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  1. Don´t know I don´t run it. All I know is that competition is healthy, aside that, just trying to informe those who are in doubt, and/or have no Idea what´s going on tech wise.
  2. We got one hell of a year ahead Still on the fence with my purchase of a Vega 64, Radeon VII. Bad time for a new build, cought me with my pants down as I already have the chip set and mother board (Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro / i7 8700k)... Darn it! Mike
  3. I think I saw you on a post about the B727 and the CIVA Not being able to use the CIVA with the B727 really pissed me off BTW, that´s why I bought it in the first place! Any how welcome to a new begining! I tried X-Plane 11 too but P3Dv4 just rocks and I have all my addons back again!
  4. I had a GTX660-2GB, I now have a GTX1060-6GB. I can now say that flying in P3Dv4.1 has become smooth and doable as to compared with my GTX660-2GB and P3D v2.5 some time ago! Actually I had to quit flying back then because of the low FPS I was getting. Same PC but with a GTX1060. (i5+8GB ram) Also add that from what I know, at 1080p your fine with a GTX1060, but at 1440p and above you need a higher card (+1070). Most card reviews will tell you this. So if you are at a res of 4k, your better off with a 1080 card. It all depends on where you want to live, in 1080p or
  5. I totaly agree with Griphos opinion, which I share the same, and as he say´s, to each his own, or we would not be here debating. Over time and with a waste full of money spent, I have for the past years done my homework before I buy a new plane. Now I only buy from some developers who in my opinion give you more for your money and add something special to it. This is what I do and only my opinion, with all respects to others. Care, Mike
  6. It´s so sweet when kid´s have fun! >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSWDW18ygaw This was on a car commercial here in Europe.
  7. Just as a side-note, when nav lights go on, the flight recorder automaticlly goes on (black box) for comercial airliners. If Iam not mistaken of course.
  8. For me, overall that I have seen are... - The Hunt for Red October - Band of Brothers - A Bridge to Far - Stalingrad (the original, not the remake) and for the theme we love... - The Battle over Britain If you like WWII movies as I do, I suggest the game/sim "Combat Mission" Battle for Normandy, or "Combat Mission" Black Sea over at Battlefront.com. All there series are gems, but the two mentioned are my fav´s. Care, Mike
  9. Hi Stew! Sorry for the late reply, been out for the weekend away from my PC. The sound kit which you can find over at Simmarket is the "Arezone Beechcarft Baron 55 soundset". Glad I have been of help Stew. Enjoy your new twins, fly safe and have fun! Good care, Mike PD.: Seems we both gave our selfs a treat this weekend! I just bought the "Sabre F-86" tonight which was on sale over at DCS World
  10. You should have no problem at all. If you have a look at my signature you will see that I have mix. I have a TM WH as a stick, CH as rudder and the Saitek X52 throttle. The X52 is a combo HOTAS, but since the X52 stick goes plugged in (via 6 pin plug) to the X52 throttle you then go from there and take the USB that comes out of the throttle to your PC. So Iam not using the full X52 combo, just it´s throttle and it works just fine. Most all the add-ons I have tried (twins) have the condition leavers tied together. No need for FSUIPC, I only have the free version as some add-ons need it.
  11. Hi Stew! At present and since there recent update I don´t have the 350i installed in P3D. I did have it installed at on time, but for now I rather wait till they finish it off and install it then. I have the MV407, the 737-200 beside the B55, and the F-15 as well but it´s not for P3D right now. All I can say is that I trust MV for their quality and comitment. I really like the ambience of there cockpits, the old look they give them (on some) and the passion they put into there products. It´s been long since they put out the alpha 350i and it´s still not finish, but to me that is a c
  12. You can also check out the MV Beech Baron, it has a very comfortable office to me and it´s a nice bird. Iam on P3D now and although Real Air has changed there politics now, at first they wanted to charge you a extra for the portover which really put me off, so I have no interest for them any more now, I have most of their stuff for FSX and do agree that there good. I also have the MV350i which to me is not so glassy and can´t wait till they finish the Beta. Iam a twin fan so I have most of the twins for FSX except the F1 B200 because Iam not a glass fan. Of all the Majestic Q400 is best for
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