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  1. P3D V4.5 ORBX 6B6 Minute Man Fun Flight with Joel! Short fly around 6b6, part of the Plum island scenery. Flying in the Huey X. A older Huey designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Seems to work just fine in Prepar3d.
  2. P3d V4.5 ORBX City Scene Honolulu with ND 407. Another Flights With Joel video. This time we fly around Oahu and check out the Honolulu scenery from ORBX in Prepar3d V4.5. Love this scenery. So Much to explore. Not affiliated with any of the developers in this video.
  3. Thanks paddleer. Was a lot of fun to make.
  4. Great scenery. Nice job Tom Brooks. Love it.
  5. Thanks for the comments. So much detail in these scenerys, so fun to explore!
  6. PREPAR3D V4.5 at ORBX 77S HOPPY FIELD PART 2. Getting closer to this scenery in the Robinson R66
  7. FLYING MY NEW R22 IN AEROFLY FS 2 WITH ORBX MEIGS FIELD! Fly along as I check out the Aerofly FS 2 R22 on a short flight around ORBX Merrill C. Meigs Field and parts of the city of Chicago.
  8. Thanks for the nice words. As it turns out KPDX has an update that I didn't have and now looks even better. So much to see in this ol' sim.
  9. Prepar3d V4.5 at Plum Island in the Milviz Bell 407! Another flying with Joel video exploring ORBX Plum Island scenery. Checking out some nice features and ending with simulated auto rotation. Love this area.
  10. Never did make over to Walker, we always used Daniels field up the I5 a little to practice soft field. The first time I went there the ground was so dry it felt like concrete.
  11. Flying the pattern at S77 where I learn RW flying! So great that ORBX did this airport. Lots of fun. Thanks to all who made it happen. Was going to do this long ago, but had weird medical issues the prevented it.
  12. Thanks Sniper31. Glad someone enjoyed it. Fun to make. I’m finding they come out much better if I do something called editing!
  13. Fun flight from ORBX Pearson Field in Vancouver Washington to ORBX Starks Twin Oaks in Oregon. Using Prepar3d V4.5 ORBX PNW, Portland City, REX Essentails +, Coradado CT182T G1000 and may some other addons long forgot.
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