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  1. Hi Jon, I would really appreciate that. I messed around a bit, taking the global airports list to the top but still no Orbx scenery. scenery_packs.ini
  2. I have recently installed Orbx TrueEarth Scotland and want to report suspected missing scenery. Flights from airports such as; Inverness (EGPE), Kinloss (EGQK), Lossiemouth (EGQS), Sumburgh (EGPB), Edinburgh (EGPH) and so on, seem to be missing any form of ground scenery modelling. I was expecting to see some hangers, air traffic control towers etc. The default X-Plane 11 scenery for these airports is spot on with ground models! I am a bit disappointed, I have done some research but to my knowledge I am not missing any settings. I have verified both files in Orbx Central and on Ste
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