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  1. George is right. But in addition to his suggestion: it is either dynamic texture streaming or VSYNC, both together result in flashing textures. Either one off and you are fine. Be aware that without dynamic texture streaming your VRAM usage will be higher.
  2. I would, but the loading times are currently so long, I am not into testing that much. Hope this gets fixed once...
  3. I ask this question now: due to improved Vector data, FTX Vector is obsolete for v5. But whats about LC data? Is it also updated and as such making OLC products obsolete? I know that you might not answer this question...
  4. The problem here is: SODE released an update to version 1.7.0, but in Orbx Central all it knows is version 1.6.8. I installed 1.7.0 manually and then the update notification in Orbx Central appears. I then "updated" via Orbx Central, the message disappears but SODE 1.7.0 remains installed (so it is not installing an older version). Perfectly fine.
  5. You are aware that you can not add VRAM of two graphics cards on top of each other when using SLI? You still get "only" 12GB of VRAM. I don't think that P3Dv5 has the DX12 stacking implemented...
  6. Funny... but so obviously photoshopped that it hurts ;-) Otherwise I would take such a good looking AI 737 instantly...
  7. I can only repeat again: you are overloading your CPU as such that it is unable to maintain terrain texture loading. What you see is the classic: your FPS are high but you get blurries. Why do you think that if you limit your FPS down to 30, your FPS get worse? Coincidence? By far no, by limiting your FPS in the sim, you basically allow the engine to dedicate more work for terrain loading to the CPU and as such, your FPS drop (quiet significantly in v5). On the other hand it tells you what your rig is capable of. Turn it around, why do you think you get 10-20FPS more when setting "unlimited"? Suddenly more performance? Of course not. Now if you think another second about this: how can one setting result in such a big FPS difference? Only because of one single reason: the freed up resources when limiting FPS can be used for terrain loading. Or vice versa, if FPS shoot up, the resources used to give you high FPS are not available for terrain loading anymore. Means: either accept blurries to a certain extent or limit your FPS and accept the FPS loss. Both is impossible, this trade-off is there and always was. There are ways around this, for example with the FFTF value. And this is also why a tool called "FFTF Dynamic" exists. Because it brings us as close as possible to the situation where we have "both": higher FPS and good terrain texture loading.
  8. If you are now happy, none at all ;-) Otherwise a nVIDIA card with 8GB VRAM, otherwise it wont be a step up from your 980ti. Maybe a 2070ti? I am not on track with the prices, all I know is that GPUs are expensive nowadays...
  9. Bernd, try once increasing "Texture Resolution" one notch or two and tick the "use high resolution terrain textures". Then untick the "variable refresh rate", unless you use a G-Sync monitor. And be aware that your 980Ti might be borderline for 4K resolution...
  10. And what i7, what clocks? Could you also provide a screenshot of the display tab (the one with FPS limits)?
  11. First you need to make help possible by posting your settings, especially the world tab, and by posting what hardware you use.
  12. Well, I will try this evening. If it is not the shed model or the stuff mentioned above by Smudger, I am lost and back to field 1. Fact is, those stutters are utterly regular (even in slew mode), they are absent in pause mode and they are certainly not visible for example over Aerosofts EGLL scenery, where generally the FPS are even lower (as such, a more demanding scenery). And, with lower general settings, FPS shoot up, but those 3 seconds stutter remain, they get just less prominent. Something is anyway wrong with my TE Netherlands product. I also see strange effects on inland waters, like half of the texture missing. I did now a verify files and it downloaded some stuff, maybe this also did not help to run stutter free ;-)
  13. How do you measure core load? You are aware that due to the fast thread shuffling in Windows 10, you can basically never say anything about the actual CPU load? 40% to 60% does not tell you anything about CPU being overloaded or not... But when you found an AM that works well for your build, everything is fine, no? For my rig, 1365 works best, even if other users report otherwise. Regarding AM, it is key that you find the number that fits your rig, if you found it, stick to it.
  14. Another option would be a RTX-2060 Super, also offering 8GB VRAM (in contrast to a RTX-2060, that only offers 6GB VRAM). Regarding CPU overclocking: you can do a lot of things wrong, that is right, but it is almost impossible to do any harm to the CPU, unless you totally go maniac with vcore values. The worst thing that can happen is that you have to start your BIOS with the default settings and reconfigure everything. You can do no harm due to temperatures, before the CPU gets damaged, it will simply shut down. Damaging the CPU due to heat is basically only possible when you remove the cooler while it is running or by using totally silly vcore values. But of course, it needs some knowledge. There are plenty of good guides online, you need to do some reading and then you will be fine.
  15. Ok, my bad, I thought it looks like this already after firing up the sim. If it gets blurry only when flying, the answer is simply (but you will probably not like it): you are overloading your CPU with your settings being to high. Blurries are in 99% of the case due to the CPU simply not coping with terrain texture loading. So, we need your settings in the "world" tab now. Until then, try once an AffinityMask of 1365 instead of 1364 together with VSYNC on and an FPS limit of 30.
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