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  1. Thank you. I also set filtering to anisotropic and ticked the anti aliasing. Now everthing seems te be fine. Harry
  2. Hi Doug Thank you. I did some flying around. The textures are better, but are at distance still vague: see picture. Is there something to do to fix? Harry
  3. HI After flying some minutes the scenery is vague, is refreshing too slow or is not refreshing anawhere quick enough. Frame rates are around 50, but FXS is not running smoothly. See pictures below. To solve the problem I did apply Holger Sandmans "resolving rapid ground texture", verified libraries and Open LC Europe and I have tapped FSX-libraries in setting FSX. But that does not help. Besides I noticed the scenery-order in FSX seems to be wrong: 1 - 9 Open LC Europe, 10 Open LC America 2, 11 FTX ARBX LIBS, 12 - 31 ORBX- airport, 32 - 55 ORBX regions,
  4. Hi, I have ORBX Australia 2, Global Base, Global Vector and Global openLC Europe installed. When I fly a while in Europe for instance in Austria or The Netherlands the scenery is blurring, is refreshing to slow or is not refreshing anywhere quick enough. I 'm running a PC Acer Intell i7. To solve the problem I have applied Holger Sandmanns resolving rapid ground texture, verified Libraries and LC Open Europe in ORBX Central.and tap FTX-libraries in setting SFX. Unfortunately all those steps did not help. What is to be done to solve the problem?
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