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  1. I was so surprised when I saw the smoke after takeoff. Wow. Oh, and yes the airport looks fantastic.
  2. A fun flight around Orbx freeware scenery OG20 Fairways Airport near Oregon City, Oregon. Soon after liftoff I encounter some unexpected weather and find out the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 real weather has SMOKE! Then I get lost...
  3. Also getting very low frames at KBUR and gets better as soon as I leave the airport. 11fps looking down the runway and on approach. Everywhere else in the area I get 27-34. I have P3d V5 version and the framerates improve from P3d scenery. On a side note, this aircraft flies like a dream....
  4. Short flight looking for my friends house and talking about the differences in simulators. Full before and after of Burbank in Flight Simulator 2020 coming soon.
  5. Are you sure? I was so glad to see wires! Only place with electricity I've found in MSFS.
  6. First look at Orbx MSFS freeware.
  7. The above was an answer to this.
  8. A lot of the roads are blueish in P3d v5 and it doesn’t seem to load as well as most Orbx. The detail is pretty amazing, just doesn’t perform as well in some areas even compared to TE NORCAL.
  9. This scenery does not work as well as most other Orbx on my machine, but still takes nice screenshots and has endless areas to explore. P3d V5 H2 near Salem, OR. Last one touchdown Hillsboro.
  10. Universal studios Hollywood. Fun place.
  11. Some shots form my last video tour .
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