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  1. AnkH

    CPU, GPU and Motherboard - upgrade advice

    Sorry, but (as in most such cases, sadly...) this is no proof. It would be utterly helpful if you also provide screenshots of the "lighting" section of the P3D menue as well as the section where resolution and antialiasing is shown. Furthermore, using a very low FFTF value for example could boost FPS up, what FFTF value or other tweaks do you have in your config? Besides that, your CPU core load simply covers up a potential pausing of the sim, as on an image, it is not visible if the sim is running or not (if you pause P3D, FPS jump up). Means: a video with showing the requested settings and the plane flying over TE Netherlands could be accepted as "proof", what you show here is simply a good hint into the correct direction... Don't get me wrong, your personal experience of "I get no stutters..." is the more valuable part of your whole "proofing" post. I believe you, and it is good to see that finally Ryzen CPU can be easily recommended for P3D. However, if you have time and fun doing it, I would be utterly grateful for such a "proof" video, as I could use it for people asking for advice. But without ALL relevant tweaks and settings, it is useless...
  2. AnkH

    CPU, GPU and Motherboard - upgrade advice

    While I basically agree with most of your list, I kindly disagree on the overclocking part. It makes a HELL of a difference, if you CPU is running at 3.5GHz or at 5.0GHz. But, nowadays CPUs are clocked already pretty high, means a 9700K runs already in its default state up to 4.6GHz on all cores. Then of course, overclocking to 5.0GHz as an example can be discussed, as a plus of 10% is nice to have but certainly not necessary.
  3. Problems? Which ones? Simply stating that there are problems with SODE is a little bit... like you would write: I do not buy P3Dv4 due to all those problems... Then: learning curve? Seriously? What do we have to learn to use SODE? How to access a menue and klick some stuff? What "Connect Jetway 2 to L2 door" means? There is no learning for the use of SODE. Turning on the APU in most aircraft addons is a more complicated procedure than using SODE...
  4. Lets calculate this (I know this is not precise): TE Netherlands for P3D Needs 70GB of diskspace for a coverage of about 41'000 square km. Australia is roughly 7'900'000 square km, means about 190 times bigger. Ergo this would need 13'300GB of diskspace, or 13TB. Not very realistic, no?
  5. Holy Guacamoly, that is a nice surprise. Thanks for this, now ESSA is back into business for my Europe IFR flying.
  6. Well, without telling us what settings you currently use and what tweaks you might have in your prepar3d.cfg, it is rather difficult to help, no? I try nevertheless a shot in the dark: Set your FPS inside P3Dv4 to a limit of 20 and tick the box for "VSYNC". Triplebuffering you can leave as it is. Then try again. Does the Terrain still get blurry and autogen is lacking? If no -> your current settings overload your CPU, if yes -> we have to take the step back and start from the beginning (as mentioned above...).
  7. AnkH

    A Swiss Riesengaudi

    Nice try, but "Gaudi" or even "Riesengaudi" is so not Swiss German that it hurts Well, on the other hand, to be honest, SWISS Airlines is also not Swiss anymore, then it is all ok
  8. AnkH

    Flight sim laptop

    Of Course it is not "all rot". You do the "mistake" that you take your personal Laptop as a Basis, which is simply wrong due to the fact that 95% of all available Laptops out in the market are not even Close to this nice desktop-replacement you have. People saying laptops are not suitable for flight simming are basically right regarding P3D and FSX. Most of the laptops use mobile variants of processors which reduce their clock speed as soon as there is too much heat. And most of the 08/15 laptops start downclocking their mobile CPU after 30min to 1h of full load. I mean, it is not a coincidence that you have a lot of people complaining about their laptop performance regarding P3D/FSX. Verdict: there ARE laptops suitable for simming with P3D/FSX. But most are not. Besides the fact that for identical performance, you pay 2 or 3 times more compared to a desktop with the same hardware/performance...
  9. UT2 might have some planes going in and out of Pago Pago. You can easily check this in the UT2 GUI by clicking on "Timetables" and then "by departure airport" and selecting Pago Pago (NSTU). This will create for example a PDF with a schedule for each day and airline flying in and out of this airport and you can then go back into your repaint assignment tab to see if you have repaints for those planes installed or not. If not, either choose to display default (or "Daedalus") repaints or you go and download corresponding repaints on your own. I also use UT2 (still prefer it over UTLive due to the PowerPack) and it is now heavily modified with basically all 737, A32x, 767, 747 etc. replaced by better models (FAIB, FSPXAI, TFS etc.) and tons of additional textures for missing repaints as well as now about 100 new flightplans with more up to date schedules (mostly concentrating on Europe). Using PowerPack, you could then make a list of all airlines currently serving NTSU, download the most current schedule from the net, check that you have all necessary repaints and install the new schedule into UT2 (do not forget to deactivate the old one inside "UT_weekly_official" database to avoid doubled flights). This will take some time, but it is really worth it. It will provide you with nice AI traffic controlled by UT2 on NTSU, if you manage to cover all airlines flying in and out of NTSU, it will be even almost "as real as it gets".
  10. While I basically agree, I believe that still 90% of all simmers primarly do want to recreate their real world flights in a certain way or visit places, where they have been in real world. As you say, most of the simmers are based in NA or EU, that's why most of the sceneries cover those regions. Sometimes I also think that at least Asia (in my case) should receive more attention, but then, producing a scenery that no one buys is not that attractive for the devs, no? In my case, the TE product palette shows that pretty nicely: I live in Switzerland and TE Switzerland would be THE scenery I am dreaming of and it would be an instant purchase for me. But the market might be not big enough to be attractive enough for ORBX to go down the route towards a TE Switzerland... So sadly we will see TE products covering regions already covered by ORBX full flat regions for the next years... It is a pity, but I think it is fair enough to accept the decisions of ORBX based on a more economic viewpoint instead of some romantic wishes of few simmers...
  11. Honestly, I am a Little bit surprised by this discussion. No one ever asked ORBX to go down the TE route and it was obvious from the beginning that those TE products are huge in regard of download volumes and disk space requirements, why suddenly bringing up a discussion about seasons or how to avoid increased or too high traffic off from the ORBX servers? To me, the individual seasons is one of the things I really like in P3D over Xplane. While I could live with single seasons for regions where you never see snow (but still coloured trees in spring/autumn), I certainly would miss snowy landscapes in many places. I also could easily live with slightly reduced photoground resolution to compensate for the demand of disk space. If ORBX manages to get around the 5 season texture set by using shaders, why not? This would be equally nice. Just please do not go down the Xplane route with having the northern hemisphere world in green all winter long...
  12. Offtopic: can this tool do this after a scenery was installed the classic way? And how long does it take per scenery or addon? I might consider this step, but I fear that something goes wrong and then going back would be nearly impossible, no?
  13. AnkH

    CPU, GPU and Motherboard - upgrade advice

    I only partly agree, Terry. As Doug it seems to me that you and others have difficulties to truly separate GPU and CPU requirements. While you are absolutely right about all you say regarding resolution, pixel numbers and stuff, the discussion with Doug was initiated and mainly about the processor. And those things are almost entirely separate if the question is now about 1x FullHD monitor or 3x 4K monitor. Furthermore, there are now several user reviews on avsim that proof the contrary of what you write: P3Dv4 scales pretty well with SLI, Rob Ainscough and others get about 80% more FPS using a SLI config vs. single GPU. Although, as Doug stated correctly, the deal in P3Dv4 is not about FPS but smoothness, such a high overhead in FPS number can be easily translated into smoothness if you configure the sim correctly. Last, my personal experience after switching from a 3770K running at 4.5GHz to the current rig I have now, a 8700K running at 5.0GHz, is also not matching what you say about novel processors and marketing hype. Simply due to the fact that although P3Dv4 is still mainly depending on fast single core CPUs, it can nevertheless profit from more cores like no other ESP based simulator before. That is also the simple reason why the newer Ryzen products become an alternative nowadays. Lower single core performance but a lot of cores to deal with in combination with a really new architecture (compared to Intel). Besides that, your advice is absolutely valid. As soon as you do not go for the lowest possible build, you can run P3Dv4 with acceptable results also on a rig that does not contain an i9-9900K paired with a RTX-2080Ti. Or, even with the fastest available processor and the fastest available graphics card, you still have to match the rest of the hardware (as you stated) and even more important, you have to put those sliders and settings right within P3Dv4. Otherwise you end up with the same stutterfest as with 6 years old hardware. BUT: if you do it right, 30FPS almost in every Situation IS now easily possible. And 6 years ago this was simply not, even not with the most potent hardware at that time...
  14. AnkH

    CPU, GPU and Motherboard - upgrade advice

    Fair enough, that is your opinion. But to be entirely honest, you can not really compare on such a basis. It could easily be that the 8700K system was simply bad configured or set up. And "rendering quality" is entirely depending on the GPU, not on the CPU, but this you for sure know as well. Anyway, I really appreciate your comments, as those are amongst the very very few on Ryzen setups (as I said). And it means: there are now a true alternative to the Intel processors, which is nice to know. Besides that, you are of course correct regarding upgrading capabilities etc., those are far better with AMD.
  15. AnkH

    CPU, GPU and Motherboard - upgrade advice

    Ok, as you are not willing to give the information needed, I guess you are talking about the Ryzen 2700X you currently use according to your signature? Did you overclock it?