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  1. The above was an answer to this.
  2. A lot of the roads are blueish in P3d v5 and it doesn’t seem to load as well as most Orbx. The detail is pretty amazing, just doesn’t perform as well in some areas even compared to TE NORCAL.
  3. This scenery does not work as well as most other Orbx on my machine, but still takes nice screenshots and has endless areas to explore. P3d V5 H2 near Salem, OR. Last one touchdown Hillsboro.
  4. Universal studios Hollywood. Fun place.
  5. Some shots form my last video tour .
  6. Made another video. Did not intend for it to go so long. Timestamps if you want to skip ahead. A lot to see here.
  7. Just an FYI. Road colors have nothing to do with scenery being fully rendered as per support forum.
  8. Thank you for that answer. I’m wondering if it is more pronounced in V5. These shots are my hometown, so very noticeable to me.
  9. Should roads be blue? Posted screenshots yesterday and realized I was also missing scenery objects. The fix seems to be switching Hardware Accelerated Gaming back on in windows 2004. But the roads are still very blue. Does this look right? the first pics are TE Northern CA just north of Monterey and the next set is Springfield, OR (home of the Simpsons).
  10. Telling me it is my system and could not possibly be a problem with scenery is not helpful and yes is disrespectful. Did you even look at system specs. Not having this problem with any other Orbx including TE Northern California. Hard to enjoy a flight when I know something is wrong with product.
  11. I have to be honest this response is maddening. I am not a first time flight summer nor is this the first time I’ve used my system. I have flown over many Orbx areas and none of them look like this. I just did a 44 minute video of Burbank which looks nothing like this and is fully rendered at all times. What you’re seeing is a replay so it’s already been paused and flown over the second time I think your answer is completely wrong and disrespectful.
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