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  1. EPIC. And as I already thought after visiting TE Netherlands: a region with some mountains and forests, lakes and rivers, fjords and coasts is way more scenic and equally profiting from TE as the flat test region Netherlands. Now I go on with dreaming of a TE Switzerland... ;-)
  2. You forgot number 7: all of the above is just plain wrong. ;-) Happy Easter to all!
  3. But, if I read your current signature: why do you want to update completely anyway, your system is still absolutely fine...
  4. It is a good PC, just not really suitable for your needs. I quickly checked the Scan Computers Homepage, this is what you want: https://www.scan.co.uk/3xs/configurator/overclocked-custom-gaming-pc-vengeance-ti It is basically the same you linked above, but with focus on gaming and thus a RTX 2070 instead of the Quadro RTX 4000. And faster RAM. And as I mentioned, if you configure this according to the System you posted above, you will get: - 2x16GB 3000MHz RAM - Overclocking to 5GHz included - 250GB m.2 SSD for your Operating System - 2TB SSD for your simulator(s) - 2TB HDD for backup and rest Alltogether for almost the same price as the rig you linked above: £2175 https://www.scan.co.uk/3xs/shared/48021a67-5b2f-4da6-8e84-f19d588df446?utm_source=3xsconfigshare&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=copypaste
  5. I do not want to ruin your party, but a nVIDIA Quadro GFX Card is certainly NOT what you want to have in your computer for anything like P3D or XP11 (or gaming in general). You are aware that those Quadro's are professional GPUs for professional 3D software? They are way more expensive than the nVIDIA RTX/GTX branch of gaming GPUs. The Computer you linked has a Quadro RTX 4000, which is equal to a RTX 2070. While this might be totally suitable for P3D and XP11 in regard of the technical Background, Quadro graphics card use another driver set compared to the gaming graphics card from nVIDIA and honestly, I doubt that you will get good results with it. There might be even issues or incompatibilities with some games. Besides the fact that a Quadro RTX 4000 is about twice the price than a RTX 2070 and has a way less capable cooling solution. Verdict: if you manage to get the linked Computer with a RTX-2070 instead, you might pay less and have a way more suitable hardware configuration. You might als reconsider the following (as most probably some bucks are spare with the change of the GPU) - faster RAM. Those 2666MHz modules are just plain stock. Get 3200MHz CL14 at least. - more SSD storage. Why the heck they include a 2TB HDD drive into a £2000+ rig is a mistery to me...
  6. Probably not intentional, but "Bilbo" instead of "Bilbao" is frankly a really funny typo. Nice set of shots though :-)
  7. Basically already all said: 9600K overclocked to anything near 5GHz (4.6GHz should be easily possible and is already fine) with decent 3200MHz CL14/16 RAM and at least a GTX-1060 is the way to go. If Money is available, I would first go for a better GPU (1070Ti, 2070, 2080 or 2080Ti), then for a 9700K. The 9700K has the advantage of a faster stock speed, it already offers 4.6GHz all core turbo right out the box. Very valid however is the last paragraph of Joel: I would now definitively wait for the release of those AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs. Might be that you get more for the same value.
  8. Uh, oh, another insta-buy. Looks lovely, I really love mediterranean destinations for my short haul flying. I guess that one will have SODE jetways from the beginning, no?
  9. Another possibility for those not using VSYNC: navigate to your P3D.exe, open the properties and disable "full screen optimizations".
  10. Thanks for the shots, some of them are easily amongst the best I have ever seen for X-Plane. No more washed out optics, xVision obviously does a great job.
  11. I did not want to blame you, FILOU, the thing I wanted to underline is the fact that whatever software you use for such a test, it will Show that "a GPU is important" in almost 99% of the cases simply due to the fact that the GPUs compared in the video are soooo different regarding their performance. Je m'excuse, tous ce que j'ai voulait dire c'est: la difference entre le GTX-970 et le RTX-2080Ti est enorme. SI vous utilisez pour un tel test deux GPU, il montrera que "un GPU est important" dans près de 99% des cas simplement parce que les GPU comparés dans la vidéo sont si différents en termes de performance.
  12. Not a very useful comparison, no? I mean, comparing the GTX-970 with 3.5GB VRAM and 512MB utterly slow additional RAM to a GTX-2080Ti with 11GB VRAM is like comparing a Fiat 500 to a Ferrari Enzo. You would get equally extreme results if you compare the i9-9900K shown in the video with the i3-4100 (also from 2014, such as the 970).
  13. Sorry, but (as in most such cases, sadly...) this is no proof. It would be utterly helpful if you also provide screenshots of the "lighting" section of the P3D menue as well as the section where resolution and antialiasing is shown. Furthermore, using a very low FFTF value for example could boost FPS up, what FFTF value or other tweaks do you have in your config? Besides that, your CPU core load simply covers up a potential pausing of the sim, as on an image, it is not visible if the sim is running or not (if you pause P3D, FPS jump up). Means: a video with showing the requested settings and the plane flying over TE Netherlands could be accepted as "proof", what you show here is simply a good hint into the correct direction... Don't get me wrong, your personal experience of "I get no stutters..." is the more valuable part of your whole "proofing" post. I believe you, and it is good to see that finally Ryzen CPU can be easily recommended for P3D. However, if you have time and fun doing it, I would be utterly grateful for such a "proof" video, as I could use it for people asking for advice. But without ALL relevant tweaks and settings, it is useless...
  14. While I basically agree with most of your list, I kindly disagree on the overclocking part. It makes a HELL of a difference, if you CPU is running at 3.5GHz or at 5.0GHz. But, nowadays CPUs are clocked already pretty high, means a 9700K runs already in its default state up to 4.6GHz on all cores. Then of course, overclocking to 5.0GHz as an example can be discussed, as a plus of 10% is nice to have but certainly not necessary.
  15. Problems? Which ones? Simply stating that there are problems with SODE is a little bit... like you would write: I do not buy P3Dv4 due to all those problems... Then: learning curve? Seriously? What do we have to learn to use SODE? How to access a menue and klick some stuff? What "Connect Jetway 2 to L2 door" means? There is no learning for the use of SODE. Turning on the APU in most aircraft addons is a more complicated procedure than using SODE...
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