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  1. Emmsies rollercoaster of life.

    Yes all the best for you and Ayiesha, hope things improve for the two of you soon.
  2. congrats Wade, big achievement!
  3. Apple i pad 3.

    yes Iain I bought one at midnight on release day here in Australia and can say that I am really enjoying it so far. There are a lot of great apps that are useful for games/entertainment as well as school/university and all the cool hardware features like the HD Retina Display, 1080p, 5 megapixel camera etc make it a pretty good product in my opinion. I got the 64gb with Wi-Fi however the 32gb will probably be enough. If you already have a phone which allows you to share the mobile internet connection (e.g. an iPhone) then perhaps the extra cost for the 4G model is not really necessary, but up to you
  4. Orbx, This is Just a Tribute...

    I love the colours!
  5. wow these are an amazing set of shots! Really amazed by the clouds, the water, the islands, the bloom, everything! Just speechless. Hope to see more from your adventures around NZSI!
  6. happy birthday to Iain emms

    yes a very happy birthday to you Iain. Hope the move is going well
  7. Green and Red

    Very nice video, and I loved the Andrew Lloyd Webber music that accompanied it!
  8. It's cloudy at Mt Rainier (22 shots)

    very nice Misha!
  9. Didn't pay the toll....DON'T PANIC!

    very nice, especially that last one there, very realistic!
  10. Peak Hour at Hobart

  11. Wollongong from the Air

    Just a few pics from a short flight over Wollongong. I'm really enjoying this airport!
  12. Thanks for YWOL (18 pics)

    thanks for the comments everyone, i'm glad you like the pics! Hopefully I'll be posting a few more soon
  13. Thanks for YWOL (18 pics)

    will do Ed, thanks!
  14. Just three

    very nice!
  15. Olgas v2.0 aviable

    amazing work, I think I will have to download it!