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  1. This is awesome.. Here some things and mayb big projects... active volcanoes. animal life, birds ,and whales lighthouses and trains that makes the sim come alive. All the best Jens
  2. Fle transfer proces... You ask for flight sim store address, but you mean the email I use when I bought sceneries? Because I try to put in the link adress on my flightsim store acount orders page, it ask for an @? And that is not address thats an email? When I print my email an error occours? What to do.? Jens Michlas DK...
  3. anonymous! You just crashed my ego You just saw it immediately amazing You see I just tried to find pictures of CPH and there it was a good one. But StockHolm. But it then just stress this with scandinavia and red tiles. Thanks though. Thank you for the very good answers and explanation to this fantastic upgrade FTX / ORBX have contributed to FSX. Bought FTX Global today All the best Jens Michlas
  4. FTX Global look absolutely stunning. And off course there are the problems with autogen. In Italy terracotta colours maybe and in Denmark the Copenhagen aint so whitish its more red Copenhagen Pictures http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthread.php?t=129330&page=3 Look soo much forward to experience the new FSX Jens
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