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  1. Thanks for all the comments. Love the scenery.
  2. Short flight around KMRY.
  3. Last night in Palm Springs P3d V4.5
  4. P3D V4.5 ORBX 6B6 Minute Man Fun Flight with Joel! Short fly around 6b6, part of the Plum island scenery. Flying in the Huey X. A older Huey designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Seems to work just fine in Prepar3d.
  5. P3d V4.5 ORBX City Scene Honolulu with ND 407. Another Flights With Joel video. This time we fly around Oahu and check out the Honolulu scenery from ORBX in Prepar3d V4.5. Love this scenery. So Much to explore. Not affiliated with any of the developers in this video.
  6. Thanks paddleer. Was a lot of fun to make.
  7. Great scenery. Nice job Tom Brooks. Love it.
  8. Thanks for the comments. So much detail in these scenerys, so fun to explore!
  9. PREPAR3D V4.5 at ORBX 77S HOPPY FIELD PART 2. Getting closer to this scenery in the Robinson R66
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