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  1. Hi Same here KPSP Brand new reinstall P3D v 4.5 ,including Orbx and Pilot`s Mesh Mesh by Pilot`s Ultimate next gen https://www.pilots.shop/Cms/Ui/Pages/Products/MainPage.aspx?id=0f9d3315-673a-4a4f-80a8-00a38b9d2c71 Orbx Global,Vector Socal Region Run the Vector tool and found the kpsp airport but nothing happened I disable the NAC (North America continent) in the scenery ,run the Vector tool again ,nothing happens Repositioned the Pilot`s mesh at the bottom of the scenery, above 001 by this thread http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=130366 ( Update to previous post: I wanted to thank you for asking the question. I took a look at my P3Dv4.3 scenery.cfg to discover that my addon mesh was not installed. I am using Pilot's FSGlobal Ultimate NG, very good product, which is installed in the scenery library above the base scenery area (BASE 1107) and under all other addon scenery. As mentioned, other meshes may have different intended locations withing the hierarchy. The 80 GB of files are installed on a separate drive from P3D, which can be true of any addon as long as the entry for the item in the scenery configuration files points to the appropriate location. Does not need to be installed to Scenery\World\Scenery unless the mesh is acting like a stub or preloaded mesh... this is why I suggest you get the details from the provider.) By Dan Down vector tool rescan ,nothing Repositioned the mesh over bathymetry(over vector) rescan and nothing Any clue? Regards Stefti
  2. Hello I`m trying to reinstall lc europe(1.00) w/the fss store wrapper v 2.2 The libs are up to date .. 150 331 The installer gives me an error .Could not find file program files(x86)\lockeed martin\prepar3dv2\terrain.cfg Ftx central cannot see it some files are scattered in the main P3D v.2.5 Can someone help me please Kind regards
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