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  1. Thanks all, it took quite a while to get right as there is no layered Photoshop template, like many others that I have on the slab atm. I love this GAS Stearman, it's slow and very good for touch n go's with nice flight dynamics. I bought 19 payware aircraft in the last 3 weeks at 50 - 70% off, plus Orbx Vector and some more airports, love the end of year sales
  2. G'day all, I have just finished a large collection of Stearman paints covering 15 counties, including AU, NZ, UK, Ireland, US, Canada, France, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Brazil, Spain, Romania, India and Japan. Details: Boeing Stearman PT-13 Model E75 N2S-5 'Devil Woman' with new rego numbers and total repaint from the stock red. For the payware model by Golden Age Simulations. The pack is 130MB download but unzipped it is 2GB. Almost every part of the aircraft has been re-textured and tested, lots of work on this one as I also did the cockpit and engine. It will work in P3D, FSX and FSX:SE. Find the file on AVSIM(i hope that's ok to say, they don't sell anything) All pics are taken in P3Dv4.5 at YBUD Bundaberg, QLD and Bathurst NSW using Australia V2.0
  3. I agree completely with all those that support the upgrade to Win10, and yes the Pro version is always the better option, although Home also comes in 64bit. I found a Windows 10 Pro 64bit key on Ebay for the price of a coffee and pie at a cafe, then sat on it while I debated all the panic etc about key loggers and other Win10 privacy issues, but after a few large updates from Microsoft and some serious spanking by the powers that be, they added options to turn off 'every' key logging and voice command option, and after some intense research and now, much later, I can say that this is all resolved completely. Now on to the die hard Windows 7 users, as I was one of those being a A+ tech with 28 years invested and a complete need for total control over my system. 1: take the plunge and just do it, you've probably re-installed Windows 3.1, 98, xp, me, 7 and 8.1 countless times over the years anyway, so you would have some serious backup plans and the will to back up often. 2: stop listening to those nay-sayers that continue to tell you that Windows 10 is not safe, and not private as this is no longer the case. 3: don't buy a copy from you local store as they simply can't offer a good price for a boxed copy, instead go check Ebay, honestly your jaw will drop at how low the prices are for a digital copy. Most sellers will point you to a link to download the OS, but if not, there's plenty of download options(just make sure you get the version for your key). 3: don't try this on a potato, as older rigs tend to die often when new software is shown to them. It's 2019 after all, so an i5 to i7 is the standard computer now, it's time to pass that core duo down to the kids. 4: After installing your new Win10pro, take the time to turn off ALL helpers, including Cortana, you don't need voice activation if you're a gamer as it can cause some major issues in your game-play. Don't turn off any updates but you can schedule these for non-game times. Turn off almost all of the APP's that do nothing, you will find in the latest versions of this OS that the APP's are there but not installed. 5: This part is explicitly for my old die hard comrades, search the internet for Start10, it's about $6 and will put a huge smile on your face as it converts your entire GUI back to Windows 7, all menus, all desktop items and all functions like the Control Panel etc will return to the Win7 look but with added functions to customise them to your liking. I've been using Windows 10 pro 64bit and Start10 now for a few years with zero issues, extremely fast speeds, 100% compatibility with hardware and software plus the satisfaction of knowing it's up to date and current.
  4. P3Dv4.5 Aircraft: Carenado C337H - Paint O-2A FAC JADE 07, depicting the O-2A based at Temora Aviation Museum NSW (Reg - VH 011) Scenery: OrbX YWVA Warnervale airport - flying past the Wyong power plant.
  5. My second repaint and this time it's the Carenado C337H. Livery based on the Australian FAC Cessna O-2A Based at Temora Aviation Museum NSW. All scenery and airports are OrbX.
  6. A set of payware aircraft and Orbx scenery from my gallery. Cessna 337H Taking off from YBCG Cessna 337H Wheels up Cessna 337H Patrolling the Gold Coast A2A Cessna 182T Skylane parked at YBCG A2A Cessna 182T Skylane parked at YSPT PBY Catalina parked at YBCG A319 Tiger Air Parked at YBCG Beechcraft Duke Turbine parked at NZMF
  7. Absolutely amazing screenshots Iain. I have 2 short questions regarding the Cairns airport. The user config panel has two areas that aren't explained very well. I want the maximum detail available; Airside Detailing - I use only option 3(level detail 3) is this correct or do I need all 3 ticked? Select Generic Industrial Buildings Density - I use option 4, same question, do I select all 4, or just the level I want? And what aircraft are you flying in these pictures - Beechcraft? and where can I get one? Cheers.
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