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  1. LEBB elevation problem also in Central v4.0.13.. Plane is hovering above ground. I have for month also with Central version 3.x have problems.. I have uninstalled, run vector, verified files... etc... But it's a mess. I have huge elevation problems in ENVA Tronheim also.. I have Vector, Base pack, tress, buildings, open LC Europe. Pilots mesh... etc. All the best Jens
  2. Here is an approach to EKAH Aarhus Denmark 3 march 2019 with snow. In Denmark, when we have 1 degrees because of coastal climate, you barely got snow. Actually we haven't had many snow days this winter,. Maybe 2 weeks in all. But when temperatures are 8 degrees we surely don't have snow... Is it possible to have textures to cooperate with temperatures? I know the windy.com have snow cover... That shows where there is snow, hard winter and how much. Relevant for this area I have Active sky for P3D v4, Active sky cloud art, and Envdir. Global base pack, Open LC Europe, Vector and Trees HD. Regards Jens Michlas
  3. Hi Doug Sawatzky Thank you very much for your instructions which I did follow, and together with the FTX Central update today, Neatherlands HD was updated quickly. Thanks for your help all simmers.. Best Regards Jens
  4. Now its been like that for a couple of hours.. And I can't' stop the process either... Regards Jens Michlas
  5. I have problems updating Netherlands also.. It hangs with scanning the last 1000 files and after 12 hour process I have tried to cancel the process and try to haver the issues to be fixed.. So I X clicked FTX Central... and when i select FTX Central the scanning resumes and I cant stop the process.. So now everything seems stuck. I has taken 10 min to go from 1029 to 1033/ 3218 files.... It's way too slow.. Regards Jens Michlas
  6. That was a horrible landing.. The runway was way to the right. I realized the brightness of the sim is way too dark.. I have just reinstalled p3d because the crashed hopelessly and not flown night time.. Second pic. I have increased brightness.. but still looks dark. Jens
  7. Hi :-) What was the answer to this question? Approaching YHBA.. And as I pilot I have hit the P button.. and... Thank you for the screenshot B77X.. NOW I SEE THE RUNWAY IS TO THE RIGHT OF THE VASI.. (Maybe the allways are..) Flying P3D v4.2 It's too dark.. That would end up in court If Qantas landed like this.... All the best. Jens
  8. P3d seem to be permanently crashed for the time being. I tried to get attention to this .NET framework errror. My P3d v4.1 has not been working for weeks now. And that is on Win 7 64 bit, not Win 10 There are 2 Forum threads here where it is discussed. And absolutely nothing seem to be really working. I think the hypothesis is that something in Windows and P3D is conflicting. Because simmers, by instructions from LM, have uninstalled practically everything and still nothing is working. https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=127165&e=1&view=unread#unread and https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/523915-are-your-p3d-v40-1-working-mine-has-been-down-for-weeks-because-of-net-ctd/?page=2#comment-3749076 Regards Jens
  9. The incredible thing is that it just happen during the daily use... And the stange thing is how the FTXs sceneries get mixed up.. Because its handled by FTX Central... The only thing is that I have put som LC in the LC area... There are these in the scenry.cfg that the sim rejected. These I have to reinstall or work with at some time. Area.269] Title=LatinVFR Miami Int'l KMIA P3dv4 Local=C:\Users\Julean\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\LatinVFR Miami Int'l KMIA P3dv4 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=269 [Area.270] Title=LatinVFR San Diego P3Dv4 Local=C:\Users\Julean\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\LatinVFR San Diego P3Dv4 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=270 [Area.271] Title=LatinVFR San Juan TJSJ P3Dv4 Local=C:\Users\Julean\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\LatinVFR San Juan TJSJ P3Dv4 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=271 [Area.272] Title=Lorby-SI Content Local=C:\Users\Julean\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Lorby-SI Content Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=272 [Area.273] Title=Lorby-SI FireFighterX_P3D_V4 Local=C:\Users\Julean\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Lorby-SI FireFighterX_P3D_V4 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=273 Mystery... Are there some P3D v4 sociology and phycology text's But that should not have anything with FTX layers to do... I think :-D
  10. Thank you Larry. Duhh - Sorry for not making the same screenshoot angle as you did.. I would have been easier. I don't have other sceneries relevant in that area than base, vector, Northwest, S Alaska N and S California and FS Global Ultimate mesh, Open LC Nord America. I have FSDreamteam Vancouver but can hardly be relevant. I dont have any afcad from Mytraffic either. I have FTX Global Trees HD. EnvTEX, ASP3D4, ASCA. Maybe these are problem following a very strange policy that sceneries are above airports.. This is a very strange polticy for a simmer that has been taught never to put airport sceneris "under ground so to speak" meaning lower priority... Maybe I am total wrong but I sure have experiences with this.. And it started with KPSP Palm Springs where I occupied some forum support. And bad sad I think is, when I move an airport then FTX Central puts the sceneries into the old priority. There is something going on. The situation with Palm springs on an other occation KPSP after move above Californian scenery.... My KPSP forum post.. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/134735-kpsp-palm-springs-not-loading-in-p3d/#comment-1199620 Namaimo after move Namaimo after restart of P3D v4 where the scenery is moved under the scenery what it seem again by FTX Central. Pender before move Pender after move Ganges before move Ganges after the move
  11. Hi Now I have Pacific NordWest And Ganges show up... But how do I make the plane float... Thank you... Jens
  12. KPSP SOLUTION AND REQUEST? I had my troubles with KPSP in P3D v3 and now in v4. I have solved the problem which give rise to a new problem.... The solution was to move the airport scenery above the landscape scenery... WHY ARE THE ORBX AIRPORTS PRIORITIZED UNDER THE ORBX SCENERIES?!!! Regards Jens
  13. It looks like that the LC is there... http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/138894-cag8-pender-and-cax6-ganges-cac8-nanaimo-gone/?do=findComment&comment=1230132
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