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  1. Hi there, Just wondering if it is possible to rename the scenery folders in the community folder. I would like to see them like this: ENAL Alesund or LOWW Vienna. All in alphabetical order. Is this a possibility or will I be getting problems later on when updates are getting installed and can not find folder? Thanks and regards Leo de Haan Scotland
  2. Hi there, I'm using all Orbx scenery for Europe but am wondering if I were to drop all Mesh and Land scenery like Germany N+S ect. Which files do I need to run ONLY Orbx airport scenery and would it work okay? Orbx landclasses taking up too much space AND time to load up. Thanks in advance for your help
  3. Hi there, Just a quick question. What Orbx Software do I need if I just want to install Orbx Airports? IE Land class needed? Leo de Haan Scotland
  4. Thanks Nick, I managed to get the delete command to work on the remaining file, it's been running for 3 hrs and was still going but nothing got deleted. Done a reboot and when all was running the system asked me for a restart to fix problems on that drive. After restart managed to get the files deleted. Strange thing. Never seen that before. Regards And stay safe Leo
  5. This is the file that will not be removed. D:\Orbx\p3dv4\TrueEarth Great Britain South\Orbx\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_!GBSII_08_CUSTOM\texture (which has got 8 AGN texture files in it.
  6. Update on above. I uninstalled ALL Orbx scenery with Orbx Central. All my Orbx scenery was installed outside P3D drive on 2TB SSD. There is now 1 bit of Orbx scenery that will NOT be removed, no matter what I try. Revo uninstaller can't even remove it from drive. Deleting will not do it either. ( getting message Error 0x80070570 The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. Is there a tool that can remove this software? Regards Leo
  7. Hi there, I know this has been discussed elsewhere on this forum but am having issues with long loading times. It doesn't go past the 6% and after 2 hrs gave up. Had a good look at the scenery and found some new Orbx stuff in the scenery list that was never there before. Germany North Elevation Stub Germany North scenery global Germany South Elevation Stub Treu Earth GB S elev stub TRue E Ned HD Elevation Stub Ireland scenery global NI scenery global Norway elev stub LDPL Ele stub LEBB elev stub LDDU El stub Is
  8. Got the same question. My User Guide DOES NOT OPEN when clicking on it. I get error We couldn't find a user guide for this product. Leo de Haan Scotland
  9. Got it sorted. I read somebody else's post saying that he had the same problem but his Sim was open. Mine wasn't open but decided to reboot pc as I remember that some files stay active after closing P3D. After reboot all installed/verified okay. Thanks and stay safe. Leo
  10. Ok Nick, Thanks for that. But here is where I ended up when I clicked get support. I thought it was strange but heho. Regards Leo
  11. Hi there, When trying to verify my Immersion manager files I keep getting error message saying: Some errors were detected 2 files failed to extract and I keep getting this message after repeatedly Verifying files. Any idea how to solve this? From //42 have the following installed: 737 immersion V2, PrecipitFX, VFX Central and libraries. (which all installed okay) Kind regards Leo de Haan Scotland
  12. Thanks Mitchell, I started to wonder if there was something wrong again with my Sim. LOL
  13. I've got the same question. used to take minutes, now mere seconds. Is this okay?
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