
  7. NO SNOW! Why? It's Summertime! Finally!
  8. We dont need an aircraft always, a nice scenery is sometimes enough to enjoy.
  9. Ok, i don't ask anymore for more snow! We need this snow for some American Airports too!
  10. Really? Only two proposals? That's an orbx airport from 2018. This country has only 4 Orbx Airports. And some great snow. I see it nearly every day in an orbx banner.
  11. I love Details like this! Which airport is it? Have fun! Urmel
  12. TFDi, it's now wonderful. I think they have some new textures, they are looking great.
  13. Yes, and there are some other Topics about Turbulent Designs Airports. (from other users - and no one seems responding)
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