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  1. You need the newest and fastest CPU (overclocked to run as close to 5GHz as possible) and an RTX 2080 Ti in order to get acceptable fps with everything at MAX (also depending on the used resolution). But it also depends on what you think is acceptable... I don't think the computer that can run every situation in P3D at 25 fps with all settings maxed exists yet. (BTW I can't imagine an fps of 10-15 being OK...! And an fps of 25 isn't really smooth. But that's another discussion LOL )
  2. Fully understood. So I hope TE GB for AFS2 will be a huge success. ;) I had another look at P3D and XP today but those two don't come close to AFS2's performance... AFS2 with extremely dense scenery (TE NL) runs a ton better than XP with medium density (TE GB). And after flying over TE NL in AFS2 for quite some time there is no going back for me to anything less but extremely dense scenery. ;) So I'll keep my fingers crossed! TE GB for AFS2 will keep me entertained for quite some time, I am sure, and I'm happy already it's being worked on, but thinking about the future of AFS2 I really hope we
  3. Check John's signature: XP11.30 Addons: xVision Beta4, ‘Impressive’ preset | Ultra Weather XP | XPRealistic Pro | ASXP I personally don't own any of them and I do think Ultra Weather XP and ASXP are somehow the same kind of programs but from what I've read you will need xVision for the improved up graphics (afaik it's a shader addon like PTA for P3D). Ultra Weather and ASXP are (you probably guessed it) for the weather: I don't really know (but am curious to find out) where John's clouds come from (default? yet another addon?)
  4. Yep. For this purpose I excluded both AFS2 folders in the Steam folder and the AFS2 folder in Documents.
  5. All those virus killers and defenders are indeed killing for (loading) performance. My example is nothing like the OP's example but going from desktop to Aerofly FS 2's menu used to take 9 seconds. After installing TrueEarth it took 26 seconds. (Again, nothing compared to the OP's 32 minutes but still almost three times as much). Turned out I forgot (after a recent W10 reinstall) to exclude ASF2 (and everything related) from Windows Defender. After excluding everything loading was back to 9 seconds instantly.
  6. I didn't (mean to) say I only fly over TE scenery because that would be quite limiting indeed (at this moment). As others have posted already AFS2 only uses photoreal scenery, no landclass at all, and the default sim contains a large part of the Western US plus Switzerland and South Florida as payware DLC from IPACS (not Orbx!). Now those default area's and DLC don't even come close to TE Netherlands imho but it's good enough to fly around every now and then. Imho is sure beats flying over landclass. ;) What I did mean to say with "I will fly anywhere Orbx releases TE sceneries fo
  7. I don't say this to start the same old discussion all over again but: smoothness is in the eye of the beholder. Some can live with an fps of 20 to 25, others can't. I've been spoiled by Aerofly FS 2 and for me 20-25 doesn't cut it. However, this is very personal! We all know there are a lot of flight simmers who are utterly happy with 25 fps and they should be! Who am I to say they can't enjoy it. But my preferred kind of smooth needs a lot more than 25. (Take note: smooth has nothing to do with fps: even an fps of 1 can be called smooth as long as the fps is absolutely steady. )
  8. Wow, that looks totally awesome...! But I can't imagine this will run well on my PC (which has the minimum specs of i7 4790K@4.5 and a 1080). Maybe in the future whenever I can afford a new PC. But nonetheless, I can't remember seeing more detailed flightsim pics...!
  9. The problem is the sensation of flight. Even if the sim runs smooth and without stutters with an fps of say 24 it doesn't feel as real as when it runs smooth and without stutters with an fps of say 60. Nick's number 3: I can clearly see (or should I say notice) the difference between a flightsim running at 24 fps and at 60 fps. World of difference to me. Maybe not always when flying straight ahead but during maneuvers or when looking around with TrackIR the difference is obvious. Now I do not care about FPS but I do care about 'real life smoothness'. And although I know an fps of
  10. I used to own around 80% of all Orbx products quote a few years ago, up until the first 5 or 6 PNW airports, but after that it became (way) too much for me. So my percentage has dropped significantly. However, nowadays I mainly fly in Aerofly FS 2 (don't even have the other sims installed) and at this moment I own 100% of all AFS2 content. Which isn't that hard to get done, of course... With the release of the Duchess 76, the first payware addon for AFS2 (which offers more than the default GA planes!), the future of AFS2 is looking good (or at least a bit better) so I probably will buy anyth
  11. Well, I have to say... that looks impressive...! Totally awesome! Terrible shame we will not see effects like these in the sim itself and older addons... If you get used to airports with these effects the rest of the sim will start to look outdated.
  12. So you think Steam offers their service for free to developers...? They don't. Someone has to pay for (a.o.) the bandwidth cost and it sure won't be Steam. It probably would cost Orbx even more to release everything on Steam.
  13. As far as I can see this question hasn't been answered yet: the 5th season is hard winter, so with snow. 'Regular winter' is without snow.
  14. If going for option 1 makes a release for Aerofly FS 2 more probable (because it may be easier to convert everything) than please go for option 1. If it doesn't make any difference, pick any option you like. Personally (if I'd still be flying in P3D and still be buying scenery for it) I'd pick option 1 too: resolution is low enough already as it is and I wouldn't want it any lower.
  15. Nice! :) Great to hear AFS2 is still being worked in somehow by Orbx!
  16. Glad things turned out well in the end...! https://orbxdirect.com/product/swisscultivation-afs2 Thanks for your great work on this!
  17. https://orbxdirect.com/product/swisscultivation-afs2 Well, this certainly came as a surprise, specially after that latest announcements concerning AFS2 in general but also this specific addon...! Never expected this! But I'm happy with it, that's for sure. The user created one was great but this one is clearly better. So... thanks, Orbx...! Although I still wonder where this came from...!
  18. Extremely disappointed with this news... Was counting on PNW and hoping for GB but now we may not get either...? Just a few airports...? I fully understand the decision but it's very disappointing nonetheless. Specially because Aerofly FS 2 is my number 1 scenery sim and I stopped buying scenery completely for my other sims. I actually planned to only buy TrueEarth sceneries for AFS2 but after reading this news I immediately bought KPSP (with a nice discount) which was the only Orbx AFS2 addon I didn't own yet. (So at least one good thing came out of this bad news. ) What a shame... I had suc
  19. A matter of interpretation, I guess. Seems to me John is just being kind because he doesn't want to shut the door for AFS2. But I doubt we will be seeing much AFS2 addons from Orbx the coming year. I hope to be wrong though. (Although I am having a lot of fun right now thanks to some freeware DLC like Drassaud's cultivation for Switzerland!). Still, when I look at the cultivation screenshots in the opening post I think it's a real shame the project may never be released... Why not simply release what's there already?! If releasing it through FTX Central is too complicated (or too
  20. On your very own forum. Post from JV: "For that reason we have recently re-focused back to our core P3D platform and expanded into XP11 which has proven to be profitable in terms of units sold and the XP community embracing Orbx products."
  21. It's not. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/164525-request-pdf-user-guide-netherland-trueearth/?do=findComment&comment=1446437 "Unfortunately, this project is on hold for the moment. No idea if it will be delivered one day." So don't wait for it. Orbx is moving away from AFS2 and focusing on P3D and XP.
  22. Oh my... AFS really has fallen out of grace, so it seems... Back to P3D it is then (where I am doing 95% of my flying already anyway).
  23. I suppose you can't really compare them but how is performance of TE GB in XP compared to performance of TE Netherlands in P3D? On my PC TE really struggles in P3D: I have to lower a lot of settings, use no weather and fly a default plane to maintain something like 23 fps (with extreme dense autogen though!). Is XP any better (with all details on)? I really like what I see of TE GB in XP. At this moment I only fly TE Netherlands in AFS2 because performance is superb but it since most TE releases are for XP at this moment I am thinking about reinstalling XP again just for TE. I know
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