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  1. It is not even close and personally I am over and over surprised how many simmers do not recognise such obvious flaws in the modelling. But then, Virtualcol planes also get their sales, so it must be me ;-) If you are happy with the model, it is what counts, not up to me to judge, sorry for that. Your screenshots are anyway always nice to look at, no matter what model is in :-)
  2. Wonderful shots clearly showing the strenght of MSFS: the ambient lighting. Resulting in screenshots that look almost real (especially the first two shots)
  3. Nice shots, but this 737-Max8 looks so terrible with the totally wrong, stilt-like landing gear and the FS9-like engines...
  4. Nice shots, the one above is a wonderful example how reflections are bugged in MSFS and I seriously wonder why this does not draw more attention. Almost everytime I fly close to a 3D bridge, I see those totally wrong and overdone reflections going straight from the model down to the water. It only gets displayed correctly if you are even closer to the bridge, but depending on the angle, even then it is wrong. To me, this totally ruins immersion of otherwise phenomenal graphics...
  5. As Piotr suggested, this is the thing to try and test first. Then be aware that changing M/B and processor is now easier with Windows 10, but still rather cumbersome. Do you have your 6600K overclocked? Might also be worth trying, if your cooling solution is suitable.
  6. Since London City Landmarks are not compatible yet, would it not be wise to add an "activate" and "deactivate" option to Central? I realized that Orbx sceneries are anyway only added to the community folder via symbolic link, so this should be not a big deal, no? Instead of having to uninstall the whole product, this would be an easy and convenient way to temporary disable Orbx products (for whatever need). Did anyone ever consider this?
  7. I fear that this is the consequence of all this streaming online data stuff with MSFS we have to get used to in future, hopefully not that often. But as so many things for this sim are simply streamed, little can be done by us users. Everything comes with a trade-off, no? Nice photoreal graphics and worldwide coverage vs. local stored ground textures in this case, we are fully, 100% dependent on the MS servers to provide us what we need and to not mess around with the stuff we have installed locally. Personally, I am not that much surprised this happened, I expected it sooner or la
  8. The more and more I miss a good small chopper like the R22 in this sim...
  9. Am I blind or is there not a single screenshot of the actual airport of this package? Just city screenshots. Don't get me wrong, this will be an instabuy due to the city for me, but I am at least a little bit amused about the announcement of an addon airport with tons of screenshots but none showing the airport itself ;-)
  10. Now it would be even more interesting to hear something about the Cityscape Singapore Scenery from you Orbx guys, no? Has been terrible quiet regarding this awaited addon (at least by me :-)).
  11. Just go inverted and those "aerdynamic effects" of icing are instantly gone. Visually totally exagerated, sadly one of the many things in MSFS that are included but implemented on a very... let's say basic... level.
  12. The issue with Prepar3d v5.x is the fact that it is terrible in regard of VRAM overflow, which results in a simple crash of the software. Your 2070 has 8GB of VRAM, so if this is the issue here, only switching to a GPU with more VRAM would make sense. As a matter of fact, almost all those GPUs offering more than 8GB of VRAM are currently almost unavailable and if, to a ridiculously high price. Means: the only thing you can do for now is fine tune your settings that you do not end up in using more than 7.x GB of VRAM. You can monitor this using Shift+Z inside the simulator, you wil
  13. I guess so, it will be placed somewhere between the 3080 and the 3090. As nVIDIA itself said that the 3090 is not really meant for "normal" gamers, more like what they aimed for with their TITAN products earlier, I could also imagine that a 3080Ti will be very close to the 3090. It will be considerably more expensive than a 3080, sure, and everybody will have to decide whether or not the higher price tag is worth for more VRAM. For me, it will be in any case, as I am not going to replace my 1080Ti with a gfx card having less VRAM, this would simply make no sense (to me). So yes, I
  14. Old news, but I am not talking about the 3080 with 20GB. I was referring to the 3080Ti with 20GB: https://www.techradar.com/news/leak-reveals-next-nvidia-gpus-that-could-arrive-including-rtx-3080-ti-and-rtx-3050 I am pretty darn sure this card will arrive mid January to compete with the 16GB AMD cards.
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