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  1. Some more shots from a morning tour of Monterey in the Baron 58.
  2. Still learning the ins and outs of this sim, and she sure can produce some pretty pictures.
  3. Great shots, and have always loved the curves of the Cardinal...
  4. Indeed! I can't think of any Milviz birds that are heavy on framerates beyond their b407... though I don't have any of the F-4 packages.
  5. Beautiful shot for some beautiful scenery.
  6. Here's a video of the Beaver, try not to drool. https://youtu.be/wv92ZjoLorA EDIT: I see you already commented on the video Howard!
  7. I believe the aircraft in question was the forthcoming Milviz Beaver. She will be a day one purchase for me, they can't take my money fast enough!
  8. Thanks adambar, all credits for colors go to Adamski who has some excellent PTA presets available here: http://www.nzfsim.org/index.php?dsp=PTA
  9. Not sure if you are talking about the RealAir or Orbx version, but I understand with either one... I put up a post earlier today of my Bobcat:
  10. I haven't noticed any negative effect on my frame rates while using the Bobcat.
  11. Took an early morning flight in my Bobcat from Diamond Point to Snohomish. It turned out to be the perfect weather and time for screenshots...
  12. I have it and adore it. I especially like the ability to load a GTN into the old bird.
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