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  1. Fixed the crashes by correcting the configuration of my front end firewall.
  2. I was able to fix after by downloading the latest version after fixing my issue with Orbx Central.
  3. Hello When starting P3D v4.5, Chase Plane would also load but it no longer starts up. If I manually start chase plane it will load but shortly after the app shuts down. What is causing this all of a sudden? all was working fine a week ago. Your help is much appreciated. Regards, Karl
  4. Hello, Could I have some support. Version 4.1.1 still crashes after updating from v4.038. Regards, Karl
  5. Hello, Did as you said but unfortunately same issue. Any other suggestions. Regards, Karl
  6. Operating system: Windows 10, 1909 Simulator: P3D v4.5 Screenshot: Issue: Obrx Central keeps crashing after splash screen loads central.log orbx_central_eventviewer_Windows_logs.txt
  7. kiekar

    Replay mode

    I don't know if it's just me but I cannot find the replay mode selection. Is it missing purposely? Regards, Karl
  8. Thanks, It resolved the issue for me.
  9. Hello, Running version 1.1.52. After importing my OldProp's Presets I noticed that my camera views were no longer working due to my numpad key commands missing. When trying to assign a numpad key to my presets, CP crashes. I've attached the the log file that was produced. Regards, Karl ChasePlane_CrashLog_637155175921571453.txt
  10. Well, I just found out the root cause of the problem. For some reason the pages I visit at FSS is not being redirected to HTTPS. If I select a link e.g. top 10 This mouth I receive a blank page. As soon I place https in the address bar it works. I just don't know if its my end or FSS end
  11. Your probably right, I've being trying since yesterday . Anyhow, I cleared the cache and I am some what getting closer. I'm able to logon but when I select an item from the top 10 list it redirects me to a blank page.
  12. Hello, Has anyone had problems accessing the FSS. I am getting blank pages when I go to their site. I tried using different browsers IE, Chrome, Firefox and get the same results (blank pages). This is the only website that has given me this issue. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Karl
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